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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2460

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Jiang Chen has cemented the title of number one demon king of Linhe Boundary as he killed countless men from the Hundred Sect Alliance on his journey. However, he had never provoked any Peak Heavenly Gods. It’s not that he could not win against them but he did not want to waste any more time just to face them. However, any experts from the Hundred Sect Alliance who came to seek trouble were all eliminated without a doubt. 

The whole Linhe Boundary was flooded with rumours of Jiang Chen. Now, his name was equivalent to the demon lord in the Linhe Boundary, everyone wanted him dead, and be rid of this malignant tumour. 

But who had thought how much injustice Jiang Chen had suffered?Only death awaited Jiang Chen if he chose to stay silent. Hence, he chose to fight back and become the public enemy of Linhe Boundary.

Heavenly Moon City, a mid-tier city that was located 900,000 li away from Profound Feng Sect, at least a few days worth of journey left. 

“Jiang Chen is getting cockier by the day. His kill count of various sect’s elders and disciples could not be counted anymore, it was almost on the same number as the battle of the Twisted Jungle. Our Hundred Sect Alliance has lost countless sect lords, elders and disciples in this half a year, with no result to boot! This is truly disappointing!” Meng Fanpeng gripped the teacup in his hand with a gloomy expression. 

However, there’s nothing they could do as Jiang Chen was in the shadows and they’re in the light. In a fair and square fight, Jiang Chen would definitely not be their match. He knew about that too, to face the whole Linhe Boundary would be suicide. 

“You’re right. Our Hundred Sect Alliance’s name would be utterly tarnished by Jiang Chen if this goes on. Who would take our Linhe Boundary’s sect seriously if this goes on?” Jiang Chengzi shouted in anger. 

The three great sects suffered the most, their true core disciples were all killed. All by the hands of Jiang Chen, only Xuanyuan Canglan was left alive, currently in seclusion back in Clear Stream Sect. 

From the view of outsiders, this was a decision made by the Clear Stream Sect to protect their last prodigy. Meanwhile, Jiang Chen was getting famous. There wasn’t anyone in the Linhe Boundary’s history that was able to cause such a ruckus. To offend everyone within the Linhe Boundary and get away with it.

“I have an idea. Profound Feng Sect was where Jiang Chen resided in the past. According to the place where Jiang Chen was spotted, he’s most likely going back there. There’s probably something important for him in the sect. We’ll just need to deal with Profound Feng Sect and force him to reveal himself. Otherwise, he’ll just be a coward and attack us from the shadows.” Li Tianhuo sneered. 

“No. Profound Feng Sect is our Heavenly Star Sects ally. Li Tianhuo, are you trying to provoke a sect war? Even though Profound Feng Sect is weak, the four sects are allied with one another. Do you think the Heavenly Star Sect or the Earthly Hades Sect will just sit back and do nothing? Profound Feng Sect may have something to do in this matter but it’s not completely their fault. How would the others see our Hundred Sect Alliance?” An expert said with a gloomy expression. 

“Is there a place for you to speak? Plus, Jiang Chen is from Profound Feng Sect. Doesn’t this prove that he has something to do with the sect? The fault is from the father if the child strays from the proper path. Do you think that Profound Feng Sect could get away from this?” 

The expert was speechless from Li Tianhuo’s words. 

“Elder Li is right. If we do not do anything now, we’ll lose more people in the process. It’s a loss for the whole Linhe Boundary. Over 400 men have already died in the course of these six months, all of them are Heavenly God experts. The proof is that Jiang Chen had killed those disciples within the Hidden Secret Realm. The fault lies in the teacher, Profound Feng Sect cannot escape this. I agree with Elder Li’s suggestion.” Jiang Chengzi said, his words were justified, at least nobody could give him an excuse to oppose his words.  

“We, the Hundred Sect Alliance, must kill Jiang Chen to get what is due for the Linhe Boundary. Jiang Chen had committed a great sin and must be sentenced to death. He came from Profound Feng Sect but to think he’s such a vile person. By right, we shouldn’t put the blame on Profound Feng Sect, but in trying times like this comes with extreme measures. Many people may die if we do not do this. For the sake of the whole Linhe Boundary, this time we must do it.” Meng Fanpeng added with a gloomy expression. 

“Agreed. Elder Meng is right. Any objections? If Jiang Chen thinks that something bad happened to Profound Feng Sect, he’ll certainly appear. If he’s a cowardly fool then we may exactly harm the Profound Feng Sect, isn’t this method great?” Jiang Chengzi smiled calmly. 

He had the same idea but since Li Tianhuo suggested it, it was absolutely great. Jiang Chen’s hands were already drenched with blood. The Hundred Sect Alliance will spare no effort to kill him, whatever means necessary. 

“Onwards to the Profound Feng Sect, I will let Jiang Chen understand who’s the master of the Linhe Boundary!” Meng Fanpeng stood up as he gazed towards the north. 

This time, they will make sure that Jiang Chen dies! 

Feng Ming Mountain!

Xuan Qingming who was quietly meditating suddenly opened his sharp eyes and he looked at the sky. Powerful figures blasted through the clouds. Meng Fanpeng, Li Tianhuo, Jiang Chengzi, the three leaders led five hundred Heavenly God experts towards this place. Even Xuan Qingming felt pressured, his expression became gloomy. What should come, has finally come. 

“Guys, look, so many experts! I can’t even breathe properly now.” 

“Yeah. So many experts, what do they want?” 

“Senior Jiang Chen killed so many people and they’re probably here to look for him.” 

“So many experts, truly a terrifying sight.” 

Countless disciples had pale expressions and they were gasping for air as they were surrounded and pressured by 500 Heavenly God experts. 

Currently, Xuan Qingming knew what it meant to be isolated. It would only take them less than half an hour to flatten and decimate the whole Profound Feng Sect. 

Three days later, Jiang Chen received a piece of news that would make him go mad after killing his twelfth Heavenly God expert from the Hundred Sect Alliance. 

Profound Feng Sect has fallen. The people of the Hundred Sect Alliance was currently occupying the Profound Feng Sect, they even gave an announcement that if Jiang Chen did not appear in Profound Feng Sect within ten days, the Hundred Sect Alliance will massacre the whole sect! 

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