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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2481

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“Fight to the death, it seems like you are kind and affectionate to your brother. Unfortunately, you would never be able to make up for your sin of killing hundreds and thousands of Linhe’s experts, even if you die thousands of times.”

Di Longqing wished to fight back but he could not do so as Jiang Chen hid the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda into the void of space at an astonishingly rapid speed. It was incredibly fast and impossible for both of them to make a response. It was the Great Void Technique which was incomparably powerful after all, even Di Longqing and Li Xie were not able to react. However, they only wanted to kill Jiang Chen, so it didn’t matter even though the other guy attempted to escape.

Jiang Chen remained calm and unmoved. Dragon Shisan was delivered into the crevasse of the void so  he could die with absolutely no regrets.

“I am never afraid of anyone and I never yield to anyone, there is definitely no one who can make me give in.”

Jiang Chen looked up to the sky.

“Nothing can make me do so, including the heavens.”

“Such an arrogant and rude guy. It is just your worthless pride. It seems like this is your fate to die in our hands? Hahaha.”

Li Xie roared with laughter and struck a heavy blow in the void. Jiang Chen stepped back, his eyes were extremely cold. He was devoured by the Purple Ying Heavenly Thunder, pulling him down once again.

“Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour!”

Jiang Chen howled in a low voice and launched a perfect defense. But even so, he was still thrown out under Li Xie’s strike. Despite the capabilities of the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour, its power was bound with Jiang Chen’s own state. How could Jiang Chen display a perfect Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour with a poor and flagging condition? But fortunately he was able to resist Li Xie’s powerful blow, although he spurt out a mouthful of blood, staggering and his face contorted in a grimace of pain.

A ferocious grin lit his face. Jiang Chen glanced at Li Xie. He would not let himself fall down or surrender even if he had his one last breath left.

“Man and Sword merged into one!”

Jiang Chen once again merged with the Heavenly Dragon Sword and broke through the sky. Unfortunately, he failed to conquer both of these Divine Kings even though he had perfectly made a breakthrough to the Heavenly God Realm.

“It’s just a bag of tricks.”

Di Longqing grunted coldly. All of the skills or techniques were nothing in front of absolute power. In his eyes, Jiang Chen’s offensive was slightly stronger than he could imagine, but there is nothing more than that. Even if he, Di Longqing, was badly wounded, the dignity of a Divine King could not be easily violated.

Jiang Chen’s Man and Sword merged into one was extraordinarily strong. This was his ultimate deadly blow and had stressed Di Longqing. However, both Li Xie and Di Longqing, who made an alliance to defeat Jiang Chen, had deprived him of a chance to make a turnaround.

Each terrible strike has hit Jiang Chen. Unfortunately, he was unable to strike back at the moment. The weeping blood reddened the Phoenix Mourning Mountain and the whole body of Jiang Chen was being hollowed out thoroughly.

“Jiang Chen, Profound Feng Sect is proud of you.”

Xuan Qingming closed his eyes and a drop of tear dropped on the earth.  

The entire Profound Wind Sect burst into an uproar like the whistling of the mountains and seas. The noise echoed through the air.

“Jiang Chen, The War God!”

“Jiang Chen, the War God!”

There was a streak of tears on those faces. Even the hundred thousands of disciples could feel Jiang Chen’s sadness. He would not result in such an end if he was not bound to guard and protect the Profound Feng Sect.

Jiang Chen looked up to the sky and howled deeply. He felt satisfied for having a life like this.

“You have the right to fight. But despicable people have their own way to die.”

Di Longqing held the dragon blade in his hands that shed rays and glowed a dazzling light which was a thousand meters high. It swept through the sky and rolled over. And then stabbed Jiang Chen in the back, it would probably take his life but it was unavoidable.

“If any of you dare to touch him, your whole family will be executed.”

Someone bawled out, the shout rang out in the air. Two long shadows moved across the sky. A bright young man in white who looked spotless and neat appeared unexpectedly with lively spirits.

Besides the young man in white, there was an old man dressed in gray. He snapped his fingers and constrained Di Longqing to draw back.

“Who are you?”

Di Longqing drew a step back, he looked frosty and gloomy. He was staring silently at the old man in gray and the young man in front of him.

“Battle Sect, Luo Ping!”

The young man in white glanced at Jiang Chen with a brief smile.

