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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2461

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“Yue Er, I pray that both of you are okay. Otherwise, I will make sure to vanish all of the Hundred Sect Alliance from the trace of the Divine Realm.”  Jiang Chen’s cold eyes stared towards the northern sky as he murmured.

He moved towards the Profound Feng Sect with his fastest speed. He. He couldn’t let the sect face the danger alone. Otherwise, Xuan Qingming and the thousands of disciples will just become his scapegoat. 

“Let the slaughter be much more violent.” Jiang Chen’s fiery eyes lit up. 

For the next ten days, he slaughtered men without restraint. He killed the people of the Hundred Sect Alliance whenever he bumps into them along the way, not leaving a single one of them alive, killing hundreds of them in the process, it was madness. Amongst them, more than half were Heavenly God experts. It may not be anything for the bigger sects but for the mid and lower sects, it was a great loss to lose a Heavenly God. 

Killing off everyone with his blade pointing towards the north!

“This Jiang Chen is a super demon, murdering people without batting an eyelid.” 

“Yeah. The people of the Hundred Sect Alliance will be finished if this goes on.”

“Stop talking crap if you don’t know anything. The Hundred Sect Alliance is currently strong and powerful. All of them are now stationed in the Profound Feng Sect waiting for Jiang Chen. And when he appears they will put him down.”

“You’re right. But for the Hundred Sect Alliance, those mid-tier sects really suffered tremendously. Each of those sects suffered at least several to a dozen Heavenly Gods, they’ll at least need 500 years to recover this loss.”

Jiang Chen heard a bunch of rumours along his journey towards the north and he got used to it. 

The ten days of madness of his made the people of the Hundred Sect Alliance’s fire of anger burn stronger. Jiang Chen too was waiting, he was betting that the Hundred Sect Alliance wouldn’t dare to act. Since the Profound Feng Sect had the Earthly Hades Sect and Heavenly Star Sect above them. If the Profound Feng Sect has truly fallen, the other two sects will surely not let this go. 

The Hundred Sect Alliance was much stronger than those two sects, but without the ‘just’ cause of the Hundred Sect Alliance, they will not simply just demolish a sect with their ‘justice’. Hence, Jiang Chen guessed that Profound Feng Sect wasn’t in great danger, albeit temporarily. 

The Hundred Sect Alliance’s loss reached a new height in those ten days. Those that were outside Profound Feng Sect were getting killed off here and there, how could they feel good about it? This treacherous Jiang Chen had offended the whole Linhe Boundary, he has become the most monstrous being that must be killed off to quench the anger of the whole Linhe Boundary.

“Meng Fanpeng, are you going to destroy the peace between the sects of the Linhe Boundary?!” A cold shout reverberated across Fengming Mountain. 

500 figures instantly cut across the sky. The atmosphere of the whole Fengming Mountain became pressured. 

“Who are  you? Ah, it’s the Heavenly Star Sect’s Brother Ding, how are you? We haven’t seen each other for a thousand years. Hehehe. ” Meng Fanpeng said indifferently as he stood at the top.  

The one who came was the Heavenly Star Sect’s Ding Qiudong. One of the giants of the Linhe Boundary in the past, he’s one of the reasons why Heavenly Star Sect became so powerful. 

“You should know why I’m here.” Ding Qiudong said indifferently as he fearlessly stared at Meng Fanpeng.

“Ding Qiudong, even that old monster is here. Looks like the Heavenly Star Sect is going to help Profound Feng Sect until the end.” 

“Ding Qiudong reached the Half-Step Divine King realm several hundred years ago. His current strength is a mystery. Even Meng Fanpeng must give him some respect.”

“We’ll have to see whether Elder Meng is firm on his decision, or not.” 

Ding Qiudong’s appearance shocked them, making them look up in anticipation. 

“Perhaps Brother Ting will have to be disappointed because this is our last resort. Do you know what kind of atrocities Jiang Chen had done? Do you know how many men of the Hundred Sect Alliance had he slaughtered? That bastard killed more than a hundred Heavenly Gods and thousands of prodigies at the Hidden Secret Realm and at the entrance. All of them, alone! Have you seen it? Jiang Chen was a disciple of the Profound Feng Sect, hence, we chose to use this underhanded method, to force him out. Otherwise, more innocent men will die. He must be killed! We will fight towards the end even if we’re going to lose more men in the process.” 

Meng Fanpeng did not disappoint the men of the Hundred Sect Alliance as he looked at Ding Qiudong firmly. 

“So, you’re going to implicate the Profound Feng Sect?” Ding Qiudong said. 

“It’s not that I have a problem with the Profound Feng Sect, it’s Jiang Chen who has a problem with the Hundred Sect Alliance. He killed so many of us, doesn’t he deserve to die?”

“He should be damned, then why don’t you go and catch him yourself. Why are you trying to cause trouble for the Profound Feng Sect, those who had just entered the realms of cultivation? You will definitely be punished by the heavens! Plus, he’s not a disciple of the sect anymore, yet you guys are still threatening him with the Profound Feng Sect. Are you trying to destroy the sect??” Ding Qiudong stared at Meng Fanpeng.

“I only know that if Jiang Chen’s not killed, there shall be more casualties and we’ll be punished by the heavens. Brother Ding, if you’re here to talk about good ole times, I’ll gladly chat with you. But if you’re here to ask me to leave Profound Feng Sect, I’m sorry, I cannot do that. Even if I could, the nine others behind me will not be that respectful towards you.”

The Half-Step Divine Kings released their qi at the same moment. Ding Qiudong’s expression immediately froze. This Meng Fanpeng is going to go towards the end, including him, there are exactly ten Half-Step Divine Kings!

“I, Meng Fanpeng, will not kill any innocent men. I will not touch a single hair of the Profound Feng Sect if Jiang Chen appears. If he doesn’t I will massacre the men of the Profound Feng Sect. Go the whole hog!” 

“Go the whole hog!”

“Go the whole hog!” 

Thunderous roar could be heard coming from the 500 Heavenly Gods, it was ear-splitting. Ding Qiudong felt pressured. Looks like today’s battle could not be avoided. Even though Jiang Chen was not part of the Profound Feng Sect anymore, these fellas were not planning to let them go. They were planning to push them towards the very edge and flush Jiang Chen out. 

500 Heavenly Gods… it was terrifying. Such presence was on-par with the 10 Half-Step Divine Kings. Those ear-splitting roars caused the Feng Ming Mountain to quake. The 100,000 disciples of Profound Feng Sect trembled in fear, some of them even passed out from the shock. 

“I hope you’ll remember what you said if Jiang Chen came. But if he doesn’t I, Ding Qiudong, will play your game until the end.” Ding Qiudong said.

Meng Fanpeng smiled without a worry. At least he’s not afraid of Ding Qiudong! 

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