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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2454

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The price of Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill had risen relentlessly. It was even beyond the expectations of the people there. It was sold with an inconceivably high price, but it was merely a Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill.

Jiang Chen observed this silently. He was the happiest among them. These five Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills would definitely become his assurance to rise. After he successfully obtained the Divine Origin Stones, he could break through to the Half-step Heavenly God Realm. It would be a great time for him to deal with the Hundred Sect Alliance, and he was bound to turn the whole Linhe Boundary into an uproar. No one could restrain him as he was Jiang Chen!

Zi Luo was extremely happy. The Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill was unique, rare and precious. Although the pills were not of the highest grade, this was one of a kind by itself. Even Jiang Cheng Zi from Divine Pill Sect was vitally concerned as it could help prolong one’s life.

What does ten years of life actually mean? Only those whose lifetime had reached its end could understand. Every year, month and day, they’re suffering, thinking of their death. As one would know the moment when one’s life was already coming to an end and that would be the most unbearable torment. The Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill was the best medicine among all the other medicinal pills, it’s incomparably precious and valuable.

Jiang Chen swallowed the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill like sweet beans that he used to eat. The auction venue was bustling with noise and had become chaotic at this moment.

Meng Fanpeng and Li Tianhuo jacked up the price to one hundred and eighty five thousand. They still refused to compromise nor give up. Even if they were about to reach their limit, their profound longing for the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill was indescribable and they were desperate to get it.


The audience burst into an uproar.

Even Jiang Chengzi from Divine Pill Sect had joined the fray, striving for the pill. Only Jiang Chengzi knew that the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill was terrifying and dangerous. Even in Divine Pill Sect, there were no other medicinal pills that could be comparable to a pill that could prolong one’s life to ten years. Consequently, Jiang Chengzi affirmed the value of the elixir, and everyone was scrambling over to get it.

“Jiang Chengzi, it seems like those medicinal pills produced by the Divine Pill Sect is insufficient for you.”

Li Tianhuo said in a strange voice laced with irony. Following the increase of the people who joined the auction, their pressure was growing larger. It was extremely terrifying if one of them joined the fray.


Meng Fanpeng said and gritted his teeth. This was probably the highest price he could afford. This was his entire wealth, any higher and he cannot afford it anymore. At this moment, Li Tianhuo’s eyes darkened as 200,000 was also his limit. He could pay for 2,000 more but he also knew that he would have no chance to get it even if he did so. And this amount would definitely make him ridiculously broke. Li Tianhuo heaved a deep sigh and decided to withdraw from the auction.


Jiang Chengzi said lightly, but his palms were already sweating. Even if Divine Pill Sect was fairly well-off and he was comparatively wealthy, it only allowed him to raise the price for not more than twice. The entire auction venue was rising up in an uproar and the crowd went wild. 200,000 was the upper limit and there was nothing that would cost this whopping price. The amount to purchase this pill could possibly be enough for the small sect to survive for another ten years.


Meng Fanpeng said.

“Brother Jiang, I hope you will do the honor of giving me the pill?”

“I am sorry, brother Meng. It is myself who is desperate to get this Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill so I couldn’t surrender it to you. But even if I do so, you should ask for the vice president’s permission.

Jiang Chengzi said in a deep voice. Meng Fanpeng realized that the situation had far exceeded his ability now. 200,000 was the limit and he could barely afford it.

“Haha. There is a reason for what Jiang Chengzi said. It was crucial to our survival. I think no one could compromise and hold back. 215,000!”

Mo Qiancheng smiled softly and raised the price once again. He looked very dignified at this moment. Although he looked confident, he already broke out a cold sweat in his heart and wished the others could give up. However, It went contrary to his expectation. Not everyone would give face to him. 

“220,000. I must get this Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill!”

Bodhi Wang Zhiyuan said in an arrogant voice. It seemed like he’s breathing confidently.

Jiang Chengzi sighed and shook his head. He was forced to withdraw from the auction as no one here was easy to deal with.


Mo Qiancheng followed Wang Zhiyuan.

“I am full of excitement now. It has reached 200,000. It seems like these immortal pills are really precious and rare treasure.”

“I feel out of breath even just imagining that the price will still continue to climb up as all of the masters are unremittingly pursuing for the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill.”

“No one was happier than the auctioneer and the audience. It’s really entertaining.”

The Half-step Heavenly Gods were truly excited even without the capability to join the auction. They were even overwhelmed from just watching the price of the pill continue to rise rapidly.

“It is above my expectation. It seems like I will be laughing all the way to the bank this time.”

Jiang Chen was beaming with joy and this was one of his happiest moments. After the auction, he might need to drop by to Profound Feng Sect.


Wang Zhiyuan was unwilling to give up so he raised the price again. Mo Qiancheng remained silent this time. One of the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill was worth 230,000. It made everyone feel impressed and shocked.

“You on. You got it. Wang Zhiyuan.”

Mo Qiancheng grunted and decided to give up.


Wang Zhiyuan could not stop laughing until a deep voice that shouted out the price had shaken the crowd.


“Vice commandant……”

“I am favorably interested in this Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill. Is there anyone who is willing to pay higher than 250,000?”

Guan Sheng said calmly. The price shocked the crowd as no one could pay higher than that. And this time, Guan Sheng’s face lit up with a smile. In the entire Ancient Dragon City, his reputation was still untarnished as he was the vice commandant who led three thousand soldiers. Everyone would definitely show him some respect.

Guan Sheng was not overwhelmed by the prices but instead set the price higher. Was there anyone who doubted the financial strength of the vice commandant?

“Vice commandant is so domineering. Haha.”

“That’s right. Vice commandant, I think that pill is really for you.”

All of them flattered the vice commandant. He broke the ceiling of the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill’s price and it was true that no one could come up to his standard.

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