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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2483

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When one place was in difficulty, assistance came from all sides. Jiang Chen was touched by the warmth, there was an inexplicable excitement stirring behind his thoughts, and it was a memorable moment for him. Jiang Chen fixed his gaze at those thirteen figures that seemed familiar and strange, he was deeply moved and immensely grateful. Although the actions that he had done in their time together were truly worthy of gratitude, he was the one who was caught in a hopeless and desperate situation. Those help from all sides made him feel stimulated and excited in his heart.

When he thought that he was nearing his end,  Lu Dong, A’mo Kehan and more than ten outstanding heroes who had been saved by him in the Divine Tomb suddenly appeared to give him a helping hand. They were now the mainstays of different boundaries. Compared to them, Jiang Chen was relatively incompetent now.

Amongst the thirteen of them, the weakest one has already reached the Late Heavenly God Realm, while Lu Dong and A’mo Kehan were already at the Half-step Divine King Realm as well. All of them could not be treated lightly.

However Jiang Chen did not realize that their potential power was only released, boosted and transformed continuously after being found by those sects. As the genius who came here with the greatest potential, with strong determination and effort, they would definitely become powerful experts after breaking through those constraints and making it here.

Jiang Chen felt that he was just an ordinary person at this moment.

Jiang Chen was grateful without any regret. Everyone would have their own way and how the world treated every one of us was just different and unfair. He had experienced, transformed and devoted all his effort to become who he is today.

The previous Jiang Chen was still alive but he felt peaceful and calm at this moment. However, everything would be just meaningless talk if he hadn’t gone through all of that.

Jiang Chen had been sweeping through the entire Linhe Boundary and became well-known in the entire County. The whole Linhe Boundary had been turned over by this guy who was merely a Heavenly God. And it made them come here for a reason.

“You guys are now the genius disciples with honorable dignity in your own sects. You don’t have to bow to me.”

Jiang Chen shook his head and made the thirteen of them stand.

Lu Dong and the others stood up and looked at each other, and murmured:

“We will not relent if any one of you dares to touch Jiang Chen. I swear to live or die together with him.”

“Swear to live or die together.”

More than ten experts made their stand. The strongest experts amongst the thirteen boundaries were on Jiang Chen’s side. Thirteen Divine Kings was a mighty, invincible and unbeatable force.

Di Longhuai’s face was clouding over. Not to mention that they were far outnumbered, he was clear about what the strongest experts of the thirteen boundaries represented as well as their power. If things got really ugly here, there was no doubt that these guys would be desperately bound to fight to the death.

What had Jiang Chen done to make the strongest experts have his back?

Not to mention Di Longhuai, the others also sank into silence at this moment. Even though Jiang Chen had killed countless people, they would be defeated inevitably if they went into a confrontation. Even though they were in Linhe Boundary, the battle was full of uncertainty and difficulties.

Unfortunately, since they were weak in status and outnumbered, they have no choice but to compromise.

“Today, luck is not on my side. But I will kill Jiang Chen without mercy if I meet him in the future!”

Di Longqing gritted his teeth, his facial expression was gloomy. Although they were unwilling to do so, it seemed like they were forced into a passive at this time. It was such a strong lineup, it was composed of almost half of the fighting force of the whole Lone Dragon County. Di Longqing was overwhelmed with anger.

“Clear Stream Sect will give face to you guys. But Jiang Chen had killed countless lives and raged through our Linhe Boundary. We will never give up on that easily. Even though we choose to retreat from the fight today, we would not spare him if we meet him again in the future.”

Di Longhuai said calmly, feeling a surge of anger. However, he could only keep his temper as the balance of the boundaries was more important than anything else. If they start a fight recklessly, Clear Stream Sect and even the entire Linhe Boundary would become the public enemy, and the whole world would turn against them. And it would also not be just an ordinary battle but bringing the whole Linhe Boundary into danger and crisis.

“Brother Ti, you’re thoughtful and deliberate. We appreciated that. Luo Sihai represents the other Divine Kings and thanks for your kindness.” 

Luo Sihai said with a smile while Di Longhuai gave a snort and stayed silent. The situation said it all. Those Divine Kings were startled as Jiang Chen was the one who turned over the entire Linhe Boundary after all. He was truly the devil incarnate. But unfortunately, these thirteen great geniuses still insisted on bowing to Jiang Chen.

It was puzzling. However, they realized that this battle should be stopped here and it was impossible to continue. Jiang Chen was lucky to get off and stay alive. He would definitely stay away from Linhe Boundary. Or else, he would be nothing but a street rat.

“Let’s go. Jiang Chen, Linhe Boundary will never give up as long as you’re still alive.”

Di Longhuai turned away. Some of the Divine Kings were disgraced and left. Facing the thirteen Divine Kings, there was no reason to keep entangling with them.

Jiang Chen felt relieved by escaping from the crisis but he would not stay in Linhe Boundary even if he had not decided on his future path yet. It was impossible for him to stay here freely after offending every sect here.

“Jiang Chen, what’s your plan? What if you follow me to the Fuyou Boundary?”

A’mo Kehan asked in a low voice. Jiang Chen had nowhere to go at this moment. He should find a shelter to settle down since he could not stay in Linhe Boundary.

Jiang Chen shook his head. He would never follow anyone to their place as it would definitely cause troubles and burden for them. Besides, Jiang Chen used to be alone. It would be agonizing and uncomfortable for him if he stayed in a sect.  

“I’m truly grateful for the invitation but I prefer exploring and travelling around alone. Linhe Boundary is just one of my shelters. In the big wild world, everywhere can be my home. Haha. I believed that there would be somewhere that I could stay.

Jiang Chen said with a slight smile.

“Jiang Chen, you’re the one who saved our lives before. There is no me without you. We would have died in the Divine Tomb if you didn’t save us.

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