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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2473

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“Everyone, the only reason that I am bound to kill this person is to protect the lives in Linhe Boundary. Everyone desperately wants him dead.”

The rest of the people nodded their heads but who would believe in this cock and bull story. It was difficult to endure the temptation of getting a terrifying Spatial Divine Tool. It was obvious that Meng Fanpeng owed Jiang Chen a grudge after showing his Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. All he wanted was nothing but the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. He did not even care about Jiang Chen’s life and how many people were sacrificed. He was just trying to be awe-inspiring and construct a righteous narrative to air his dignity.

“Just have a shot at it. It won’t be easy to get this Ancestral Dragon Pagoda as it is harder than you would have ever imagined.”

Meng Fanpeng said with a slight smile.

The pagoda was exceedingly strong. At the moment, there were nine of them who were eager to have a try, they were salivating for this Spatial Divine Tool. Once someone managed to obtain it, a fierce battle among them would be unavoidable.

“Although this pagoda is incredible, it also depends on the owner who controls it.”

Li Gui Gaiying from Ghost Eye Sect sneered and said in disdain. He hit the Ancestral Dragon out of the blue. Unexpectedly, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda cracked from that hit alone. Even the golden light on the surface became fragmented.

Not only Meng Fanpeng, even Dragon Shisan in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda draw a cold breath.

“With Jiang Chen’s breath becoming weaker and weaker, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda is also gradually weakening and blurring.”

Dragon Shisan’s eyes seemed cold and gloomy but there was nothing he could do because he could not hold Ancestral Dragon Pagoda under his control. 

This was the first time Jiang Chen’s breath became this weak and he was slowly fading away. The defence of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was also weakened. Li Gui Gaiying split the mountains and the whole Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was shaken.

“Jiang Chen, you wouldn’t just die right?”

Dragon Shisan’s gaze was sharp. He stared straight back at Jiang Chen, he looked dignified and worried.

“I don’t think this pagoda will just easily collapse like this.”

Everyone there staggered, and even Meng Fanpeng felt astonished at the collapse of the pagoda. At this moment, although Jiang Chen had defeated hundreds of Heavenly God Realm experts, what the ten strongest experts were truly concerned about was just the tiny exquisite pagoda. Even if Jiang Chen had committed all kinds of atrocities and had killed countless people, they showed greater concern with Jiang Chen’s tiny pagoda now that their own interest was piqued.

“It seems like this guy has many hidden secrets. But this pagoda is not as strong as what I thought it would be.”

Ding Qiudong said in a low murmur. Everyone was watching this battle in silence. Even an expression of admiration crossed Ding Qiudong’s face but he was clear about his position and present situation. The main purpose of his presence here was to protect the Profound Feng Sect, so it was impossible for him to be eager for Jiang Chen’s belongings.

However, these people were different. Everyone wanted to put him to death and eventually, they would definitely lay their hands on the treasured pagoda. Even Ding Qiudong suspected that Meng Fanpeng made great effort to take Jiang Chen’s life just because of his greed for Jiang Chen’s treasure.

Dragon Shisan looked fixedly at Jiang Chen. He was anxious and worried as he watched Jiang Chen’s breath becoming extremely weak. It was possible that he would die at any moment. Dragon Shisan never expected Jiang Chen would suffer severe injury and he could not believe that all these happened. Everything was like a dream, flying away like clouds.


Li Gui Gaiying struck once again. The golden Ancestral Dragon Pagoda shook and crumbled. The sky burst with golden sparks and it looked like the pagoda could possibly be split into half at any time. Jiang Chen stayed still with a blank expression. There was frustration and anger in Dragon Shisan’s eyes, his fist was clenched, he was in distress.

At this moment, Jiang Chen seemed lifeless and the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda did not take any initiative in defending the attack. Once Jiang Chen died, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda would probably shatter and collapse following his death.

Dragon Shisan could clearly see that the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was filled with cracks. Li Gui Gaiying’s strike was comparatively strong for the Pagoda and the blows launched by a Mid-Divine King were extremely strong as well.

With each punch hitting the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, more and more cracks appeared as it constantly buzzed.

Jiang Chen’s heart has stopped beating at the moment.

“Success or not is on the line this time. Show up now, Life Symbol Art!”

There was a sparkle in Dragon Shisan’s eyes. Life Symbol Art was one of the most significant techniques among all his Battle Saint Techniques. Dragon Shisan tried to exert Life Symbol Art on Jiang Chen by force. By doing this, Dragon Shisan himself was greatly harmed. But there was no other choice as this would be the only way to save Jiang Chen. Dragon Shisan decided to burn his bridges behind him even if it could possibly eradicate one hundred years of his lifespan.

Dragon Shisan was exerting the Battle Saint Techniques constantly, pressed tightly between Jiang Chen’s eyebrows.  

Jiang Chen’s life was unexpectedly preserved. The Life Symbol Art was revolving madly at the moment and Jiang Chen got his strength back slowly.

Dragon Shisan’s Life Symbol Art raised Jiang Chen from death. The energy in Jiang Chen’s body was recovering rapidly. The Life Symbol Art created a dramatic turnaround and Jiang Chen’s strength was gradually restored. Dragon Shisan looked up at Jiang Chen, a faint smile flickered across his lips.

“Jiang Chen, it seems like you are immortal and unkillable.”

Dragon Shisan could feel that Jiang Chen’s breath was restored.The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda began to slowly restore as well. The cracks previously formed were reduced and eventually disappeared. The Pagoda which was previously torn apart, was repaired with visible speed. Even under the bombardment of Li Gui Gaiying, it was still able to transform from a trash into a treasure again which made Meng Fanpeng and Li Gui Gaiying feel astounded.

It was a real Spatial Divine Tool. It was able to restore by itself, its self-repairing capability was extraordinarily strong and unprecedented. The strength in Jiang Chen’s body was continuously recovered and all the creatures’ spirits began to converge into his body. At the moment, no one knew how much strength had been absorbed by Jiang Chen. The entire Phoenix Mourning Mountain was changing. The woods and leaves withered, birds and beasts escaped, waterfalls dried up and earth cracking. The only reason that these happened was because Jiang Chen tried to restore his power by absorbing the energy around him.

Meng Fanpeng felt terrified and shocked with its self restoration ability. Even if it was any divine tool, it would have been damaged after Li Gui Gaiying’s strikes. But the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda which nearly collapsed before could heal itself at such an unbelievable speed, which was really amazing. At this moment, it was fully restored with bright glittering golden light.

The strength in Jiang Chen’s body was growing strong and his heart started beating again. The Life Symbol Art preserved his life at his last gasp.

There was a huge and rapid change of Jiang Chen’s strength and he was completely transformed in this battle. Not only his strength, even his fighting force was increased constantly. He was now reborn after undergoing a trial of death!

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