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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2484

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“That’s right, how could the small Linhe Boundary confine Brother Jiang? Haha, a dragon swims in a lake, so one day it would definitely break through to the sea.”

Luo Ping and others said and smiled. Jiang Chen felt touched when looking at these people. These people had lent him a helping hand and he considered this as an action of paying back the kindness he showed last time. However, he felt a bit of pity for these Heavenly God Realm disciples. 

Their power only amounted to that of someone at the Early Heavenly God Realm who had just recently advanced.

“Okay. We won’t impose on you anymore. Brother Jiang, if you need any help in the future, Lu Dong will wait for you at Chang Sheng Boundary.” 

Lu Dong clasped his hands together solemnly. He knew that it was impossible for Jiang Chen to leave with them. This was the dignity and confidence of an expert. Jiang Chen was able to challenge the entire Linhe Boundary by himself, which meant that his power was extraordinary. In the past, Jiang Chen was also like this, he had the weakest cultivation realm yet his fighting strength was astonishing. 

Even now Lu dong was not confident that he could defeat Jiang Chen. Half-step Divine King Realm was indeed very formidable, however, there were too many things Jiang Chen was hiding.

“Many thanks to each Divine King masters. I hope that we will meet each other again in the future.”

Jian Chen said in a deep voice, looking solemn. He was now ready to leave.

“Lad, there will be a battle in Lone Dragon County ten years later, will you come?”

Luo SiHai squinted his eyes and stared at Jiang Chen silently.

“Perhaps. I think Lone Dragon County won’t be able to confine me.”

Jiang Chen did not turn his head around but he smiled confidently.

“I hope that I will defeat you that day. Jiang Chen, don’t disappoint me.”

Lu Dong murmured. The moment Jiang Chen disappeared in the void, everything would be settled. They had to go back to their own place separately. It was unknown whether Jiang Chen managed to go on the path of War God and sweep everyone in all directions. All in all, Jiang Chen could not stay in the Linhe Boundary anymore.

Xuan Qingming never dreamt of this day. An unparalleled demong king was born out of his Profound Feng Sect. No matter how the others judge the matter, he knew that Jiang Chen was not guilty of anything and he was truly a hero in the troubled times. Profound Feng Sect was proud of him.

“Lord Sect Xuan, there is no place for Jiang Chen anymore in Linhe Boundary. Once we say goodbye today, I don’t know when we could see each other again.”

Jiang Chen looked at Xuan Qingming and the disciples of Profound Feng Sect. He had so many emotions inside his heart as Profound Feng Sect was his first home in the Divine World. Although there have been countless obstacles, there was still a long way to go for Jiang Chen. He could not just stay at one place forever. Linhe Boundary was not a place for him anymore. 

“A good man has high aspiration to achieve things all around the world. Jiang Chen, Profound Feng Sect is your home forever.”

Xuan Qingming smiled while his face carried a sense of speechlessness. He did not know whether it was a good or bad thing for Profound Feng Sect to experience such a misfortune. At least, Profound Feng Sect’s status in Linhe Boundary would be more awkward in the coming days. However, Xuan Qingming was very clear that Jiang Chen was the one who let him know what was the passion of cultivation. 

“Sect Lord, may I know what happened to two of my friends?”

Jiang Chen asked. 

“The Great Elder had been killed by Ling Yun. Two of them have left Profound Feng Sect long ago. These were told by the elders. They are not at Linhe Boundary anymore.”

Xuan Qingming said. 

“Then it’s time for me to leave too.”

Jiang Chen looked at Feng Ming Mountain which was chaotic but was also close to his heart.

Yang Jian, Man Shuai and the others looked at the mountain as well yet they found that this was not their final destination.

“If you are looking for her, you can go to Heavenly Star Boundary, Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect.”

Xuan Qingming reminded him.

Jiang Chen frowned and took note of what Xuan Qingming said. Seems like he knew much more than him.

Heavenly Star Boundary, Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect!

There were twenty seven boundaries in total in the Lone Dragon County. There were four greatest boundaries which were Heavenly Star Boundary, Long Live Boundary, Qi Lian Boundary and Mo He Boundary. 

Jiang Chen aimed for the Heavenly Star Boundary this time. However, Heavenly Star Boundary was at the furthest Northern area. In the Northern Cold Divine Region, Lone Dragon County was in the Southern area and he needed to cross over seven boundaries in order to reach Heavenly Star Boundary. Qi Lian Boundary and Mo He Boundary was located between Heavenly Star Boundary and Linhe Boundary.

Jiang Chen had already lost his Ancient Dragon Pagoda. Although the Dragon Transformation Art in his body might be able to help him handle any battle, he had still lost his biggest trump card. However, he  was willing to lose anything, including his life, to save Dragon Shisan. He just did not know where Dragon Shisan was right now and what he was doing.

In Clear Stream Sect, there was a black-clothed young man walking in the dark between the foothills. His eyes looked extremely gloomy.

His aura was terrifying and it contained the strength that could swallow everything between the heavens and earth. He took a deep breath. Who would he be if he was not Xuanyuan Canglan. 

“You must have gained a lot throughout the journey in  Hidden Secret Realm. Canglan, other than participating in the Lone Dragon Battle which is only held once every eight hundred years, you must eliminate Jiang Chen. He has been doing many evil things and you must kill him. He has shamed my Linhe Boundary and Clear Stream Sect. We must kill him.”

Di Longhuai said faintly. His voice transmitted through thousand miles but only Xuanyuan Canglan was able to hear it clearly from the foothills.

“I got it.”

Xuanyuan Canglan said solemnly. He had already completely merged himself with the Tao Tie right now. His combat strength was extraordinary and his cultivation had advanced by leaps and bounds. He was a Late Heavenly God right now. No one amongst the young generation in Linhe Boundary was more superior than him now. 

“I will give you the Xuan Yuan Halberd to kill Jiang Chen. It’s your duty. Whether Clear Stream Sect could gain back its reputation in Lone Dragon County, it would depend on you.”

Di Longhuai said.

“Xuan Yuan Halberd?”

Xuanyuan Canglan frowned his forehead while his eyes were filled with shock. He had heard of Xuan Yuan Halberd which was the divine tool of the Clear Stream Sect. It benefited the Xuan Yuan Clan and was a tool that copied the Xuan Yuan Sword. The Xuan Yuan Halbeard was a terrifying Origin Divine Tool.

“That’s right. Yan Yuan Halberd and Xuan Yuan Sword are unparalleled divine tools. Although Xuan Yuan Halberd is not as formidable as Xuan Yuan Sword, it is still a rare treasure. It can help you in battle.”

Di Longhuai moved his finger and the Xuan Yuan Halberd appeared in Xuanyuan Canglan’s hand. Holding the divine halberd, Xuanyuan Canglan’s battle spirit was soaring.

“Jiang Chen, I will see how you are going to run away from me this time. Once I devour you and get the dragon soul of Ancestral Dragon Emperor, I will be invincible under heaven. Humph Humph, I am going to be the emperor under heaven!”

Xuanyuan Canglan looked afar and turned into a ray of light, crashing out of Linhe Boundary.  

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