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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2491

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“Blazing Flame Heavenly Lizard? How strong is it?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“You wouldn’t have any rights to speak in front of it.”

The middle-aged man snorted and gave Jiang Chen a glance filled with disdain. He immediately turned around and left the place as if he was afraid of being chased down by the Blazing Flame Heavenly Lizard. 

Group after group of people came afterwards, around ten groups. Each of them were strong, and there were four Late Heavenly God Realm experts. However, all of them looked solemn and hurriedly left the place. It might not be that simple to go through this Misty Forest.  

“We should also leave first, otherwise, we might fall into misfortune too.”

She Zhen would never do something that he was not confident about. This time, he gave Jiang Chen a glance to seek his opinion. 

“I will listen to your suggestion.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile as She Zhen was very familiar with this Tian Qi Mountain Range. Although his combat strength was stronger than She Zhen slightly, he was still a newbie in terms of the experience of crossing the mountain range. He knew nothing about the dangerous circumstances here.

Those who were running desperately and fleeing from the forest had left Jiang Chen and the others behind. Jiang Chen could also feel an enormously formidable aura approaching them. The aura was quite overbearing and he guessed that it was from a Half-step Divine King Realm expert. Such a terrifying beast appearing in front of humans would be catastrophic, just like an enormous existence who had the control over one’s life and death. 

Not long after Jiang Chen and She Zhen left, they saw those people who left earlier. They all had taken another U-turn and looked extremely worried.

“There are chasing enemies in front but also fierce tigers behind. My life will end here soon!”

A white-haired old man said with a sigh and his eyes were full of despair.

“Guys, are you……”

She Zhen looked at those who were fleeing and was startled. He was afraid that this journey would not be easy this time. 

“It is the Three-head Dragon of the Eight Lineages Silver River, and obviously it is going to chase us back.”

“That’s right. The young master of Bai Mai Silver River is getting married. The entire Tian Qi Mountain Range is going to boil up and we will be the victims.”

“Yes, we are going to be their nourishment without a doubt.”

Some said while gritting their teeth tightly. Currently, the situation was extremely critical and full of danger. Their safety had fallen into a predicament. 

Jiang Chen felt a shiver in his heart. Who is this Bai Mai Silver River master? How could he be so dreadful to control the entire Tian Qi Mountain Range?” According to his popularity, he was definitely not an ordinary man, but Jiang Chen did not know if he was a human or a beast.

“The Blazing Flame Heavenly Lizard of Misty Forest is in front of us now and the Three-head Dragon who is one of the four great guardians of Bai Mai Silver River is behind us. I think there’s no way for us to escape now.”

She Zhen said in a fearful tone. No one has ever encountered a situation like this before. It was also their first time encountering this even after passing through Tian Qi Mountain Range for more than ten times.

“Can’t we flee towards the east or west?”

Jiang Chen frowned and asked.

“You seemed like a newbie. How dare you talk like this when you don’t even have the knowledge about Tian Qi Mountain Range? Hehe, it’s funny.”

Some people teased. Everyone was incomparably nervous at this moment but none of them fled toward the east or west.


“The East side is an area of origin with the hundred thousand grand hills. There are many Heavenly God Realm and Divine King Realm beasts there. It is the least populated area in the entire Tian Qi Mountain Range. Once you enter the East, it means death. In the West, it is connected to the Misty Forest which is also a place full of poison. There are countless poisonous insects and poisonous creatures inside. It is also an area of origin where no one entered before. However, whoever walks towards the east or west will not be able to come out alive. It is always the case from the beginning until now. I am an old man who speaks straightforwardly. However, the salt that I have tasted is much more than the rice you have eaten. Hehe.”

The white-haired old man said while smiling. He gave Jiang Chen a glance filled with pride. In all of their eyes, Jiang Chen was only a newbie.

“That means we are now at a dead end? We have so many of us here, don’t we have a chance to fight?”

Jiang Chen said with a faint smile.

“A chance to fight? Hahaha. I admire your courage. But I must say that you’re too naive. We only have four Late Heavenly God Realm experts and the remaining are all Early and Mid Heavenly Gods. We only have about thirty people to fight against the Late Heavenly God and even Half-step Divine King realm monsters. It will be no different than courting our own death.”

A short-haired swordsman sneered and said. 

“Are we really waiting here for death?”

Jiang Chen snorted. Compared to the others who looked serious and anxious, She Zhen found Jiang Chen’s calmness quite admiring. 

“I actually support what the young brother said. I think it’s better to give it a try and fight with our lives than wait for death? Hehe. So what if the guardian of the Eight Lineages Silver River is here? I am too nervous now.” 

A graceful lady who had a seductive body touched Jiang Chen’s chin lightly while her face carried a playful smile. Her curvy body could undeniably attract hundreds and thousands of men. Especially her deep eyes that were like the Flower of Paradise that was full of mystery. 

Jiang Chen looked calm. Although this lady was indeed beautiful, she was not comparable to his wives Wu Ningzhu and Yan Chenyu at all. However, a normal guy would not be able to resist her coquettish manner at all. If he was an ordinary man, he would’ve worshipped under her dress as well.

“Yu Er’niang, he is still young and ignorant. Hope that you’ll forgive him. Hehe.”

She Zhen looked at the lady and said with a smile. He looked as if he was afraid of Jiang Chen being eaten by her alive because none of the men targeted by Yu Er’niang would be able to get out of her hand.

“Kekeke, as if I will eat people up.”

Yu Er’niang covered her mouth and smiled. Everyone looked extremely serious but she was the only one who still carried a smile. However, she did not dare to be reckless at all. 

In a flash, Jiang Chen used a hand to hug Yu Er’niang’s slim waist while another hand pinched her buttock hard. Yu Er’niang’s face was filled with fury but her eyes still looked graceful. She looked at Jiang Chen and realised that Jiang Chen still looked very peaceful and calm. He was not affected by her at all.

“Yu Er’niang, right? Your body figure is just so-so.” 

Jiang Chen curled up his lips and he acted like a judge judging her body figure. 

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