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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2505

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“What a formidable old gibbon.” Jiang Chen thought. 

He was unable to identify the old gibbon’s true strength. All he could see was that each of its actions was very skillful as if it was linked together with the heavens and earth. 

Yu Huafan and the others looked solemn as well. They could sense that this old gibbon was not an ordinary cultivator. Although they were unhappy with Jiang Chen, their anger slightly lessened because of the old gibbon who made them feel threatened.

“What are you?”

Yu Huafan said with pride while his eyes looked cold.

“My identity is not important. What matters is who you are. What are you guys doing here? It’s your misfortune to come into the Peach-Blossom Spring.”

The old gibbon said in a low voice while his palms were holding each other. He looked solemn as if he was a high-ranked monk and his breath was steady and calm. 

“Trying to play tricks? What is this Peach-Blossom Spring? Why couldn’t we get out of here?”

Yu Huafan pointed at the old gibbon and said.

“Since you’re here, just settle down here.”

“What do you mean? Who do you think you are? Are you the one that created this formation? If you don’t tell us about it, don’t blame us for taking action later.”

Yu Huafan was full of arrogance but his face looked gloomy because they had been trapped here for more than three years. How could he not be furious? Now that he found the old gibbon here, of course he would not let go of him easily. Not to say if he could survive in this place for a long time, he would have been bored to death at this place before that happened as only peach blossom trees and flowers existed in this place. 

Yu Huafan remained silent, but he was unwilling to stay here and wait for death. They were here to search for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. But since they were trapped here in this place, it was impossible for them to look for the  Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. 

“You should know why you are here today. Those greedy ones are always the same.”

The old gibbon said with a faint smile. He was not angry at Yu Huafan at all.

Jiang Chen looked at him silently as he felt that this old gibbon was not a simple figure. Despite facing so many people here, he remained calm and composed. It’s not that simple to have this kind of demeanor. 

“Little girl, this old gibbon advises you not to try anything funny, otherwise things will end very soon.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old gibbon turned around and disappeared immediately. Even the hole where he came from also disappeared and what’s left to them was the Peach-Blossom Spring.

Yu Er’niang shivered for a while, her heart felt anxious as well. What did the old gibbon mean when he said that? Should I really listen to his advice? The old gibbon was really astonishing and he just disappeared like that. 

“You’re trying to play a trick. Don’t let me get the chance to catch you, old gibbon!”

Yu Huafan roared in rage, his voice was deafening. 

Jiang chen, Yu Huafan and others were all startled. This was not a trick because the old gibbon did really exist just now. He just disappeared in a flash and no one was able to find his trace.

“Since we are here, let us settle down here?……”

Jiang Chen frowned. At the moment, he started contemplating the ways to escape this Peach-Blossom Formation. The gibbon’s words seemed profound and it did not seem to have any bad intention. With his strength, it was not difficult for him to kill all of them. However, the old gibbon did not take any action. He chose to leave and disappeared. 

“Fifth brother, he is a friend whom I brought here and he has saved me from trouble in the past.”

Yu Er’niang looked at Yu Huafan and said.

At the moment, Yu Jingfan and Yu Huafan finally looked slightly friendlier. 

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulder and said, “Since your two brothers don’t trust me at all, then it’s better that I don’t disturb you.”

“Brother, please stay and forgive our impoliteness just now. Since we have the fate to meet here, that means our encounter is all about destiny. 

Yu Jingfan said with a faint smile.

“Forgive me because I don’t know you have saved my sister before.”

Although Yu Huafan was a bit unwilling, he understood that Jiang Chen’s strength was definitely not weaker than Yu Er’niang as he was able to rescue her a few times before. They were looking for Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart right now and sought for a breakthrough. They had been struggling for some time in this Peach-Blossom Spring. It’s better to have more people and stronger allies in order to leave this deadly place as soon as possible.

Looking at how Yu Er’niang begged her brothers, Jiang Chen did not go against Yu Huafan as well as he was kinda soft hearted when it came to dealing with women.

“Third brother, have you encountered any poisonous insects here before?”

Yu Er’niang asked in a deep voice.

“Never. Why did you ask about this?”

Yu Jingfan looked at Yu Er’niang in shock.

“Never in the past but now there are.”

Yu Huafan’s countenance fell and pointed at the countless poisonous creatures behind Jiang Chen and Xue Liang. They were all crashing into them along with the black poisonous gas. The entire Peach-Blossom Spring was turned into black colour.

The moment Jiang Chen and Xue Liang turned their head around, the entire place was fully flooded by the creatures. The number of the creatures was even higher than before.

“Damn it! Why is it so terrifying?”

Yu Huafan shivered out of fear but he remained calm as his cultivation realm had already reached the peak of Heavenly God Realm. Yu Jingfan felt the same. There were so many poisonous snakes, insects, mice and ants now and they would definitely devour all of them effortlessly.

“Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation!”

Jiang Chen casted out a formation in a flash. Fire is the enemy of most things, especially snakes, insects, mice and ants and even to poison gas. Under the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation, everything was casted away and none of the creatures could come near to them. 

“I never expect this young guy to be this capable.”

Yu Huafan gave Yu Jingfan a glance and said in shock. After benefiting  from Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation, they were much relieved now. 

Countless creatures run into Jiang Chen like how the moth runs into fire but those that did were all turned into ashes by Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation. 

“Don’t know how long this will last.” 

Jiang chen looked solemn as he had a bad presentiment. Why did the two brothers never encounter any attack by the poisonous creatures in the past three years? Jiang Chen’s group was trapped here only very recently. However, when they came into this Peach-Blossom Spring, they had been attacked by the creatures and there was a strange flute sound. All these were suspicious. 

Jiang Chen wished all these were not true, otherwise, the others would suffer because of him.

At the moment, the flute sound rose again in the Peach-Blossom Spring. However, this flute sound somehow had the effect that deluded people. What was the most terrifying was that hundreds and thousands of poison creatures formed up to become an enormous sword blade. With the accompaniment of the flute sound, more and more creatures gathered up together and the sword blade became larger and larger. 

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