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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2455

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“Don’t worry, I only want two of them. You guys still have a chance of getting the rest. Haha.”

Guan Sheng said with a smile.

“Vice Commandant is still generous. 250,000 High Divine Origin Stones, you really impressed me.”

Zi Luo smiled softly and said. She bit her beautiful red lips and looked charming.


When Zi Luo was going to knock down the hammer and end the bidding, there was a deep voice ringing through the auction venue. Everyone at the venue erected their backs and breathed rapidly. 300,000 was truly a whopping price. The only reason for increasing the price by 50,000 earlier was to keep back the other rivals from getting it. Even Guan Sheng looked serious and watched silently at the mysterious man in black robes who was standing far. He was covered with black clothes and his face was barely seen. But he can feel that the aura was not weaker than himself.

“Beyond mountains there are more higher mountains.”

Guan Sheng murmured and a cold breath flickered across his mouth.

Zi Luo was startled and had a shock in her heart. 300,000 was really incredibly overpriced. Even if the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill was rare and precious, this sky high bidding price was breathtaking and overwhelming.

“300,000. Who is the guy exactly?”

Meng Fanpeng and the others were astonished. This guy could pay for 300,000 at once and not even pay any attention to the Vice Commandant. The man’s identity was strangely weird and mysteriously.

“300,000 High Grade Divine Origin Stones. Are there any higher bids?”

Zi Luo asked softly and there was a thrill of joy in her eyes.

“Since there is no one who can pay higher than this, then I am going to knock down the hammer and close the bidding. Going once, going twice, sold for 300,000!”

When the hammer was knocked down, the whole venue broke into a sea of shouting.

“How many Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills do you want?”

“Three pills will be enough. This is 90 Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones.”

The guy in black robes took a big step, flew up and landed on the stage. He handed over the 90 Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones to Zi Luo.

Zi Luo was slightly startled. She took out three of the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills and handed them to the black-clothed guy. He accepted the pills, turned away and disappeared from the stage immediately. His movement was as quick as lighting. He approached without casting a shadow and left without leaving a trace.

“It is a terrifying aura.” 

Guan Sheng and Wang Zhiyuan glanced at each other and they looked serious. The power of the black-clothed man was incredible and it made everyone feel shocked. It was unbelievable that he came and went mysteriously leaving a trace.

Jiang Chen looked at the 90 Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones with his dazzling eyes and he was extremely excited. He could exert his Little Ashura Sword Formation freely this time. Under the sword formation, he’d be unbeatable and unparalleled.

“There are two pills left. If all you here do not have any opinion, I will take it.”

Guan Sheng said in a deep voice. It was not important if someone had stolen his thunder, the most important was that two of the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills were left. At least he did not come here in vain. The audiences had no objection and Guan Sheng breathed a sigh of relief as no one was scrambling for the pills now.

“I announce, the other two Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills belong to the Vice Commandant now.”

After Zi Luo finished her words, some of them felt disappointed seeing that the two Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills were finally owned by Guan Sheng. Meng Fanpeng and others were gloomy and in despair. But who should be blamed?

A spectacular and astounding auction had come to its end. Guan Sheng and  the black-clothed man had obtained what they desired to get. But the ultimate winner was Jiang Chen.

Zi Luo handed over all the Divine Origin Stones to Jiang Chen. She knew that this guy planned for another long journey.

“Thank you very much, Zi Luo.”

In the whole Ancient Dragon city, she was the only one Jiang Chen trusted completely.

“Take good care of yourself, staying alive is more important than anything else.”

Zi Luo waved at Jiang Chen while Jiang Chen smiled lightly and turned away. Zi Luo still looked confused and lost. It seemed that fate would bring a storm to Linhe Boundary soon through the devil incarnate, and this battle was inevitable and inescapable.

The Hundred Sect Alliance was growing stronger and there were more than five hundred strong Heavenly God Realm experts searching and hunting all over the place for Jiang Chen. Nevertheless, even though the entire Ancient Dragon City was turned upside down, no footprint of Jiang Chen has been found.

In the noiseless and desolate low barren hills, where only the caws of crows could be heard. Under the ground, Jiang Chen was consuming the Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones calmly. With the continuous absorption of the energy of the Divine Origin Stones,the dragon marks in his body became more and more numerous. Jiang Chen was ready to break through the Heavenly God Realm this time.

His power was the most important to him now. Only if he could break through the Heavenly God Realm, could he survive. His opponent was ten times or even a hundred times stronger than him after all. Even just a few of the very strong Heavenly Gods could knock him down easily. If he got into a fight with the entire Hundred Sect Alliance, it was nothing different but digging his grave.

Azure Cloud Boundary was full of fairy mountains, green hills and clean waters, and hundred miles of rivers. This was the closest region to Linhe Boundary, but it was much stronger than Linhe Boundary and there were more powerful people gathered here.

The flowers were in full bloom, and hundreds of animals were flying around freely. This was a beautiful and incredible view.

Above the Wutong Mountain, there was a black shadow holding an iron rod, standing on the peak of the mountain. He was holding a Dogtail Grass between his lips, looking at the sky with some disdain.

“Old Phoenix, it seems like you still want to fight.”

“Do you think that you could defeat me? Have you won once after fighting with me for 37 times? You would have died if I did not spare your life.”

A middle-aged man with a colorful phoenix crown above his head said in disdain, he stood proudly and stared coldly at the dark shadow in the distance.

“You didn’t kill me, but I am going to kill you. The colorful phoenix crown above your head looks good, I am gonna grab it and have a look.”

The dark shadow said with a smile. He was aggressive and belligerent. His real identity was Dragon Shisan.

“You’ve truly disparaged the name of the Demon race. I think I should teach you a lesson. It seems like the Divine Macaque Clan had completely fallen.”

Feng Wutian shouted in a deep voice and his eyes looked gloomy and cold. He let Dragon Shisan off for over ten times but Dragon Shisan still provoked him aggressively. If he was not a Divine Macaque clan from the Demon Race, Dragon Shisan would have died by his hand.

“You really impressed me for being defeated again and again. It seems like you have an indefensible strong heart.”

Feng Wutian admired Dragon Shisan’s strong determination. If it was any other immortal demons, they would have given up. Every time he lost to him, he was still able to challenge him again with great vigour which was really impressive. And he has seen the growth of Dragon Shisan. There was a love-hate relationship between both of them, sometimes they were friends and sometimes they were enemies. However, it was Dragon Shisan’s ultimate mission to fight till the end.

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