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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2459

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“Jiang Chen, you’re too vicious! You’ve killed four elders of my Tiger Leap School! Today, only one of us shall leave this place!” Wang Bodan said. 

The four Elders of his school died under the hands of Jiang Chen. As one of the representatives of the Tiger Leap School within the Hundred Sect Alliance, he had a duty to fulfil the alliance’s mission. Plus, the anger he had towards Jiang Chen was now raging. Jiang Chen had killed four of his comrades in front of him, thoroughly humiliating him.

“Old fool, you’re the only one left. Are you ready to join them? You guys have been friends for hundreds of years, are you that thick-skinned to leave them?” Jiang Chen sneered as he looked at Wang Bodan coldly. 

“Imaginative fool. The four of them are but Early Heavenly Gods. Do you really think you can beat me? I am two realms higher than them, what makes you think that you could beat me? Even if you’re extremely talented, what gives you the qualification to fight against me? Arrogant. I shall show you what it means to be a true expert.” Wang Bodan said proudly. 

Even though he has seen Jiang Chen’s capabilities, he still did not put Jiang Chen in his eyes. He still viewed Jiang Chen as an arrogant, obnoxious fella. 

“Enough chatter. Come, you’ll die in an upbeat fashion.” Jiang Chen sneered. 

“You’re already dead.” Wang Bodan jumped and launched a terrifying palm strike, and he then closed the distance using wind-element footwork. 

Jiang Chen’s expression slightly changed. One should know that his physical prowess was stronger than those of the same realm. And with the addition of the Dragon Transformation Art, not even a Late Heavenly God could defeat him in the contest of physical prowess. Whereby Wang Bodan chose to fight in close-quarters, wanting to teach him a good lesson. 

Both of them instantly clashed, fist-against-fist, mano y mano, rock-shattering, mountain-crumbling fists pounded on each other’s bodies. Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid as he had the Profound Heavenly Armour, he could stand there without moving and Wang Bodan wouldn’t even be able to scratch him.  

“F*ck off!” 

Jiang Chen’s fist and kicks were lethal as the explosive force could be felt coming for his strikes. Wang Bodan did not have a chance to take a breather. As they clashed, he concentrated his mind as he faced his enemy. He finally felt pressured, those punches and kicks were like explosive rain that fell upon his body, one that was hard to evade. However, none of them could overpower the other at this moment. 

Jiang Chen’s physical body alone possesses the might of a Mid Heavenly God. Even though he’s just a Half-Step Heavenly God, the purple-gold divine spark within his body was getting solid, and non-ethereal. 

“Looks like I’ve really underestimated you.” 

Wang Bodan’s expression became gloomy after his clash against Jiang Chen. He could not instantly kill Jiang Chen as the latter was swift and slippery. Plus he possessed an explosive strength. It doesn’t look like he’s just a Half-Step Heavenly God, Jiang Chen’s terrifying strength was totally on par against himself.

“Dragon Soar Tiger Leap!” 

Wang Bodan’s footwork was like lightning. He soared through the sky and kicked nine times; it was a sharp attack, forcing Jiang Chen to evade with caution. 

Jiang Chen was slightly startled but was unfazed. He then launched the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal, causing Wang Bodan’s expression to instantly change. Wang Bodan then quickly retreated, and saw that a dragon had struck on his previous location. And even with his quick reaction, he was shocked to find out that Jiang Chen managed to injure him. At this moment, he dared not to look down on his opponent anymore. 

“Your abilities… average.” Jiang Chen shook his head and attacked again. 

This time, he didn’t want to give Wang Bodan any chance. 

“True Dragon Palm!”

Jiang Chen raised his arm and a figure of a dragon shot down from the sky, Wang Bodan was instantly trapped by the True Dragon Palm. 

“Dragon Tiger Leap, Broken Blade of the Ends of the Earth!” 

Wang Bodan’s Dragon Tiger Leap was nothing to scoff at, but Jiang Chen wasn’t backing off, and instead faced his attack head-on. 

“Let’s see whether you could break through my Profound Heavenly Armour.” Jiang Chen sneered. 

Wang Bodan was wrapped within the True Dragon Palm and it hit his body; his Dragon Tiger Leap, meanwhile, made contact with Jiang Chen’s body but was blocked by the Profound Heavenly Armour. 

As the dust settled, Jiang Chen stood there like a mountain, the Profound Heavenly Armour’s defence did not disappoint him. As for Wang Bodan, he was heavily injured, his internal organs were all bleeding, shattered by the True Dragon Palm, he may as well be dead by now. 

*Cough! Cough! Cough!*

Wang Bodan coughed three mouthfuls of blood, his expression pale white, palms shivering, his breathing unstable, he was on his last breath. 

“Such terrifying defence, I lost, in the end… I… lost…” Wang Bodan murmured. 

At this moment, he knew why the Hundred Sect Alliance was made for the sake of killing this fella, an arrogant yet powerful fella. A Half-Step Heavenly God that could kill a Mid Heavenly God expert like him. 

Jiang Chen’s fame of being a demonic god was truly well deserved!

“Bastard, you should die smiling. Because your Tiger Leap School shall vanish from the face of the world, there’s no safe haven for you from the Hundred Sect Alliance.” 

Jiang Chen punched once again, rocks and mountain crumbled and Wang Bodan was forever buried under the mountain.

Jiang Chen’s eyes were cold. His path of vengeance has just started. 

In six months, Jiang Chen had swept through 23 large sects, all of them were famous sects within the Linhe Boundary. Those sects were also aiming towards Profound Feng Sect. Without the Teleportation Formation, he could only travel by air. After all, ever since the battle of the twisted jungle, he has become a wanted man, there’s no way he could access nor use the teleportation formation. Each of those teleportation formations was guarded by several Peak Heavenly Gods, a measure specifically against Jiang Chen.  

23 sects, 128 Heavenly Gods died under the hands of Jiang Chen. With casualties growing, Feng Manpeng, Li Tianhuo and Jiang Chengzi’s anger grew by the moment. The trio spared no effort to search Jiang Chen but to no avail. Jiang Chen employed guerilla tactics and he would avoid Peak heavenly Gods. 

Within the Hundred Sect Alliance, they possessed 30 Peak Heavenly Gods and ten Half-Step Diving Kings. Basically, whenever there’s news of Jiang Chen, they would send these experts towards that location. 

Jiang Chen was moving north, all for the sake of returning to Profound Feng Sect. Because Ling Yun and Yue Er were still there, if they have not left the place, then they will certainly be targeted. He was anxious and worried, he couldn’t stay calm before seeing the both of them safe and sound. 

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