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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2504

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The blood-red centipede seemed to move under the command. It rushed toward Jiang Chen and the others with its claws that were sharp as knives. It broke through the sky and ran right over them. Under the sunset, it looked like a tremendous beast which could devour the world. Xue Liang surged forward immediately, chopping off with his shining sharp sword and entangling together with the blood-red centipede. However, the centipede was stronger than they thought. It launched a strike with its thousands of giant feet at the same time, even Xue Liang was unable to resist this time.

“I am poisoned. Am I going to die soon?”

Yu Er’niang murmured and looked frightened. No one could remain calm in the face of death. In this critical moment, Jiang Chen did not wish to put her at risk.

“Don’t worry, you won’t die.”

Jiang Chen smiled slightly. He held out his hand and cut his wrist.

“Drink it and you’ll be immune to poison.”

Jiang Chen whispered under his breath.

Yu Er’niang seemed startled. She had never thought that Jiang Chen would make her drink his blood. But she believed that his blood could expel the poison since he was immune to poison.

“Thank you.”

Yu Er’niang drank Jiang Chen’s blood. What she had drunk was not the normal blood but the blood and essence which was expelled by Jiang Chen. Otherwise, it would be ineffective in clearing the poison.

However, Jiang Chen felt himself weakening after losing some blood. He did not physically become weak but felt fatigued mentaly in which he could not recover within a short time.

Xue Liang was struggling furiously to resist the attack of the enemy. However, he was seriously wounded and also his divine strength was dispersed by the ghostly wind before. Now he was even poisoned, hence it was rather difficult for him to resist the powerful attack of this centipede.

The strength of this blood-red centipede was extremely strong, which had already reached the Heavenly God Realm. This Centipede was as strong as the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon. It was such a terrifying centipede, unbeatable, and formidable with a mighty body. Xue Liang stepped back, he lost his initiative under the attack of the centipede and lacked the strength to strike back eventually.

“It is the creepy flute sound again.”

Jiang Chen wore a frown. It seemed like the creepy flute sound and the blood-red centipede were mutually reinforcing each other. The blood-red centipede became more aggressive, more rapid and stronger along with the flute’s sound.

Jiang Chen and Yu Er’niang launched an attack at the same time. The three of them united to fight against the blood-red centipede. Its strength became weakened instantly and it could feel a kind of overwhelming force by Jiang Chen’s ferociousness and aggressiveness. Even though Yu Er’niang was relatively weaker than Jiang Chen and Xue Liang, she was still strong enough to distract the blood-red centipede. Jiang Chen was absolutely invincible, extraordinarily powerful and unbeatable. He struck out with his fist and hit the blood-red centipede on its claw. Even the centipede felt it difficult to deal with Jiang Chen, and also the sword qi of Xue Liang managed to catch it off guard. It was howling in pain continuously.

The blood-red centipede blotted out the sun and covered the sky with its mighty body. Xue Liang was thrown away by its strong blow but fortunately, more than ten of its claws were chopped off by his sword in the process. At the moment, the blood-red centipede was boiling with rage.

The flute’s sound became quicker while the blood-red centipede was filled with a surge of anger. It swept through the Peach Blossom Spring and whatever it passed through collapsed. The centipede was spurting out some poisonous fog but Jiang Chen still managed to run through the poisonous fog fearlessly. He struck a blow immediately and hit the head of the blood-red centipede.

Jiang Chen’s fist hit on the blood-red centipede like a thunderstorm. Even though its head was hard, his fist was relatively stronger. The strong blow dazed the blood-red centipede and it withdrew instantly. A rapid sound of flute was heard again. The blood-red centipede howled, escgibbond into the land and disappeared completely.

Jiang Chen looked up in the sky. He could strongly feel that the person who played the flute was determined to take his life. But he could not even find out who the person was.

Jiang Chen staggered. As he made Yu Er’niang drink his blood essence, he had to take a rest now. Xue Liang looked at the sunset that had gone behind the mountain gradually, he finally felt relieved now. Since the poison had not passed through his vessel, he could still manage to expel it from his body by his own strength.

Ten days had passed, Jiang Chen and Xue Liang’s power was fully recovered. Yu Er’niang was impressed by Jiang Chen as she had never expected Jiang Chen was exceedingly strong. Especially when he fought against the blood-red centipede, he could still remain calm and confident even though there was a huge difference between their strengths.

“I can feel that we are approaching my elder brother, within a hundred miles.”

Yu Er’niang whispered suddenly, Jiang Chen and Xue Liang followed close behind. At the moment, the anxiousness in Yu Er’niang said everything.

Even though Yu Er’niang could not find the way out, she could sense her two elder brothers telepathically.

After a day and a night, they managed to find Yu Er’niang’s brothers. At the moment, a crowd of gibbons was surrounding a young guy. But two of them plunged deep into thought by looking at the gibbons around them.


Yu Er’niang shouted loudly. But the gibbons were starting to roar at that time, her elder brothers shouted in a deep voice and ten of the gibbons stepped back.

“ Girl, finally you’re back.”

A young guy with a long beard that was dressed well said deeply and stared at Yu Er’niang.

Yu Er’niang curled up her lip.

“I remember our promise, we shall reunite when the peach blossom withered. This is my third elder brother, Yu Jingfan and my fifth elder brother Yu Huafan.”

“Luckily you still remember that. And the two of them are……?”

Yu Huafan squinted his eyes, looking at Jiang Chen and Xue Ling.

“They are my friends, they are here to help us find the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.”

“Stop fooling around!”

Yu Huafan  said coldly and his eyes also looked cold.

Jiang Chen could feel that both of them were unkind. He believed that it was because Yu Er’niang told them about the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.

Yu Er’niang sighed. She expected that her brothers would definitely be angry over this matter. But there were a lot of them who yearned for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. She believed that the chance to attain the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart would be bigger with more hands and greater efforts.

“You’re just an Early Heavenly God Realm. How dare you come to Tian Qi Mountain Range? Hahaha. Do you think that you can find the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart? It’s ridiculous.”

Yu Huafan laughed coldly, totally being impolite and disrespectful to Jiang Chen.

“It is such a pleasure to have friends coming from afar, an old gibbon stayed in the Peach Blossom Forest and shut away from the world. How could you hurt my disciples ?”

A gibbon with a long eyebrow said deeply, walking slowly out from the cave.

It looked kind, calm and energetic with low eyebrows.

At the moment, the old gibbon waved its hands gently. The flowers on the mountains fell apart and the poisonous gas disappeared.

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