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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2485

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“Li Xie, you are too disappointing.” 

A calm voice echoed between the void in the snowy mountain range. 

A tall, black figure appeared on the mountain valley and sighed. This made Li Xie could not help but shiver in fear and he did not dare to speak at all. 

“Luckily, Zongheng’s breath still exists. You should know that he is the most outstanding candidate that I have chosen for becoming a Dark Star in the Linhe Boundary. Initially, I planned to let him build more experience, but unexpectedly, he was almost turned into ashes. Has your Ghost Eye Sect really become so weak right now?”

The dark voice slowly became gloomy, making Li Xie’s body become rigid, and he felt it terribly deep inside his heart. This man who stood in front of him could eliminate Ghost Eye Sect in a second anytime. His formidability was indescribable. Li Xie knew that this man was indeed a true expert compared to others.

Let alone Linhe Boundary, one might not even be able to see an expert like him in the entire Lone Dragon County. Although he was a Divine King, he would not dare to have any thought of going against the master in front of him. 

“I know, Li Xie will definitely do my best.”

“Do your best? Do you know how much effort I have put to look for him? And, no matter how, I will give you a month to revive Li Zhongheng. Otherwise, you should know what consequence you would get.”  

The black shadow said with a deep voice.

“Ten hundred thousand souls and a body of a Divine King Realm expert. This is the Spiritual Bone Pill. Li Zhongheng can’t pass away!”

The black shadow threw out the pill and he walked out from the mountain valley step by step. Each of his steps could reach a thousand miles and it was even more superior than flying in the sky.

As soon as the black shadow left, Li Xie could feel that the great pressure on him was relieved. 

“Old ancestor, who is that man?”

Behind Li Xie, there was a solemn looking middle-aged man. He asked in a low voice, and obviously he was the Sect Lord of Ghost Eye Sect, Li Zhan. 

“Fu Mo.”

Li Xie said with a soft voice and he looked profound.

“Is that Fu Mo?”

Li Zhan said while his eyes looked complicated. It carried astonishment, shock, fear and he couldn’t stay calm at all. 

“I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing for Zhongheng to be with them. At least, our Ghost Eye Sect is going to rule over the Linhe Boundary soon.”

“Fu Mo, Fu Mo… Old ancestor, is this really a chance for us?”

Li Zhan murmured and his face was  mixed with fear and shock.

Qilian Boundary and Tian Qi Mountain Range were one hundred eighty thousand miles in size. The mountains were steep and the place was full of forests. It was the biggest mountain range in the Qilian Boundary. 

It was said that Old Ancestor Zhong Zhou passed away while sitting peacefully here. In terms of size, this mountain could be considered as one of the top 5 mountains in the entire Lone Dragon County. 

Jiang Chen was crossing the mountain and he had gone through more than ten thousand miles. If one did not have the ability to shutter through space, it might take very very long to walk out from this 18,000-miles Tian Qi Mountain Range. 

Jiang Chen took a two-day rest at a small town between the boundary of Tian Qi Mountain Range and Huyue Boundary. In the three months of journey, he had killed about two hundred Half-step Heavenly God Realm experts. At the moment, Jiang Chen’s reputation was widespread to the boundaries surrounding Linhe Boundary. He was well-known and it was the first time in ten thousand years that someone was targeted by the alliance of Linhe Boundary.

Jiang Chen had also become more and more decisive in killing them and he spared no one. Jiang Chen had killed many of the Heavenly God Realm experts of Linhe Boundary, including many experts at the top rankings. On the other hand, those true Half-step Divine King Realm experts would not shame themselves just to come and catch an Early Heavenly God guy. 

From Linhe Boundary to Huyue Boundary and to the boundary of Tian Qi Mountain Range, Jiang Chen displayed his overbearing killing intent and it was irresistible. 

He wanted to look for Yue Er and Ling Yun at Heavenly Star Boundary but also wanted to look for Dragon Shisan. 

At a teahouse between Tian Qi Mountain Range, in a small town, Jiang Chen took a rest and drank some tea. There were a few merchants and lone walkers passing by the Tian Qi Mountain Range as well. However, if one’s cultivation realm had not reached Early Heavenly God Realm, he/she would not dare to enter Tian Qi Mountain Range. It would take one very long time to finish the journey of Tian Qi Mountain Range and there were countless beasts and monsters inside the mountain range. Each of them was extremely ferocious. There were also robbers in the mountain range. If one’s cultivation realm was too low, it was extremely difficult for him to complete the journey. 

“Little brother, are you going to pass by the Tian Qi Mountain Range?”

A strong rough man walked to Jiang Chen’s side and said with a smile. Jiang Chen looked at the middle-aged man calmly. The guy was also a Heavenly God Realm expert. Behind his back, there was a sharp axe and he looked very casual and carefree which gave Jiang Chen a good impression. 


Jiang Chen frowned as he glanced at the man. 

“How about following us together? I can see that your cultivation realm is high despite your young age. You have reached Early Heavenly God Realm. I don’t mean anything bad. We are the people of She Lan Escort. This time we are going to go through Qi Lian Boundary transporting the unique herbs we have from our Hu Yue Boundary. The journey of passing through Tian Qi Mountain Range would take around three to four years. It’s better that we have each other during the journey.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head slightly. If he was going to walk alone during the journey, it would be quite boring. If he went with them, he might not need to waste time to go into the wrong places during the journey. After all, the journey is long enough as it is, taking three to four years.

“My name is She Zhen, I am the second person in charge of She Lan Escort . We have five of us now and the remaining people here are all the experts from my She Lan Escort. They were all at the Heavenly God Realm. I have passed through Tian Qi Mountain Range a few times so I am quite familiar with the way. I can see your potential and I think it’s better if we all can go through the mountain together.”

She Zhen said with a smile and he looked like an honest man. Next to them, there were one lady and three men, and each of them were drinking their own teas instead of looking at Jiang Chen.

“Many thanks to Brother She then.” Jiang Chen smiled and said. 

At the moment, there was a smelly old man walking into the teahouse from somewhere not far. Many people in the teahouse could not help but frown their forehead.

Everyone looked solemn and cold to the old man because the old man didn’t look like any high-ranking or powerful man from any sect. He was just an old Heavenly God Realm man whose cultivation realm was deteriorating every day. 

He was really smelly and his eyes looked blurred. He seemed full of despair toward life.

Jiang Chen could not help but feel compassion. 

He had killed many people but he only killed those who deserved death. Meanwhile, he also saved many people’s lives. It was not impossible for both killing intent and compassion to exist together.

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