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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2512

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Only if the eye of the formation was smashed could they make the Peach Blossom Formation completely destroyed. The Peach Blossom Formation would not be an illusion anymore, only a hundred miles of Peach Blossom Spring would be left.

The foundation of the formation was clearly the hundred miles of Peach Blossoms but Jiang Chen had no clue about where the formation eye was. He already knew that it was impossible to destroy the whole hundred miles of Peach Blossom Spring. Those Peach Blossoms that had been destroyed by the poisonous gases were revitalized when Jiang Chen was searching for a way to break through the formation. The Peach Blossom Spring bloomed once again, even more magnificent and attractive. The Peach Blossom was immortal and eternal, this  was why the formation was terrifying. Destroying the formation foundation was an enormous and difficult task, even Jiang Chen was unable to do so at the moment. The only thing that seemed feasible was to destroy the formation eye.

Jiang Chen was stunned. He did not think that he could do that. Even a master of formation might not be confident in finding out the formation eye within a short time. And it would still be uncertain whether they could destroy the formation eye successfully.

“Jiang Chen, I beg you. Please break the Peach Blossom Formation. I will definitely repay your kindness with my life if I attained the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart successfully.”

Yu Er’niang bit her lips hard, she was in pain. They felt anxious and agitated with each second that passed by. But Yu Jingfan was relatively calm, waiting for Jiang Chen silently.

Jiang Chen did not promise to fulfill Yu Er’niang’s request but sank into the Peach Blossom Formation. He did not think that he was strong enough to completely destroy this Peach Blossom Formation. Therefore, he could only analyze the formation by observing the structure of the No Beginning Formation. After all, he was able to break the No Beginning Formation. If he could find the formation eye of the Peach Blossom Formation through the No Beginning Formation, he was confident of turning the situation around.

Jiang Chen had become everyone’s last hope and he shouldered a heavy responsibility at the moment. As it was all about getting the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, he dared not to treat this easily.

Jiang Chen knew well about the No Beginning Formation. Each of the hundreds of thousands of formations had its own rules. Nevertheless, the forms might change, yet the essence would remain the same. It proved that No-Beginning Formation would definitely tell him something about the formation eye of the Peach Blossom Formation.

Jiang Chen stared at the rise and fall of the Peach Blossom silently, the noise of the wind had become softer now. The No-Beginning Formation was started from nothing, and grown out of nothing. It was going through a transformation. Jiang Chen was controlling the No Beginning Formation and his mind started to wander in the Peach Blossom Formation. Eventually, he had found the formation eye. However, the formation eye was located in the cave where the old gibbon stayed. Jiang Chen was overwhelmed with mixed feelings. When they first met, he did not know the intention of the old gibbon, and now he was shocked as he had never expected that the formation eye would be located in that cave.

He is now clear about the intention of that old gibbon. The old gibbon intended to make them retreat from the battle. If they failed to break the formation, they would miss the opportunity of getting the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. Then, they would get rid of the desire to the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart and would feel relieved. Obviously, the old gibbon planned to make them get out of this Peach Blossom Formation and left far away from Wu Dong Luo Xia Mountain. And this Peach Blossom Formation was a warning to them but it was not very threatening. It only blinded their mind and made them sink into the formation. Removing their obsessiveness would be the only way to get out of here. Or else, they would be trapped for millions of years.

“This is such a precise and meticulous plan.”

Jiang Chen said lightly.

“Even so, I want to break this Peach Blossom Formation anyway.”

Jiang Chen held the Heavenly Dragon Sword, and struck upon the formation’s eye. However, the formation eye was unexpectedly undamaged. Even under the attack of the Heavenly Dragon Sword, it was still not destroyed.


A smile touched the corners of his lips. Even though he did not manage to break through the formation eye, he could cut off the relation between the formation eye and the Peach Blossom Formation. Once the formation eye was cut off, the entire Peach Blossom Formation would collapse on itself.

Jiang Chen deployed the Tisura Formation cautiously and blocked the formation eye completely. The moment the Tisura Formation was activated, it was the time of cutting off the formation eye. Jiang Chen has the whip at the moment. He activated the Tisura Formation and took down the whole Peach Blossom Formation. It seemed like the entire Peach Blossom Formation lost its value after the eye of the formation was closed. The Peach Blossom Formation did not exist anymore, and only the Peach Blossom Spring was left.


The old gibbon in the cave was spurting blood, pale and looked frightened. It had never expected that there was someone who could break the Peach Blossom Formation.

“The Peach Blossom Formation collapsed. Perhaps it is just my fate. There is no one who is able to break the Peach Blossom Formation for three hundred thousand years. However it is broken today, the moment when the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart formed. Haha. I am wondering who is the one with such an incredible power. Because even to Divine Kings or Gods, it would be impossible for them to find the eye of the formation.”

The old gibbon murmured. He was defeated. Once the Peach Blossom Formation was destroyed, the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart would become everyone’s target. Even though he was unwilling to accept the truth, he had to admit that he felt anguish and relief at the same time the moment that the Peach Blossom Formation collapsed.

“Hahaha. Finally, you’re here”

“I won’t die in this terrible place. I have been staying in the Peach Blossom Spring for three thousand years, hiding in darkness. Finally, I am alive now.”

“Finally I have returned after ten thousand years. The Peach Blossom was finally destroyed by someone after all this time. I can’t wait to meet the true master who broke this.”

“The Peach Blossom Formation doesn’t exist now, what can you do to me? Hahaha.”

A deep sigh, an excitement, followed by anger and helplessness echoed through the Peach Blossom Spring.

There were countless beasts and humans flying high to heaven. At this moment, the whole western region burst into an uproar. The strongest experts had risen from the ground and swept through the sky.

Jiang Chen felt that mighty strong and overbearing experts appeared in the Peach Blossom Spring. His face turned cold.

“Damn, did I just stir the hornet’s nest?”

Jiang Chen laughed bitterly. He could feel that the moment the formation was destroyed, it seemed like this Peach Blossom Spring had become a heap of ruins. He had never thought that there was such a big crowd of human and beasts who were being trapped here, all of which were almost formidable and unbeatable.

Even though he refused to admit that but he clearly knew that he did not only save Yu Er’niang, Xue Liang and the rest, but he also released those who had been trapped in the Peach Blossom Formation. It was truly shocking and terrifying when they surged out of the formation. 

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