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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2503

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The Peach-Blossom Spring remained the same. The whistling of the wind sounded like it was trying to disperse their divine strength. Jiang Chen could feel that his divine strength was fading away.

“What’s wrong?”

Jiang Chen looked at the creepy Peach Blossom Formation around them, filled with seriousness.

Both Xue Liang and Yu Er’niang fell silent completely as there was no other way at the moment. 

“Look! There are snakes, mice and insects over there!”

Yu Er’niang exclaimed in shock. There were millions of snakes, mice and insects appearing suddenly and flooding in. There were countless ants, centipedes, green snakes, poison spiders and the poisonous kind of insects. They blotted out the sky and covered the land with terrible ghastly wind. The previous Peach-blossom Spring, which was like the pinky world in fairy tales, was completely invaded by the black devil gas at the moment. Those snakes, mice and insects annihilated half of the Peach-blossom Spring instantly. Meanwhile Jiang Chen and the others could not escape from them.

“These venomous snakes, mice and insects are intruding the Peach-blossom Spring. If we don’t leave here as soon as possible, I’m afraid that we will probably be swallowed by them.”

Yu Er’niang whispered. She realized that they were in danger but there was nothing they could do at the moment.

“Both of you, go first.”

Jiang Chen made Yu Er’niang and Xue Liang stand behind him and they backed away. A black mist pervaded the sky accompanied by a terrible “squeak” sound that devoured the heart of Yu Er’niang. They were now trapped in a dangerous situation but they knew nothing of her brothers’ current situation. Facing the terrifying attack, she was helpless and she could feel her heart was wiped out, being engulfed gradually.

Yu Er’niang looked frightened and panicked. After all, she was not only worried about herself.

“The poisonous gases that are given off by those poisonous creatures here have produced a kind of miasma and are spreading slowly. If we are unable to find a way out, we will possibly be engulfed in the poison gases and end up becoming the food for these beasts.” Xue Liang said calmly.

“I will see what I can do.”

Jiang Chen whispered. To escape from the Peach-blossom Spring, he took both of them running around quickly in order to find a way out.

As the minutes ticked away, Jiang Chen was still unable to seek a way out. During this critical moment, it was just as difficult as reaching heaven. The Peach-blossom Spring, at the moment, was nearly blanketed in the dark poison gas and the only safe area that they could stay was becoming smaller and smaller rapidly.

Even though the peach blossom was wrapped in the terrible poison gas at the moment, they did not wither at all and were still in full bloom as before. The poison gas, however, was a formidable enemy for the humans.

“It seems like there is no way to go for us.”

Yu Er’niang murmured. In front of the attack of the poison gas, it seemed like they were totally falling into difficulty. They had no choice but to hold their breath and stay still. However, the divine strength of Xue Liang and Yu Er’niang kept fading away, even Jiang Chen felt the same. But compared with both of them, the feeling was weaker as his divine strength was rapidly recovering at the same time due to his self-recovery capability . It showed that the divine strength that he had lost was just very little.

“Let’s fight our way.”

Jiang Chen said. The poison gas kept blowing straight ahead of them while those venomous creatures were running around. The battle was about to blast right off.

“Just stick with me. We should keep running and cut them off. I believe that all the beasts are assembled here now. And this Peach-blossom Spring was like a great melting pot where all of the beasts and monsters are trapped.”

Jiang Chen whispered under his breath, looking serious. He glanced at Xue Liang, grabbed Yu Er’niang’s hand and started moving forward.

Yu Er’niang was startled and flushed. But she could not even care about it during the critical moment. She followed Jiang Chen and fought their way through the Peach-blossom Spring. They were engulfed by the poison gas all along, the only thing they could do was just to protect their heart from the attack of the poison gas. Or else, they would suffer severe injuries or even die instantly.

“There are ten millions of poisons mixing together, almost every type of poisonous creature in Tian Qi Mountain Range. This Peach-blossom Spring is just incredible.”

Jiang Chen’s heart was like the roaring waves in the rough seas.

At that moment, Jiang Chen heard a sound of flute which was excited and graceful, stimulating and frightening. Those venomous creatures were releasing their poison gas orderly along with the sound. When all of them mixed up, it would probably lead to death as the resultant poison was incurable and untreatable. Once you’re poisoned, the chance of survival would be low even if you were one of the strongest Heavenly God experts.

“Kill all of them.”

Jiang Chen glanced sharply. Even though he knew that what he was trying to do was just a drop in the bucket, there is no substitute for this.

The flames leapt up in Jiang Chen’s hands. Five Elemental True Fire merged into one. The Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal was assembled and formed. Once Jiang Chen striked, a loud, earth-shattering and deafening noise reverberated through the air. At the moment, Yu Er’niang could tell how terrifying Jiang Chen was. The Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal was like an exploding scarlet fire dragon, sweeping over the world, engulfing  the countless venomous creatures and burning them to ashes. The poison gas was dispersed gradually as well.

Xue Liang striked rapidly, his sword shone brightly and cropped off the poison creatures constantly. Even though those creatures were not that strong, they were extremely disgusting when they came in millions and scampered through the Peach-blossom Spring.

It proved that even ants could kill an elephant if there are a bunch of them. Perhaps it would be harmless if there was just one of them, but it would become fatal and destructive if millions of the poisons mixed up.

Even if Jiang Chen was strong enough to kill those poison creatures continuously, it was impossible to kill all of them as they kept pouring out. The snakes, mice, and insects in the entire Tian Qi Mountain Range were all gathered here.

Xue Liang and Yu Er’niang turned a little pale. Jiang Chen realized that both of them were already poisoned when he turned back.

“Damn it!”

Jiang Chen looked cold and gloomy, his eyes ran down those millions of poisonous creatures that surged out continuously and engulfed the whole Peach-blossom Spring. They had been set up and trapped in the Peach Blossom Formation, putting them to death purposely.

Jiang Chen’s biggest concern was the Peach-blossom Spring, he was unsure whether this was formed naturally or man-made. But according to what Yu Er’niang had said, the Peach Blossom Spring already existed even before they reached here. He could not understand why nothing happened to her when she came here previously.

“Are you guys alright?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“I am still fine, but I have to clear away the poison before dark. Or else, it will be dangerous for me.”

Xue Liang said in a low voice.

His condition looked alright while Yu Er’niang was turning deadly pale and lost her charm. She was not strong enough to resist those poisons so now she was engulfed by the poisonous gas. This Peach Blossom Spring had become a nightmare for them.

“How could you be fine?”

Xue Liang asked.

“I am immune to poison.”

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. It is not necessary for him to conceal anything from Xue Liang. Yu Er’niang was completely losing her consciousness.


A sharp and ear-splitting humming sound was heard. There was a blood-red centipede covered with tentacles rising from the ground. It was nearly ten foot in width. It blasted off to the sky and covered the sky with its thousand-feet long body. It howled with a harsh and penetrating noise which could make people feel being stabbed by pins and needles. The humming sound was like a thousand ants biting the soul which was extremely miserable and agonizing.

Above a distant mighty mountain, there was a young lady in green. She was holding a bamboo flute and playing it softly.

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