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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2482

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“If you still refuse to do that, we can just meet on the battlefield. However, don’t forget that you are still in Linhe Boundary.”

Li Xie said in a deep voice.

“How about counting me in. Hahaha.”

Another old man and a young man appeared in the sky. The youth dressed in black looked cold and the old man in red was also relatively cold. His strength has already reached the Divine King Realm. An oppressive atmosphere was spreading throughout the Feng Ming Mountain range at this moment.

“Are you from the School of Yan of the Withered Boundary? The number-one sect of hidden weapons. My Clear Stream Sect has never had any dealings with the School of Yan, we have neither rancor nor hatred between us. Are you trying to interfere in our affairs now?”

Di Longqing murmured in a low voice. At this moment, the Battle Sect from Qianhua Boundary, School of Yan from the Withered Boundary were in opposition to him. He had to admit that the background of Jiang Chen was quite terrifying. Even so, Di Longqing refused to retreat as he was in the boundary of Clear Stream Sect and he was not afraid of them since justice was on his side.   

“School of Yan, Yan Yunying.”

Yan Yunying took a glance at Jiang Chen. His strength had already reached the Late Heavenly God Realm and he was not inferior if compared to Luo Ping. Even Jiang Chen felt shocked and curious about the people in front of him. Did they come to save him? He did not know whether to laugh or cry facing this situation. He was full of uncertainty and doubts as he could not remember when he got to know these two invincible sects.

“I swear to fight to the end if anything happens to Jiang Chen.”

Yan Yunying whispered under his breath. He persisted with his decision but the old man in red shrugged and showed that he was compelled, and this was the only thing he could do.

“He is the disciple under the Sect Lord of School of Yan and I could hardly interfere with his own matters. I can just follow whatever he told me to do so. Haha.”

Yan Li burst into laughter. But it made Li Xie and Di Longqing feel even more depressed and immediately sunk into their boots. Should the two of them fight someone who has such an impressive background to the death?

“Are you really hell bent on making things difficult for me? You should be clear that this is my domain, Linhe Boundary. Don’t you dare start a battle here! Do you think it is worth making the two great sects fight for a despicable kid?”

Di Longqing said in a soft voice.

“It’s not necessary to keep on emphasizing that this is your place. I wouldn’t have come here if I am afraid of you. I totally agree with what Yun Ying said and I will definitely save this man. So what are you going to do? Just come fight me if you don’t agree.”

Yan Li rolled up his sleeves, acting totally arrogant and aggressive. It made both Di Longqingand and Li Xie remain silent. These two invincible sects were known as the lords in their own boundaries, and now both of them declared that they wanted to grab someone from Di Longqing and Li Xie’s hands. To put it bluntly, it was obvious that they were trying to challenge them deliberately.

But Di Longqing clearly knew that the both of them would probably lose if they fought as both of them had suffered severe injuries. Jiang Chen was confused and unfamiliar with the situation why both of these great sects backed him up suddenly.

“Are you going to release him? It means you are not giving face to me if you refuse to do that.”

Yan Li showed a cold and gloomy face.

“Clear Stream Sect and Ghost Eye Sect, this matter should be taken into careful consideration.”

Luo Sihai’s face was wreathed in a big smile. It seemed like he was willing to take the fight.

“We cannot easily let him go today. You should be able to realize where this place is, even if you have decided to come here for someone. Just start a major war between those boundaries if you dare. And we will never set Jiang Chen free.”

Di Longqing said in a low voice. He had just received the words delivered by his elder brother and he would be arriving in a moment.

“How could you dare to run wild in Linhe Boundary? Let me see who is bold enough to do that.”

A long shadow arose in the air and immediately stood beside Di Longqing.


Di Longqing was in a tremor of delight.

“Ti Longhuai?Haha. I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Yan Li said smilingly.

Ti Longhuai snorted in disdain. The last time he played against him was thousands of years ago. The unique weapons that Yan Li owned had made him go through the unbearable torment for hundreds of years. This guy was absolutely terrifying.

“It looks like there are so many people who are desperate to fight Linhe Boundary. I think I should join in the fun as well.”

A figure of a man appeared beside Li Xie.

“Li Xiongba, luckily you’re able to make it.

Ti Longhuai turned solemn. The appearance of Li Xiongba made everyone in Linhe Boundary feel truly startled and overwhelmed.

“How could this fight start without the Divine Pill Sect? Divine Pill Sect will never turn its back upon the safety of Linhe Boundary. That’s the reason I am here.”

An elder whose beard and hair were all white followed closely and appeared beside Ti Longhuai.  

“Overlord Sect is here.”

Another shadow came one after another. On Linhe Boundary side, there were another four Divine Kings that had arrived.

“Dan Feng and Lin Bawang. Good one.”

Li Xiongba laughed heartily and softly stroked his beard. There were six Divine Kings confronting two great sects from Qianhua Boundary and the Withered Boundary. The lineup was assembled with powerful and offensive strengths.

“Such a magnificent battle had gathered the elites.”

Jiang Chen meditated. All of them were the true invincible experts of the Divine King Realm.

But Jiang Chen was still curious about the reason why the School of Yan from Withered Boundary and Battle Sect from Qianhua Boundary desperately wished to save his life. It was strange that they have even solemnly pledged to set him free. And he noticed that Luo Ping and Yan Yunying’s glance looked profound and unusual.

