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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2468

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Confidence flowed through him, there’s no need to turn back! 

The promise to live and die together!  

A feeling called to live without any regrets! 

These youngsters were courageous, who fought battles side-by-side. That enthusiasm, to show the world their might, to reign supreme under this heaven! 

When Jiang Chen heard that loud roar from afar, he knew that staff-wielding fearless fella had come. I’ve made such a big commotion that shook up the whole Linhe Boundary, the other regions from neighboring places would surely catch wind about this and he’ll certainly come after hearing this news. 

His terrifying swing brought forth a dark mist above the sky. As his staff swung down, the clouds dispersed and the identity of the man was shown. It was none other than Dragon Shisan!

Jiang Chen’s heart was moved. He has changed, not as reckless and irritable as before, yet still possessing that as overbearing aura; still courageous yet not reckless. The savageness between his eyes had become an overbearing battle-readiness, sharp yet composed, as steady as a mountain. 

Dragon Shisan’s battle intent was sky-high as he stood beside Jiang Chen. They stared and smirked at the 500 Heavenly Gods that had temporarily retreated from the battlefield, these 20 Peak Heavenly Gods were no weak foes. 

Although Dragon Shisan decided to come, he had not thought about what comes next because the brotherhood of theirs need not much explanation. 

Dragon Shisan didn’t need to know too much, as long as Jiang Chen is alive, all is well. 

“Still hanging on?” Dragon Shisan smiled towards Jiang Chen. 

“I almost couldn’t hold on anymore.” Jiang Chen shook his head and then laughed as they looked at each other. 

“Still holding on, that means… fight on.” 

Dragon Shisan waved his peerless divine staff with anger. The smile he had instantly changed into a fierce battle-ready expression. He wants them to pay back Jiang Chen’s injury with interest! 

“Another one came to die? Then, both of you shall die together.” Jiang Chengzi rushed forward with his trident, and faced Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan with confidence. 

They originally thought a powerful expert had come to assist Jiang Chen but it was just a Peak Early Heavenly God, they’re as good as dead now! 

“Leave him to me.” Dragon Shisan pointed at Jiang Chengzi. 

“Leave the remaining 20 to me.” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 

The collective power of these 20 Peak Heavenly Gods were obviously stronger than Jiang Chengzi but Jiang Chengzi was no simple foe as he was an elder of a great sect. 

“You? Hahaha, this is funny. Let me see what you have. No wonder you’re friends with that fella. You guys are one alike, extremely arrogant. But it all leads to death.” Jiang Chengzi said disdainfully towards Dragon Shisan. 

Nevertheless, Dragon Shisan was calm as he faced Jiang Chengzi, a Peak Heavenly God. 

“Ignorant.” Dragon Shisan said coldly as he instantly closed in onto Jiang Chengzi.

Dragon Shisan wasn’t afraid even if he was only a Peak Early Heavenly God. 

Jiang Chen laughed coldly. Now that Dragon Shisan’s here, he got motivated and gained back some strength with the help of the wood spirit and his trusted pills. He was fearless in the face of twenty Peak Heavenly Gods. These guys were akin to 3 Half-Step Heavenly Gods. 

“Prepare to die, Jiang Chen, you should be proud to die in our hands.” 

“Haha, just a dying man, how could he do anything? He’s just waiting to be killed.” 

“Surrender now before it’s too late and we will give you a quick death. Jiang Chen, you’re one heck of a guy, even though you’re still growing, you’re already able to cause countless people to be fearful of you. As a form of respect towards you, you wouldn’t want us to tear your corpse into pieces, right?” 

Jiang Chen felt heavily pressured from the onslaught of the twenty experts. However, he will not bow down even if he dies. 

“Come at me if you have what it takes! Those who do not fear death, come! Those who can take my head will surely rise up towards the highest peak!” Jiang Chen smiled calmly as he fearlessly faced the enemies, it’s been a long time fighting side-by-side with his brother. 

Jiang Chen never thought that his brother, Dragon Shisan, would come at the very last second. He didn’t know how Dragon Shisan knew about his situation, but this brother of his came rushing to him as fast as he could, it could be clearly seen from his weary eyes. 

“We won’t lose!” Jiang Chen suddenly opened his eyes with anger. 

He instantly unleashed the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique as he’s back to his peak form, reaching the Late Heavenly God Realm!

The Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique boosted Jiang Chen’s strength and also boosted his Dragon Transformation form, making it much more perfect. In his draconic form, he felt a shred of genuine dragon qi rising within his body. He knew that as long as the dragon qi stays inside him, he will once again reach a new realm. 

The Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique made his battle strength rise, making his body stronger than your average Peak Heavenly God demonic beast. His physical body couldn’t be harmed by any half-assed attacks. 

The  Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique had caused the merging of the Heavenly Dragon Sword into his body to be amplified, causing it to become much stronger.   

No wonder the Tao Tie was dead set on getting the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique. Now, Jiang Chen truly understood the greatness of this technique. 

“Boy, let’s see what you have left, die! Stubborn fool!” Overlord Sect’s Liu Yang swiftly attacked. 

Dragon Shisan versus Jiang Chengzi, these peak Heavenly Gods calmly faced their enemies under the leadership of Jiang Chengzi. There might wasn’t something to scoff at. 

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