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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2476

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Thunder and lightning filled the skies of Phoenix Mourning Mountain. The roaring and crashing of the lightning filled the air as hundreds of Heavenly Gods were struck into nothingness. 

Thunderstorms and rain fell, lightning struck across the battlefield, a Divine King’s Heavenly Lightning Tribulation was a nightmare for all those present on the scene, nobody could withstand its might. And with the addition of the sword formation, those Late Heavenly Gods instantly perished. 

To survive from the Heavenly Lightning Tribulation, they needed to reach the Divine King Realm. 

In the end, only a few were left within the Little Ashura Sword Formation. Jiang Chen looked up towards Meng Fanpeng and the others who were defending with all their might. They were all heavily injured, even the mighty Half-Step Divine Kings were caught off-guard.

“Jiang Chen, you damned devil, you’ll die a horrible death. Argh.. my arm…” 

“I’ll curse you even if I die. Jiang Chen, curse you!!!”

There was no emotion in Jiang Chen’s eyes, neither sadness nor happiness. He was unfazed by the curse and anger of those Heavenly God experts. 

This was his moment, his vengeance, his revenge. These people wasted no effort in trying to kill him. He can also do the same to them. ‘It’s always us or ME that is the greatest and the others are nothing, just trash.’ Therefore, nobody would pity nor care if Jiang Chen were to die, yet their death was the cause of Jiang Chen’s brutality and cruelty. What is this reasoning? 

What difference does killing one and killing ten have? They were all murders, the difference was just the methods. 

Jiang Chen never thought anything was wrong, this was the world of cultivation, these people would point their spears and blade towards him even if he was benevolent. Jiang Chen might as well kill them all and be rid of all the threats that may fall onto him in the future. 

This was not cruelty nor brutality, Jiang Chen had a kind heart but it’s not for his enemies, this was a battle to the death. He would’ve already perished if it weren’t for Dragon Shisan risking his own life. 

Who should I seek for revenge? Jiang Chen chuckled. Nobody could understand him as they had viewed him as a madman. I have my own path, to be benevolent, to be cruel, I have my own plan. Who can stop or control me?! 

“Who cares about how others view me? Just? Evil? Others view me as a monster, hah, I must be delusional. Hahaha!” Jiang Chen roared. 

In the end, the ones remaining in the sword formation were getting fewer and fewer, only ash remained from those Heavenly God experts. 

Jiang Chen single handedly destroyed the Hundred Sect Alliance, an alliance that possessed 70-80% power of the whole Linhe Boundary. Almost all of them perished in a single battle. Who would’ve thought that a weak sect had managed to cultivate such a monstrous kid, who managed to challenge and defeat  the whole Linhe Boundary? Who could’ve believed that? 

The confidence of Meng Fanpeng and the others were shattered. Jiang Chen may not be on their level but he still managed to massacre countless Heavenly God experts, even the survivors were in great danger. 

This was their first time witnessing someone using a Heavenly Lightning Tribulation to kill their enemies. Because once the one undergoing the tribulation were to die, the lightning tribulation would immediately disappear. None of them had expected Jiang Chen to be able to ignore the lightning tribulation. Everyone’s view on the world had been thrown out of the window, it was not logical. 

“These fellas should all go to hell. Little Chen, you did an awesome job, such dominance, such boldness, to dare go against the whole Linhe Boundary. Hahaha. But I like it! They should all go to hell.” Dragon Shisan looked at Jiang Chen.

He hasn’t changed, he’s more calm and collected than before, able to analyse the situation and not act recklessly. 

This is how a great person should be! 

The Divine World, the leader of the myriad worlds, with millions of elite cultivators, has boundless cultivation resources that could easily give birth to countless experts. He was fated to become one of the brightest stars in the sky, but Jiang Chen was like a silent and calm soldier that was awaiting his opportunity to shine. 

“You’re right, everyone deserves to die, because they messed with the wrong guy. I have risked my life to save the elites of each sect but in the end, I got framed as a heartless murderer. Hehe, isn’t this hilarious? If it’s hard to be a good person, why not become a villain, instead. One needed a reason to save a person but one doesn’t need a single reason to kill another.”  Jiang Chen’s calm voice was filled with sarcasm.  

Dragon Shisan could feel the resentment within Jiang Chen’s heart. Who could remain calm after all of that? To be framed after saving others with the risk of dying in the process. How sad could it be, to be hunted without knowing the truth, these people truly deserved to die. 

“This fella is truly… a peerless monster. He’s trying to kill the ten Half-Step Divine King experts… The whole Linhe Boundary will surely not forgive him if he really did it. He’ll surely die if a Divine King decides to act.” Ding Qiudong sighed. 

He felt admiration towards Jiang Chen, not even he himself could have such boldness. However, the Clear Stream Sect, Ghost Eye Sect and Divine Pill Sect were not weak sects, they most likely have Divine Kings within their ranks. Once those monsters act, Jiang Chen will undoubtedly die. 

Jiang Chen was pushed to the edge, to fight for his very life. Nobody will let him go even if he were to give up fighting, he had too many things on him that had attracted the greed and attention of others. 

Those 108 Peak Divine Tools were enough to make them drool. Those blades were easily stronger than the arsenals of the Heavenly Gods here, lest to those without Divine Tools in their possession. 

“Jiang Chen must have his difficulties, I choose to believe him no matter what. Even though he had chosen to kill them, I believe that he was forced to do so, yet his sadness and helplessness could not be understood by others.” Xuan Qingming looked in Jiang Chen’s perspective, those people really deserved to die. 

Meng Fanpeng and the others fell into despair because they were under the barrage of the Heavenly Lightning. The divine energy within their body was all used to defend against the Heavenly Lightning, but the energy of the lightning was enormous, not even them, the top ten experts, could withstand the Diving King Realm’s Heavenly Lightning Tribulation. 

All of a sudden, two figures shot through the skies and arrived at the battlefield, brightly lighting up the sky with divine brilliance. 

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes, feeling his whole body in extreme pressure as if a mountain was weighing down upon his shoulder, pinning him down on the spot. 

“Little bastard, to think you’re this cruel and cunning, you deserve a painful death.” A loud ringing voice reverberated through the battlefield as if it could pierce the souls of men. 

Jiang Chen looked up and a bright ray of light shone. 

He knew that this fella must be a Divine King! 

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