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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2499

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“Much appreciated, little brother. We may have died here if it weren’t for you.” 

“Yeah, many thanks. We can never thank you enough.” 

“Young hero. You’re definitely one of the bravest and mightiest youth I’ve ever seen. Hahaha.”

“You’re right. A young and promising lad. Even though you’re only in the Early Heavenly God Realm, your combat strength is much more terrifying than ours. A true peerless monster. ”

The short-haired swordsman and the others praised Jiang Chen without hesitation. As he was able to single-handedly face the horde and saved all them from Death’s embrace. Jiang Chen became the hero for these people. 

Jiang Chen watched those Earthly Fire Giant Pythons run away in distraught, not pursuing any further. It would be best to get out of this place as soon as possible without attracting more troubles. Otherwise, it would be bad if the other party came back stronger and harsher. Although he did not know what power the Eight Lineages Silver River possessed, since so many people feared the Eight Lineages Silver River, it would be unwise to blow it all up. 

Yu Erniang looked at Jiang Chen, liking him even more because the combat strength that Jiang Chen displayed allowed him to be respected by the others. 

“Hero? Haha, if it wasn’t for me holding the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon back, all of you would’ve died and there won’t be anyone for him to save the day. Haha, this is a joke.” Lan Xiaosheng’s sneer caused the others to gasp. 

He was right, but those words were exceptionally sharp to their ears, it was filled with hostility. 

Jiang Chen was unfazed by Lan Xiaosheng’s words. Without a doubt, the latter was the major contributor to this battle. Jiang Chen didn’t even bother to debate with the fella. Plus, he didn’t really value those praises at all, otherwise, he would have acted from the beginning. 

“Hear, hear. Brother Lan is righteous. We would’ve been dead if it wasn’t for him. Haha Brother Lan is the true hero. How can we not be grateful? ”

“You’re right, Brother Lan, we are proud of you.”

Lan Xiaosheng harrumphed on those praises. These fellas… 

“Are you alright? Erniang.” Lan Xiaosheng only cared about Yu Erniang.

“This little lady thanks the lord’s concern, I am fine.” Yu Erniang said indifferently, giving off a distant vibe. 

“Erniang , why do you always treat me this coldly. Tell me, is it because of that bastard?” Lan Xiaosheng looked at Jiang Chen with a cold stare, totally being hostile.

Even though Jiang Chen saved those men, it meant nothing for Lan Xiaosheng. 

“I treat everyone the same. It doesn’t concert anybody.” Yu Erniang said. 

“I refuse to believe. I’ll kill him now and see what you’re going to do about it.” Lan Xiaosheng laughed coldly as he walked towards Jiang Chen. 

“It is all thanks to you, Little Brother. I cannot express my gratitude in a better way. I, She Zhen, had finally witnessed a true expert, one that doesn’t flaunt to the public. I cannot even compare against you. Hehe.” She Zhen shook his head and chuckled. 

“Bah… Big Brother She, you’re over exaggerating. We could’ve all died if I continued to hide my strength.” Jiang Chen said. 

“Otherwise we would’ve been killed by the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon without your help. Although Xiaosheng was the one blocking it, we would eventually be killed by the horde. Hence, you’re the greatest contributor in this battle.” She Zhen said.

Yes, the guy stopped the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon but without Jiang Chen, they would all be dead too. Lan Xiaosheng has his fair share of contribution but Jiang Chen was the major player, anyone could see that.  

Jiang Chen smiled without saying a word. 

“Thanks.” She Xinying said quietly, and in a slightly shy tone. 

Jiang Chen has become a peerless hero in her heart.  

Liu Xingjun and the others could only smile awkwardly. In the face of absolute strength, fools would only get hit by the cold and harsh reality. Now, Liu Xingjun knew how to behave. 

“Little bastard, I’ll kill you. Let’s see what you’re going to do about that!” 

Lan Xiaosheng was filled with domineering murderous intent as he stood in front of  Jiang Chen. None of them expected Xiaosheng to be this unruly, they were comrades in arms earlier, but now they’re like enemies. 

“Lan Xiaosheng, do not overstep your bounds. You’re not making any sense. Who is he and what relationship he has with me has nothing to do with you, why does it even concern you? Do you want me to evade you forever?” Yu Erniang shouted.

 Lan Xiaosheng’s lips slightly vibrated as he stood there, completely stunned. 

“Is it because of that boy? What does he have that I don’t? I am the third leader of the Tianqi Mountain Range’s Black Crag Stronghold. I cannot accept this! To lose against an Early Heavenly God boy!” Lan Xiaosheng’s anger was burning fiercely. 

“You’re truly crazy, mad. Unreasonable.”  Yu Erniang’s eyes were filled with disappointment. 

“Do you still consider yourself a man? Come out if you are, do you think you can hide behind a woman forever? Coward. ” Lan Xiaosheng

“You’re strong, so be it, but why does it have to concern me? Go pursue your woman, why does it concern me? Do the ones weaker than you have to all die? Does it mean that you need to die in the face of someone stronger than you? Pursue her if you really liked her, do you think a man would respect you when you can’t even gain love from a woman? I do not wish to be bitten by a dog and then bite him back. I fear that I would degrade myself if I do so.”  Jiang Chen said calmly. 

This guy would’ve died if Jiang Chen was his old self. However, he knew how to look at the bigger picture now, he became mature, it’s easy to kill this guy but the problems that may arise in this Tianqi Mountain Range would be endless. Plus, he did not want to expose his true strength. 

Nevertheless, Lan Xiaosheng had considered him as an rival since the very beginning. 

Jiang Chen’s eyes were calm, only disdain and scorn could be seen in his eyes. 

“You dare lecture me?” Lan Xiaosheng became chillier by the second as he stared at Jiang Chen.

He never expected that he would be provoked by an Early Heavenly God one day. His blade was already in his hands yet Yu Erniang chose to stand beside Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen sighed within his heart. Woman, such a troublesome being, looks like I shouldn’t step on their wrong side, especially beautiful women. 

“So what? Lan Xiaosheng, consider us strangers if you dare take another step forward.” Yu Erniang said coldly in utter clearness. 

Lan Xiaosheng became silent, his lips curved into a smile of sarcasm.  

“I, Lan Xiaosheng, shall take this loss today. Boy, our debt is not cleared.”

Lan Xiaosheng took a step forward and suddenly looked back, staring at Jiang Chen: 

“Alright, alright, but I have to remind you that it’s for your best interest to stay away from her. Otherwise, you’ll die a horrible death.” 

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