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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2470

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Dragon Shisan’s peerless divine staff and the Battle Saint Technique’s might was fully unleashed. The staff’s attack became much more lethal under the buff of the Battle Saint Technique. The Great Heaven and Earth Cauldron was shattered by Shisan including the Heavenly Flame and tornado that were inside. 

Dragon Shisan roared as the Battle Saint Technique seal burst towards the sky. Jiang Chengzi flew backwards and coughed out blood after his Great Heaven and Earth Cauldron broke. Nobody expected Shisan to be this powerful, even defeating Jiang Chengzi. 

“I cannot accept this!” Jiang Chengzi gritted his teeth. 

He then pierced with his mighty trident. Dragon Shisan’s Battle Saint Technique looked very unstoppable after he managed to break the Great Heaven and Earth Cauldron, and he also shattered the trident with his staff soon after.  

“My Heaven Divine Tool!” Jiang Chengzi’s eyes were filled with pain.  

He did not expect that his divine tool could be shattered by Dragon Shisan, that average-looking staff was absurdly sturdy. 

Jiang Chengzi’s anger was unquenchable. But as he looked up he saw Dragon Shisan’s staff coming straight towards his face; the pressure coming from the staff caused him to gasp for air. 

Dragon Shisan’s battle strength, with the help of the battle strength, with the help of the Battle Saint Ape, was truly terrifying. Not even Jiang Chen could measure up against him. 

Jiang Chengzi blocked the divine staff with his bare hands, making his whole body submerged into the ground. Both of his arms were shattered as a result and as a result and he coughed a pint of blood from the damage; his breathing became shallow as he was lethally injured. 

Who would’ve thought that the might of Shisan’s staff could be this overbearing… Not even Meng Fanpeng could help Jiang Chengzi even if he wanted to.  

“Such a powerful fella!” 

“Isn’t this  Battle Saint Ape too scary? A Peak Early Heavenly God beating Jiang Chengzi down down, one-sidedly to boot. Hmph, this is truly disappointing.”

“I have to say… this Jiang Chengzi has utterly disgraced the Divine Pill Sect.”

“It all depends on Liu Yang now.”

Many people were disappointed with Jiang Chengzi. But nobody knew how terrifying the Battle Saint Ape was except for Chengzi. 

Jiang Chengzi quickly retreated as he was heavily injured. But Shisan wasn’t planning on letting him go and struck him with his devastating staff. At this moment, Meng Fanpeng couldn’t stay idle anymore as Jiang Chengzi  was special. The Divine Pill Sect will not let this go if he died, not even the Lord of the Alliance would be exempted from their wrath. 

Meng Fanpeng acted and blocked Dragon Shisan. Jiang Chengzi was saved. 

“Go! Catch that Battle Saint Ape for me.” Meng Fanpeng waved his arm and the 20 Peak Heavenly Gods acted. 

They were the few active forces left, the remaining ones now were only the 10 Half-Step Divine Kings. 

“A bunch of insects. Today I, Dragon Shisan, shall go on a killing spree!” Dragon Shisan roared.

Like Jiang Chen, he also fought 20 Peak Heavenly Gods, swinging his peerless staff without fear, like a courageous battle god. 

The terror of the Battle Saint Ape, it’s mighty staff, it was awesome… Not even the 20 Peak Heavenly Gods could gain an advantage over him. 

Jiang Chen watched Liu Yang and the others with cold eyes. The 20 Peak Heavenly Gods used everything they had, making Jiang Chen fight with caution. The Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique was taking a toll on him, he would be sucked dry if he couldn’t end this battle fast. 

“Attack with everything you got! Let’s see how he can last!” Liu Yang coldly snorted. 

He then rushed forward again, forcing Jiang Chen to retreat again, not giving the latter a breather. Both sides were planning to end this battle fast. 

Twenty terrifying Qis burst through the sky, sky, causing the colours of the cloud to change. Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan fell into a deadlock. No matter how powerful they were, they wouldn’t be able to fight all of those experts alone. Moreover, Meng Fanpeng was standing at the side, quietly observing. He’s the most dangerous foe, a peerless Half-Step Divine King expert. They will surely lose if he joins in the fight. 

Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan withstood the onslaught of the 40 Peak Heavenly Gods, not giving up and backing down. 

“Battle Saint Ape, if you’re willing to come under me and become my ride, perhaps, I can let you go. Since there’s no need for you to die. Jiang Chen, on the other hand, had become the enemy of the whole Linhe Boundary, he must die. Why do you need to follow him?” Meng Fanpeng said indifferently, wanting Dragon Shisan to surrender. 

Dragon Shisan sneered, disregarding him. 

“You? Hahaha. Aren’t you a haughty one. Half-Step Divine King, so what? I’ve never been afraid of anyone. Come and fight me!” Dragon Shisan laughed loudly, making Meng Fanpeng extremely angry. 

“Impertinent fool, there won’t be anything left if you die. I’ve given you a chance, it’s a pity that you chose to ignore it.” 

Meng Fanpeng’s eyes became cold. These 40 Peak Heavenly Gods were all top experts from various great sects, some were even the Great Elder of their own sect. They gathered here just to kill Jiang Chen and the hopes of many were placed on their shoulders. 

“Trying to make me submit? Keep dreaming. Little Chen, watch me, I’ll show them this one’s Devastating Thirteen Staff Strikes that I had created when I was knocking on death’s door.” Dragon Shisan smiled proudly as he exerted the prestige of the Battle Saint Ape and the might of his peerless divine staff. 

Who can stop him? The Devastating Thirteen Staff Strike was a peerless staff art with the principle of injuring the enemy along with oneself. 

Dragon Shisan laughed proudly as shadows and the images of the staff multiplied. The 20 Peak Heavenly Gods dare not to take it head-on as the Devastating Thirteen Staff Strike was fought using one’s life as leverage. 

Each and every strike from the Devastating Thirteen Staff Strike was extremely domineering. Each of those strikes was kamikaze-like. Nobody dared to face that lunatic head-on. 

Dragon Shisan fought stronger and braver as the battle went on. This even shocked Jiang Chen. That Devastating Thirteen Staff Strike made him tremble. 

“Peerless aura, unhindered under the heavens, who can stop me?!” Dragon Shisan roared. 

His technique was invincible as it continuously struck down 13 Peak Heavenly Gods, all of them were smacked faraway and suffered fatal injuries! 

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