“Qianhua Boundary Battle Sect? The number-one sect of hundreds battle? Are you the Battle Sect from Qianhua Boundary, the First Sect of Hundred Battles”

Di Longqing drew in his breath. Compared with Linhe Boundary, Qianhua Boundary was much bigger. The position of Battle Sect was superior and its existence was just as important as Clear Stream Sect. But even more importantly, the reputation of Battle Sect had been well-known and spread far and wide. The purpose of Battle Sect was to fight against the world. However, it was only slightly superior compared to Clear Stream Sect. In Qianhua Boundary, it was still considered as unbeatable and irresistible, however.  

“I’m Luo Sihai, this is my adopted son who is a talented genius from Battle Sect. He is just invincible and strong in Battle Sect.”

The old man in gray said calmly. Di Longqing had met his formidable enemy before. Luo Sihai was one of the three great elders in the Battle Sect and his strength has reached the Divine King realm. He was as strong as him in power. He looked relatively calm and steady. It seemed like Di Longqing could hardly suppress and  win over him even when he was at his peak .

“Oh, it’s Brother Sihai. Did you forget about me?” 

Li Xie said with a cold laugh and fixed his eyes at Luo Sihai.

“I spared your life one hundred and four years ago. And you are trying to provoke me today?”

Luo Sihai answered coolly. But Li Xie’s face took on a ghastly expression. He snorted and said:

“Please don’t forget those who own this place. Don’t you dare to act wildly in Linhe Boundary. Even if the number-one sect of Hundred Battles from Qianhua Boundary is strong, however, this is my Linhe Boundary after all.”

Li Xie refused to draw back. He was standing toe to toe with Luo Sihai and showed no trace of fear.

Jiang Chen frowned. He was wondering about the guy who tried to save his life and his true aims. The number-one sect of Hundred Battles from Qianhua Boundary, it did not sound weaker than Linhe Boundary.

“Son, so what is your decision?”

Luo Ping looked at Jiang Chen and said: “If Jiang Chen dies, I will bury him together and make him disappear together with Ghost Eye Sect.”

“Stop boasting. Who do you think you are? Don’t you dare to extinguish my Ghost Eyes Sect! Lad, I won’t be easy on you even if you’re from Battle Sect.”

Li Xie never expected that Jiang Chen would have such a strong adherent. But even Jiang Chen himself could not put his finger on it as he never imagined that there was someone who would stand up for him and he knew nothing about their background.

“Luo Sihai, I think Battle Sect has no chance of grabbing someone from our Clear Stream Sect and Ghost Eyes Sect. Or else, are you trying to start a war among the sects just to protect this guy? Haha. Do you know that he had committed a serious crime?”

Di Longqing took a slight smile.

“The only thing I know now is that I will make all of you die miserably if anything happens to Jiang Chen.”

Luo Ping sounded calm but full of murderous intent. The young guy who was at the Late Heavenly God Realm had such an attractive and dignified character. He was truly impressed by Jiang Chen. It seemed like the Battle Sect was really overbearing.

“Luo Sihai, it seems like your Battle Sect decided to intervene in this fight anyway.”

Li Xie said it.

“What my son said just now delivers what I meant. As one of the candidates of becoming the three greatest sect lords of Battle Sect, his position is equal to mine.”

Luo Sihai said. Li Xie and Di Longqing were slightly startled. They were truly curious about the exact relationship between Luo Ping and Jiang Chen that made the former stand up for the latterChen. If he was one of the candidates of becoming the three greatest sect lords of Battle Sect, fighting him would definitely make the Battle Sect fume with rage. At that moment, they would probably die in vain.

Di Longqing realized that the number-one sect of Hundred Battles was the mainstay of Qianhua Boundary. It seemed like they had come prepared for this.

“If he is just a normal person, we are willing to give face to Battle Sect for sparing his life. But this guy had taken too many innocent lives. The entire Linhe Boundary almost died in his hands. If we didn’t show up, even the ten greatest Half-step Divine Kings would probably be sacrificed as well. I think you better just fall back a step and stay out of this. If you refuse to do so, we will meet on the battlefield.”

Di Longqing was unwilling to fight Luo Sihai but he had no choice at the moment as it was impossible for him to let Jiang Chen off lightly. There is no room for them if they do so.

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