“Do you guys still insist on taking Jiang Chen away from us?”

Ti Longhuai said in a low voice, and a faint smile flickered across his lips. How could Yan Li and Luo Sihai defeat six Divine Kings even if they were strong enough? They had no choice but to surrender to them. Ti Longhuai would not simply let these intruders stand in advantage in their own domain. Besides, this was not merely an ordinary battle. They would definitely not spare Jiang Chen’s life who had swept through the Hundred Sect Alliance; more than a hundred thousand disciples in Linhe Boundary were sacrificed under his sword.

“What am I supposed to do now, Yunying?”

Yan Li fixed his eyes at Yan Yunying. At this moment, Yan Li was truly dignified. There were six Divine Kings after all, even if he joined with Luo Sihai, they were no match for them. They should be appropriate while staying in someone’s domain.

“Jiang Chen cannot die. I have to save him.”

Yan Yunying said in a low voice.

On the other hand, Luo Ping was of the same mind as Yan Yunying, he did not change his mind. Since they have come, they were bound to save Jiang Chen.

“Everyone, I wondered why I deserve to get the assistance from you all. I will feel guilty if you fight to the death for me.”

Jiang Chen realized that it would be impossible for the Battle Sect and School of Yan to dominate as both of them were comparably weaker and they were in Linhe Boundary. Linhe Boundary had targeted him so they would never spare him and let him leave alive. This was related to the dignity of their sect and Linhe Boundary’s honor .

“Brother, Luo Ping had swore to repay the debts of your gratitude!”

“Same here.” Yun Ying said.

Yan Yunying and Luo Ping gazed at each other. Even though they did not know each other, they had reached a consensus at this moment, which was to protect and save Jiang Chen at all cost. Jiang Chen was startled and astonished by their actions.

“Hahaha. It seems exciting and fun here. Fu Di from Tian Men House is here.”

Howling in shock. Two long shadows suddenly appeared. A young man with short hair, looking formidable and imposing while his companion, an old man, who had dishevelled hair and looked sloppy was actually a Divine King.

“Tian Men House from Dragon Bone Boundary, are you also trying to interfere with this?” 

Ti Longhuai asked coldly.

“Even if there was a huge difference in strength between our Dragon Bone Boundary and you all, I could not stand the shameless and impudent behaviour of some sects. Hahaha. I am Yan’s friend and brother of the Battle Sect. What if all of us joined hands?”

The young man showed his intention to fight.

“Count me in, Qian Tian Boundary, Yan Xue.”

“Same here, Forgotten Worry Boundary, Song Yupeng.”


“Fu You Boundary, A’mo Kehan!” 

“Long Live Boundary, Lu Dong here.”

Within a few seconds, there were top great experts from thirteen different boundaries appearing at the peak of Feng Ming Mountain. The advent of thirteen Divine Kings made the entire Linhe Boundary go wild and burst into an uproar. There were countless experts, who had hidden themselves in the dark, started peeping in. Ti Longhuai and the others could still take it leisurely and remain calm if there were just some experts who were from two or three different boundaries gathered together. But now, most of the strongest experts from the boundaries in the entire Lone Dragon County were all assembled here. The power of those thirteen Divine Kings were formidable and unbeatable. What they represent now was never just a sect, it’s the might of many boundaries.

Ti Longhuai and the others, who were full of confidence just a moment ago, felt shocked, their bodies and heart trembling at this moment. Although those thirteen Divine Kings were terrifying, they were more concerned about the boundaries behind them. As each of them was the strongest expert from their regions, none of them was inferior or weaker than Clear Stream Sect.

At this moment, Ti Longhuai and the rest stayed silent as even a slight movement could possibly decide the final outcome. And the involvement of thirteen boundaries determined their strong will to protect and save Jiang Chen.

The appearance of Lu Dong and A’mo Kehan had made Jiang Chen startled, and showed a thrill of joy at the same time.

The disciples of the greatest boundaries got down on one knee in front of Jiang Chen. Their action had made the elders of their sects feel completely shocked. They bowed to Jiang Chen and even forgot their identity as a disciple of their sects.

“Jiang Chen, we came late.”

Lu dong and the rest looked down upon the ground, feeling guilty.

All the sects in the entire Linhe Boundary were in astonishment, including the Divine Kings—Xuan Qingming, Ding Qiudong. How did Jiang Chen make these disciples from the greatest sects of the thirteen boundaries in Lone Dragon County kneel down and bow to him?

The news that Jiang Chen swept through Linhe Boundary and got chased by everyone definitely spread across those boundaries. However these people still pledged to protect him. A light of gratitude came into his eyes.

At this moment, even Jiang Chen felt like a long time had passed. He heaved a deep, heartfelt sigh as he realized that all of them were the ones who had received his kindness and generosity in the Divine Tomb. Now they were completely transformed, having a bright future.

It looked like a myriad of stars surrounding the moon, Jiang Chen was just like a  king with mighty and magnificent power. At this moment, all of them aimed to protect Jiang Chen which made Ti Longhuai and the others feel extremely stressed.

Once the thirteen boundaries launched their attack at the same time, not only Clear Stream Sect, even the entire Linhe Boundary would possibly suffer from tragedy.

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