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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2507

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Jiang Chen looked up and glanced at Yu Erniang. 

“There are so many people with the same surname and first name. I am simply me.” Jiang Chen said, neither denying nor confirming. 

“What is it?” Yu Huafan looked at Yue Erniang, feeling weird. 

Does the name Jiang Chen hold that much power? 

However, Yu Erniang refused to believe it. 

“This Jiang Chen, what’s so different about him?” Jiang Chen smiled. 

“In a peerless manner, he killed off thousands of Heavenly Gods and thousands more prodigies in Linhe Boundary, including ten great Half-Step Divine Kings, not even the Divine Kings could do anything against him. He offended the whole Linhe Boundary, and he now possesses the title ‘peerless devil of the new generation’. His name has reached far and wide.” Yu Erniang looked at Jiang Chen with a fiery gaze. 

Because this name had become a hot topic in the surrounding ten regions, even Yu Erniang who was in the Tianqi Mountain Range had heard about him. This person became famous overnight, not only the residents of Linhe Boundary,but those who had heard of Jiang Chen in the surrounding region would shiver in fear. 

How could Yu Erniang not be surprised? But this Jiang Chen was only an Early Heavenly God, although he has some pretty amazing techniques and skills, she couldn’t believe that this Jiang Chen was THAT Jiang Chen. 

“Is this true? If he’s that godly as you’ve said, killing off ten great Half-Step Divine Kings, he wouldn’t have taken such a tool to get through the previous battle. Haha even though he’s pretty strong, he’s but an Early Heavenly God.” 

Although Yu Huafan was truly shocked with Jiang Chen’s abilities, Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation just coincidentally countered those things. Otherwise, the result would be different. At least, he refused to believe that this young man could kill off ten Half-Step Divine Kings. 

Yu Jingfan looked at Jiang Chen, the latter was calm and unfazed. It wasn’t something worthy to show off. 

Yu Jingfan didn’t know but Yu Erniang knew how terrifying this Jiang Chen was. Jiang Chen never spoke about this person’s name along the trip. She wouldn’t have been this shock if Xue Liang never mentioned it. 

“Jiang Chen, are you that godly as they say?” Yu Jingfan chuckled, he was rather implicit, not prodding any further. 

“You guys were stuck in the Wu Dong Sunset Mountain, so you didn’t know anything about Jiang Chen, he has become a nightmare in the other regions, his name has shocked various cities and regions.” Yu Erniang said 

“So what? Does it matter whether I am or not? Jiang Chen IS a great devil, but you shouldn’t give me that bad name. Are you worried that I would backstab you guys and steal the treasure? The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart? Hahaha.” Jiang Chen laughed while shaking his head, making Yu Erniang much more confused. 

“Yeah, Jiang Chen saved us all earlier, he wouldn’t have such a dangerous agenda against us.” Yu Jingfan said with a smile. 

“Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen.” Yu Erniang murmured and then suddenly smiled.  

“So what if you’re that great devil? I wanna see how powerful the great devil Jiang Chen is. To kill Half-Step Divine Kings and successfully escape from those Divine Kings.”

“We need to get things clear, look at me, I’m so innocent, I have zero connection with the title great devil, haha. I should be given something like, handsome, romantic, and suave.” Jiang Chen said with a laugh, pretty confident, albeit being severely injured, it didn’t affect his mood. 

“Alright, you’re injured, enough with your banter.” Yu Erniang was as charming as ever, her smile as graceful as ever. 

Yu Jingfan looked at Yu Erniang, shocked. This girl, it’s my first time seeing her so meek, she’s famous for being a thorny rose in the family. Looks like she’s learnt to tone down her attitude, unlike before. This is a good thing. 

“Our immediate goal right now is to quickly get out of this garden, otherwise, let’s not talk about the dangers when we found the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, which would mature in only 6 days from now.” Yu Huafan said in serious demeanour. 

“Agreed. The time given to us by the heavens is limited.” Yu Erniang nodded and looked at Jiang Chen. 

“Do you have something in mind? Looks like you’re well-versed in the art of formation.” Yu Erniang suddenly realised. 

Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation countered those pests and single-handedly repelled the insect-swarm. His knowledge in formations must be pretty good. 

“I know a little here and there, I can try.” Jiang Chen said, unconfidently. 

Jiang Chen and the others did not have a chance to depart when a croak was heard. Their hearts once again pounded. 

*Croak, croak, croak…* 

A croaking voice resounded through the depths of the peach garden, Jiang Chen slightly frowned. 

“I heard the reason why the Blazing Flame Heavenly Lizard was so brave to fight the Eight Lineages Silver River’s Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon was because of its master reaching the Divine King Realm. That master of his is the Tianqi Mountain Range Blue-eyed second great beast, the ancient spiritual beast, Azure Flower Toad! Are we… ” Yu Erniang said quietly as anxiety was plastered all over her face. 

“It shouldn’t be… the Blue-eyed Azure Flower Toad is an ancient spiritual beast, on-par with those ancient divine beasts. Most importantly, if it truly has reached the Divine King Realm, it wouldn’t bother itself looking at us meagre characters.” Yu Huafan rolled his eyes. If it truly was that beast, then it would only be a dream for them to leave this place with their lives still intact. 

“Profound Blue Triangular Eyes, purple azure flower spot wave, eyes like a fighting bull, abundant qi, this… this… ” Yu Huafan’s face became pale. 

The siblings had lived in the Tianqi Mountain Range for a hundred years, they knew about the power distribution around the mountain range. Although they have not seen the Blue-eyed Azure Flower Toad before, they’ve heard of it. It was the second great demonic king other than the Eight Lineages Silver River!

Jiang Chen and the other’s eyes contracted as they gazed at the giant toad that was just a hundred meters away, it was 3 zhang tall with a pair of copper-coin like eyes. It was looking straight at them with several hundreds of tiny toads that were in the Heavenly God realm, it was another terrifying sight. 

“Not at the Divine King Realm! But just a Peak Heavenly God.”  Xue Liang said. 

Yu Huafan gasped and said with a sigh: 

“Just a Peak Heavenly God? Do you know that the Blue-eyed Azure Flower Toad is an ancient spiritual beast? Although it’s only a Peak Heavenly God… it could easily defeat a Half-Step Divine King.” 

“One after another… this garden is no utopia, it’s a monster cage.” Yu Erniang gasped as her eyes widened. 

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