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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2515

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Jiang Chen immediately took action and tried to chase down the fox. It was reasonable that Yu Er’niang and the others were unable to catch the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox as it ran too quickly, like a shooting star. In the dark, the fox was like a phantom as it could camouflage very well in the forest. Catching the fox was as difficult as ascending the heavens. 

Yu Jingfan and Xue Liang took the initiative while Jiang Chen and the other two were slightly slower. Soon, all of them followed after the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox entering into a grand valley. They thought that this time, it would not be difficult for them to catch the fox anymore. It was like a natural great rift valley and inside was completely dark, accompanied with water dripping sounds. 

Jiang Chen and the others were extremely careful while walking into the valley. The valley was full of stones and rocks which had a smooth surface due to the friction of the water. The sound of running water was very loud inside the valley. 

Whenever they moved a step forward, Jiang Chen could feel the pressure becoming greater and greater. When they stepped on the ground, the sound of their step was extremely loud in this quiet valley.

“I guess the hideout of the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox is just in front of us. We must be very careful and not to let it run away again.”

Yu Huafan said in a low and deep voice.

“I feel something strange here.”

Jiang Chen said in a low voice.

“What’s strange here?”

Yu Jingfan looked at Jiang Chen in shock as what Jiang Chen said was somewhat vague. Jiang Chen’s sense was always accurate. The atmosphere was really pressuring and it disturbed him very much.

“It’s hard to say but this must not be a good place.”

Jiang Chen said while looking extremely solemn because he was not too sure about what he was going to face later.

“Let’s go in and find the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox inside. Once we found the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox, the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart would definitely be ours.” Yu Er’niang said while smiling. 

The four of them walked into the dark valley, but Jiang Chen frowned his forehead as he realised that their eyes looked dead. It seemed like they were being controlled by someone right now. He was shocked that the four of them were hallucinating or had fallen into an illusion. They did not show any alertness and just ran deep into the valley. They had lost the vigilance they had displayed before.

“Damn it! Things don’t look right in this valley.”

Jiang Chen displayed his spiritual strength, however, his spiritual strength could only cover a thousand metres. Luckily, the four of them were still within his range. He immediately chased up to them as he was worried that something might happen to them.

Suddenly, a white light shone through the valley. The four of them seemed to be oblivious to anything, and just continued to move forward. Jiang Chen felt a great sense of danger at this moment.

“Oh no! This Jade-faced Spiritual Fox is not that simple!” Jiang Chen exclaimed in his heart. 

When Jiang Chen turned his body around, Yu Huafan who took the lead was already slashed by the white light. His chest was badly wounded and two deep cuts could be seen. One could even see his chest bone, however, Yu Huafan seemed to be oblivious about this. The four of them were like living in the illusion and knew nothing about what was going on.

Jiang Chen was well-aware that the white light was a snowy white figure with a face of a white fox. Its eyes looked cunning and ruthless. Jiang Chen struck an attack and was able to repulse the white light, however, Yu Huafan was already severely injured.

“What a Jade-faced Spiritual Fox. I’m afraid that the illusion in this valley isn’t that simple.” Jiang Chen murmured. 

Although he could ignore the surrounding illusion, the other four were already affected. 


Jade-faced Spiritual Fox roared and took action again. This time its target was Xue Laing, however, dealing with Xue Liang was not that easy. Even though they were in the illusion, Xue Liang could still feel a sense of danger and immediately defended himself instinctively. Hence, the injury he suffered from that attack was not severe. Jiang Chen took this chance and immediately sent another attack, however,the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox managed to dodge the attack as its speed was terrifyingly fast. It was very confident in itself and looked at Jiang Chen slyly.

“It’s not that easy to catch me. However, since you are not affected by the illusion, that proves that you are not simple as well.”

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox said with a cold smile while staring at Jiang Chen coldly. It did not put Jiang Chen in its eyes as well.

“Really? Let’s see who is going to die later.”

Jiang Chen said faintly and he then casted the Nine Phantom Wolves, pressing towards the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox once again. The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox left its shadow in the valley under Jiang Chen’s chase. Although Jiang Chen couldn’t chase down the fox, it was under great pressure and kept dodging Jiang Chen. It dared not to be reckless at all.

One was chasing while the other one was running away. Although the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox’s cultivation realm was not very high, its speed was extremely fast and even a Divine King might not be able to catch it at all. 

“I don’t believe that I can’t get you.” 

Jiang Chen unleashed his utmost strength to chase the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox, and the latter started feeling tired because of running. Moving at such a high speed would, of course, consume one’s divine strength enormously. However, Jiang Chen’s divine strength was almost limitless, and the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox fell into a passive position now as a result. Its speed was still the same, however, it might be defeated if the situation continued on. 

“This human really has such good stamina.”

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox’s sharp voice echoed between the valley. It started gasping heavily for breath. Even though Jiang Chen had been chasing it without attacking, it had already shown some signs of defeat. The valley was actually it’s safest place, however, it was still unable to get rid of Jiang Chen here. The Fox managed to shutter through the steep mountain and valleys, but Jiang Chen was also able to do that. After one hour of cat-and-mouse game, the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox was finally defeated. 

“Stop, don’t chase me anymore.”

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox did not know whether to laugh or cry at this moment. Although it was just a Middle Heavenly God, its speed was faster than a Divine King, which has benefited it in its life in the forest and valley. Unfortunately, it encountered someone monstrous—Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen smiled coldly and said, “If I can’t get you, I am not Jiang Chen.”

At this moment, the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox finally was defeated by Jiang Chen. It intended to make a heavy strike against Jiang Chen who was just an Early Heavenly God. But after the strike, it suddenly realised how terrifying Jiang Chen was.

Its sharp claws failed to harm Jiang Chen. Instead, it was repulsed by Jiang Chen’s palm strike, and it was now exhausted. In this cat-and-mouse game, the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox was completely defeated. 

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