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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2462

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He may not win against Ding Qiudong if it’s a one-on-one battle since the latter was a senior, but he might not lose when there were nine others behind him, and all of them were Half-Step Divine Kings too. The top twenty sects had at least one Half-Step Divine Kings within the sect to solidify their position. Even though the Heavenly Star Sect weren’t weak, they do not have the balls to offend others yet. 

“Many thanks, Senior Ding. Qingming is useless, to bring forth such catastrophe to the sect.” Xuan Qingming sighed as he felt gratitude towards Ding Qiudong.

“It’s not your fault, Profound Feng Sect will be fine as long as Jiang Chen’s here.” Ding Qiudong said.

“If I can’t even protect my own disciple, how can Qingming be happy? Hehe.” Xuan Qingming said bitterly.  

The Profound Feng Sect could not even fight back in the face of powerful sects like the Clear Stream Sect, Ghost Eye Sect and the Divine Pill Sect. 

Xuan Qingming’s heart was filled with sadness, yet it was burning with passion. Jiang Chen was able to stand proud and exert his might in the Linhe Boundary. He’s truly a young and talented individual, it brought honour to Profound Feng Sec. Even if he said that he had quit the sect, the sect’s door will always be opened for him. Plus, he quit the sect for the sake of protecting the sect too. 

“It’s the tenth day, looks like this Jiang Chen is planning to become a coward. Haha.” Jiang Chengzi said with a great laugh. 

“Looks like the Profound Feng Sect won’t be able to avoid this catastrophe.” Li Tianhuo said indifferently. 

Meng Fanpeng’s expression was getting cold and he slightly frowned. Jiang Chen… could he really be a coward? 

“Jiang Chen, don’t come. Wait till you’ve grown powerful, avenge my Profound Feng Sect, it won’t be too late until then.” Xuan Qingming looked at the sky and murmured. 

“Jiang Chen is here!” A shattering roar reverberated through the Feng Ming Mountain. A figure burst out from the clouds and stood in the air with vigour. 

Jiang Chen stared down with his sharp eyes with might. 

Meng Fanpeng and the others smiled as they were feeling confident. 

“You’ve finally come, Jiang Chen. I thought you’re going to be a coward, hiding like a turtle. Looks like you have good morality.” Jiang Chengzi said with a smile. 

Jiang Chen’s appearance made everyone excited. Today, this demon king shall not get away from their grasp. 

“Jiang Chen, haih.” Xuan Qingming sighed. 

He came in the end… this time the Hundred Sect Alliance is stronger than ever, with ten Half-Step Divine Kings with them. They’ve cast a net around the Profound Feng Sect, just to catch him. 

“Today, you won’t be able to run away even if you have nine lives. Jiang Chen, you’re smart and arrogant yet you still came back.” Li Tianhuo said with disdain. 

“Really? I never planned to leave this place alive the moment I arrive, I’ll kill as many as I can, it’s my gain if I manage to kill one, two, or more, the better. Haha.” Jiang Chen said with a pale smile. He came despite knowing the risk.  

Jiang Chen knew that there’s no choice because Yue Er and Ling Yun were still in the Profound Feng Sect. Plus, there were the other disciples within the sect too. Xuan Qingming could have done nothing too. But Jiang Chen was still a man, a man with responsibility, a man who takes his responsibility seriously. 

He’s the one who created all those troubles, even though he wasn’t in the wrong. But he had to take on all those sins, he will not run away from his fate. 

Jiang Chen was not one to have the unrelated audiences be pulled into his matters. 

“Sect Lord, is everything okay?” Jiang Chen said, his voice travelling a hundred li. 

“Everything is fine.” Xuan Qingming said.

How could he not understand what Jiang Chen was trying to say? The latter was asking about his wife and daughter. Yue Er had followed Ling Yun and left the Profound Feng Sect. No matter where they were, they would not be pulled into this catastrophe.  Now, Jiang Chen could fight to his heart’s content without anything holding him back. 

But Xuan Qingming was feeling worried too. Even though Jiang Chen’s strength has improved he was able to kill off Heavenly Gods, he’s still but a Half-Step Heavenly God. Facing a Half-Step Divine King would be reckless. No matter how monstrous or heaven-defying he was, could he escape this net? 

“Pretty ballsy, but it’s a pity that he’s going to die in this battle. Why is such talent not from my Heavenly Star Sect?” Ding Qiudong murmured with slight pity. 

But he will not act as his purpose was to protect the Profound Feng Sect. Now that the sect was finally safe, he could not help Jiang Chen. That would mean war against the Hundred Sect Alliance, where he would face the whole Linhe Boundary. He knew that Jiang Chen must die but he felt that it would be a loss for such talent to die. 

“All is well. Hahaha. Then I can fight without restraint.” Jiang Chen laughed. 

Since Xuan Qingming said everything is well, that means that Yue Er and Ling Yun are safe. They have probably left the sect. As Ling Yun said she’ll leave the sect before but will wait for my return. Now that I’ve delayed my return, I don’t know whether she’s still here. 

“Jiang Chen, you’re going to die soon, yet you have the leisure to be this calm. I am genuinely curious, how can you even laugh at such times.” Jiang Chengzi shouted. 

“Do I even have to ask for your approval to laugh? The people sneer at me, thinking I’m crazy, I laugh at them being unable to understand me. Hahaha. I, Jiang Chen, will fight until the end in today’s battle. Who’s going to fall in the end, we do not know that.” Jiang Chen said fearlessly as he faced 500 Heavenly Gods alone. 

Jiang Chen knew that these fellas were prepared to commit atrocities if he did not appear. For the sake of ‘justice’.  He wouldn’t stay idle and watch Profound Feng Sect fall into such a difficult predicament. 

“Jiang Chen, even an old fella like me admires you a little. You’re firm with your belief even though you’re facing the inevitable. This is not something that could be done even in our generation. To die proud. Hahaha.” Ding Qiudong shook his head and laughed. Jiang Chen, this lad’s character was truly commendable. 

“500 Heavenly Gods will help you meet your maker. Jiang Chen, prepare to die!” Meng Fanpeng pointed at the sky and the five hundred experts released their aura! 

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