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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2510

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Jiang Chen was in deep thought and looked up. The resentment that flew up towards the sky dispersed towards the western part of the Tianqi Mountain Range. 

Jiang Chen devoured the Blue-eyed Azure Flower Toad’s Soul Devouring Poisonous Mist, making it his own. Now, his poison was more than 100 times stronger than before. 

“Jiang Chen is still THAT Jiang Chen.” Xue Liang lips curved up into a smile. 

Jiang Chen’s strength was the best proof. Not even the poison of the Blue-eyed Azure Flower Toad could defeat him. 

“Good lad. Quickly, detoxify us from this poison.” Yu Huafan’s eyes shone as he almost perished from the Soul Devouring Poison Mist. 

Jiang Chen did not dawdle and quickly dexotified the four of them. They would be severely injured if they didn’t get rid of those poison fast. Their future may even be affected and they may even have a hard time raising their cultivation realm. 

Yu Erniang’s eyes were shining, Jiang Chen truly did not disappoint. Although he’s not the greatest in terms of cultivation, he was recognised by everyone now. The path of a true expert is indeed not always easy. 

“Jiang Chen, thanks.” Yu Erniang said in a heart-felt tone, Jiang Chen had saved all of them, this benevolence was too great.

“No effort at all.” Jiang Chen smiled. 

“We need to get away from this place as soon as possible. Now that the Blue-eyed Azure Flower Toad is dead, his dad will surely come. This Tianqi Mountain Range is his territory.” Yu Jingfan said. 

They had to quickly get away from this peach blossom forest, otherwise, there’s nothing for them to talk about and the time left for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart to mature was getting closer. 

“Our hundred years of effort will go down the drain if we miss the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.” Yu Erniang murmured as anxiety could be seen in her eyes. 

Yu Jingfan and his brother’s expression turned gloomy. They have made all kinds of preparations just for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, a hundred years of hard work, all for the sake of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.

“I’ll do my best, this peach blossom forest may not be able to cut me off from the world.” Jiang Chen said as he closed his eyes and went deep into meditation. 

He suddenly remembered what the Old gibbon said ‘Since it’s here, let’s make the best of it’. Looks like it’s impossible to break this formation with brute force. There must be a way, a method, a solution to get out of this formation. 

Jiang Chen closed his eyes as he envisioned the landscgibbon. At this moment, Jiang Chen could feel that each of the trees was filled with life, constantly moving, ever-changing, it was the essence of the formation. Jiang Chen knew that he needed to understand the essence, however, it would at least require him several months. 

Unfortunately, the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart will be long gone by then or somebody else will get their hands on it. Hence, Jiang Chen could not wait for it nor the others. 

A day and night passed by as Jiang Chen sat silently in meditation. Whereby Yu Erniang and the others got anxious. However, Xue Liang was calm, not as worried, he had confidence towards Jiang Chen, and although the family gave him a mission to acquire the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, it wasn’t a must for him to obtain it. Xue Liang had not failed once before, however, hence he wanted to keep his record as clean as possible. 

Jiang Chen tried to break through the formation with his divine energy. But it was fool’s errand, impractical. While he was figuring out the ever-changing formation, he was also learning from it. He was already a master of formation, although he did not learn it since young, he was pretty well-versed in it. Whether he could solve this formation, it all depended on his luck. 

Jiang Chen remembered what the old gibbon said, “There’s somebody within the depths of the peach forest, fate will guide you to the mountain. You guys should know why you’re here. Those greedy ones are always the same.”

“Those greedy ones are always the same,” Jiang Chen murmured. 

The old gibbon came and went without a trace. Obviously ignoring the formation of the peach blossom forest. However, his words clearly meant something. ‘Those greedy ones are always the same.’ 

“Jiang Chen did not speak a single word for one day and one night. Our time is ticking away, if we cannot leave this place, then… our effort would go down the drain. We have already come so far… ” Yu Huafan murmured as worry filled his eyes. 

“Shut up! Do not forget about your mission.” Yu Jingfan shouted. 

Yu Huafan suddenly woke up as he bathed in cold sweat. 

Yu Erniang’s expression was serious as they all placed their hope on Jiang Chen, not knowing whether it was right or wrong, but they had no other choice. They tried for three years and they had no solution for it. 

However, Yu Erniang and the others were pretty confident in Jiang Chen as he had saved their lives before, and their chance was pretty high in breaking through the formation. Although Jiang Chen did not admit it, Yu Erniang was pretty sure that he’s the infamous Jiang Chen. It cannot be true that this Jiang Chen and that Jiang Chen are both monsters, are all Jiang Chens monsters? 

Xue Liang looked at the siblings. Those three certainly have a story behind why they wanted to obtain the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, and wait for a hundred years. It was a fool-proof plan but yet they got trapped within this forest, a miscalculation, perhaps even a prank played by fate. 

“Those greedy ones are always the same. Greedy, ones… ”

Jiang Chen murmured. Suddenly his eyes shone brightly. He found something, greedy ones, it meant those who covet the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. The greedy ones are those with evil schemes. These people shall never be able to get through the ever-changing formation. The greedy ones walk upon the opposite path of the peach blossom formation, getting lost from the greed of one’s heart, losing all sense of understanding the formation. 

It was because of their ‘want’, their obsession towards the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart that caused them to lose their initial judgement and got trapped here. 

“Hahaha, those greedy ones are always the same. Hahaha.”

Jiang Chen laughed as excitement appeared in his eyes. He finally found a way to break through the formation. It was all thanks to the old gibbon, otherwise he couldn’t have found it. 

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