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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2480

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Di Longqing coughed out a mouthful of blood, looking at the sky with an ugly expression. Nothing was left, Meng Fanpeng’s corpse couldn’t even be found, everything was swallowed by the lightning, no survivor could be seen. 

Li Xie’s eyes were blood red. He never thought that Jiang Chen’s fusion of lightning could be very terrifying. 

However, Jiang Chen wasn’t feeling any better too. Because of the Purple Ying Heavenly Lightning, he also suffered an internal injury. He received a great backlash from the fusion, it even caused him to lose control of the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning and Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning.  

Di Longqing silently looked down. As one of the top Divine Kings within the Linhe Boundary, he was utterly disgraced by Jiang Chen. Who would’ve thought that a little True God boy could do such a heavenly defying thing? To massacre the whole Hundred Sect Alliance, even under the watchful eyes of two Divine Kings. 

No one was able to survive that onslaught of lightning. 

“This kid is too monstrous, he needs to die!” Li Xie gritted his teeth. 

They were utterly disgraced. They couldn’t save Meng Fanpeng and the others even with all their might. The Hundred Sect Alliance was completely massacred in the hands of Jiang Chen. It was a big slap to these two Divine King’s faces. 

“This fella is the Devil’s reincarnate. I never imagined that someone could massacre the whole Hundred Sect Alliance. To force Divine Kings out just to take him down.” Ding Qiudong murmured with shock written all over his face. 

Meng Fanpeng, Ligui Gaiying and several other great figures of the Linhe Boundary were killed in action, all in the hands of Jiang Chen. Not even the two Divine Kings could stop it. Such brutality, such arrogance…!

Di Longqing and Li Xie were thoroughly enraged by Jiang Chen. They were Linhe Boundary’s top experts, to think they faced such hardship against a little boy. How could they face the world after this? Not being able to save a single person from the Hundred Sect Alliance, and to be heavily injured by this kid to boot. They only had one thought at this moment… KILL JIANG CHEN. 

Jiang Chen also suffered from the Purple Ying Heavenly Lightning, almost killing him in the process. If it weren’t for the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning and Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning protecting his vital organs, he would have to say bye-bye to the world. 

“Jiang Chen.” 

Dragon Shisan held onto Jiang Chen’s shoulder, not letting him fall down. 

“I’m fine.” 

Jiang Chen forced a smile on his face. He cannot lose. Because he needed to kill everyone from the Hundred Sect Alliance, he could’ve left this place without a problem if it weren’t for those two Divine Kings. 

“I, Dragon Shisan, will accompany you even in death.” Dragon Shisan declared with a big laugh. 

Jiang Chen silently gazed at Dragon Shisan. He wanted to say sorry, however, he knew that Shisan didn’t need it. They didn’t need it. 

“Jiang Chen, you have sinned. Today, I shall cut down your head to comfort the souls of the dead.” Di Longqing said with a ringing voice. 

Jiang Chen knew that their chance was gone. 

“I’ll fight till my last breath.” Dragon Shisan rushed towards Di Longqing with his peerless staff. 

Di Longqing sneered with disdain. Even though he was heavily injured, he was still a Divine King, he punched against Shisan’s staff, causing the latter to fall back. The punch even managed to land on Shisan’s chest, causing him to fall into despair. 

“We were able to stand proud battle after battle, reaching this Divine World, yet to think we would be stopped here. I cannot accept this.”

Dragon Shisan stared at Di Longqing. If it weren’t for these Divine Kings, they could easily reach the world stage, they would not be bound by a small region such as  Linhe Boundary. 

However, fate has its own course, they couldn’t get through the trials that were presented to them and reach the world stage. 

Jiang Chen looked at the brilliant sky as a helpless smile emerged on his face. 

“Little Yu, Big Sis Ning, Qing Cheng, are you guys alright?” 

Jiang Chen’s heart was burning with passion, he was unwilling, yet who could understand him? His brother may even die with him, thanks to him.

Jiang Chen was filled with guilt, how can they run away from these two Divine Kings? 

“Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.” 

Jiang Chen summoned the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and sucked Dragon Shisan into it, and he then held it tightly. 

“Jiang Chen, what are you doing?” Dragon Shisan roared within the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda as his eyes were filled with tears. 

“I’m sorry brother, I can die, but not you. Your vengeance has yet to be fulfilled. You need to survive this.” Jiang Chen smiled slightly. 

He knew that the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda could not take on the attacks of two Divine Kings. However, it could still withstand the crack of the void. He could tear the void apart and send it away. 

The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was invincible, unbreakable. Jiang Chen knew that it was thanks to the dragon soul of the Ancestral Dragon Emperor. But the emperor had fallen into a deep slumber now, the pagoda has lost its soul, it couldn’t be invincible at this state. If the pagoda was at its peak… Jiang Chen wouldn’t have feared those two Divine Kings… But the heavens did not really favor him. 

But with the Great Void Technique, he could still send the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda away and Dragon Shisan could be saved. 

“You, bullsh*t, Jiang Chen!” Dragon Shisan’s eyes were red as he roared furiously. 

He couldn’t do anything as he was trapped within the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, he wished that he could burst through the pagoda and assist his brother. 

As brothers they should die and live together. But how could Jiang Chen watch Dragon Shisan die together with him? 

“Rest assured, monkey. Live, if you can, avenge me in the future. I want this world to change because of me, I want the whole Linhe Boundary to be bathed in blood!” 

Jiang Chen laughed as he used the Great Void Technique and threw the pagoda into the void. 

“Jiang Chen, you bastard! I, Dragon Shisan, will never forgive you!” Dragon Shisan’s eyes were bawling. At this moment, the void cracked and closed. 

Jiang Chen then turned towards Di Longqing and Li Xie. Now, a fight to the death. 

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