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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2452

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Gathering Destiny Square was the biggest winner this time because the ticket to enter the auction had gone up to five times more expensive than it usually was. It had become priceless now as the tickets were limited. At the end, there were many people who weren’t able to enter because quite many high-ranking experts of Ancient Dragon City bought the tickets, making the tickets sold out. The auction house had gained high profits this time by selling the entrance tickets.

This auction was the one that gained the highest profits in history. The Imperial Guard Vice-Commandant of Ancient Dragon City also came to witness the auction and he only had one goal, which was getting Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill.

There were a hundred thousand people at the auction house and it was estimated that half of them were Heavenly God Realm experts. These visitors all came from different places and were now gathered at Gathering Destiny Square.

Meanwhile, it was extremely quiet on the other auction houses. Zi Luo was really thrilled right now.

The Immortal Grade Medicinal Pill had really attracted many people and many Heavenly God Realm experts were unable to suppress their desire anymore, obviously because the item was a supreme Immortal Grade Pill that could expand life span. However, when a thing is scarce, it is precious. Only a few people could obtain it.

An hour before the auction started, everyone was impatient about the time. More than twenty auction items were sold, yet the prices were not very high because people were looking forward to the last batch of auction items which was the Immortal Grade Pill.

All the participants waited patiently while looking at those auction items. Finally, Zi Luo brought a colourful brocade box and walked up on the stage. Although she looked immortally beautiful and graceful, her physique was unable to attract the experts there because all of them were only concerned about the Immortal Grade Pill.

Experts never lacked beauties beside them and women were only ranked number two in their eyes. Cultivation realm was always their priority because if their strength was weak, they would only be a stepping stone for others. This world was ruled by the law of the jungle, so they could only become stronger and stronger to avoid being defeated.

“Hello, everyone. I am Zi Luo. The last piece of auction item we have tonight is Immortal Grade Medicinal Pills. I think you guys have already been well-aware of the effect and benefits of the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill. Even though you might not be guaranteed to obtain it, you still have the chance to get it by coming here. If we only have one of such pill, the competition might be unimaginably intense.”

It’s not just one piece of Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill. This had made everyone become more confident in getting it.

“There are more than one piece? Great. Hahaha. I would have the chance to get it.”

“Not bad. Seems like we have not wasted our time to come here. If there was only one piece of Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill, the competition would be quite tragic. But if there are more than one, we would have a greater chance.”

“This Gathering Destiny Square really knows how to operate their business. Five pieces of Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill is such exciting news. I am afraid everyone here would be even more excited.” 

Looking at the excited crowd under the stage, Li Luo’s smile was even brighter now.

“We are going to use an unprecedented way to start our auction this time. We are going to sell the first piece of Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill. Whoever bids the highest price would get the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill. Moreover, the bidder who could give the highest price can buy up to five pieces of Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill in the same price. Each of the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill has the same value. We have five Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills, and the final winner has the chance to get all of them.”

With this new method of auction, Zi Luo pushed the value of Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill to its highest level. A true expert would definitely buy all of the five Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill. By doing this, it would not devalue the second piece. It’s a dreadful method of auction and a big challenge for the bidders.

“No businessman trades without fraud. Zi Luo really knows how to do her business.”

“Yea, Miss Zi Luo is unparalleled. Haha. I really admire you. Such a new method of auction, I have never heard of it. But it becomes more exciting now. Let’s see who has the capability to get all the five Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills.

More than a hundred people were full of confidence and they can’t wait to compete for the Immortal Pills. In fact, many of the Heavenly God experts were only here to have a look as they were not capable of participating in the auction. Those Early Heavenly God experts did not have such demand, wealth and capability.

“Such a smart lady.”

At the corner, Jiang Chen smiled faintly and he could not help but give a thumbs up to Zi Luo. In order to avoid any reduction in price, she came out with such an unprecedented way of auction. It would be a win-win situation. Those who intended to get a cheap bargain would not have such a chance now.

“The Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills will stir up a storm at Ancient Dragon City very soon.”

A middle-aged man who possessed an overbearing aura said solemnly. He had a full set of silver armour on his body that attracted many people’s attention. Everyone showed him respect. He was the Imperial Guard Vice-Commandant of Ancient Dragon City, Guan Sheng. His cultivation realm was extremely terrifying as he was a Half-step Divine King. He was also quite popular in the entire Linhe Boundary.

“You’re right. However, I will be the one to get the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills. I must get it. Commandant Guan, seems like it’s not a must for you to get it, am I right?”

Another white-haired old man said while chuckling. He was also an elder in Ancient Dragon City. Three hundred years ago, there was such an expert in Linhe Boundary. But then he suddenly chose to live in seclusion all of a sudden. Now his cultivation realm had also reached Half-step Divine King Realm.

“Do you mean you have almost come to the end of your life? So you desperately joined the auction. Hahaha, whoever has the money is the boss.”

Beside the old man, there was another thin old man said while smiling cunningly. He was also one of the best experts in Ancient Dragon City. Even the Imperial Guard Vice-Commandant of Ancient Dragon City, Guan Sheng, treated him respectfully. 

It was said that he was a disciple of Ghost Eye Sect that betrayed his own sect in the past. However, over the thousand years, Ghost Eye Sect never said anything regarding this man and slowly he had been forgotten. In the past, he was very notorious as he used to kill hundreds and thousands of human cultivators. Who would go against a cruel killer like him?

His hand was filled with blood and he only entered Ancient Dragon City to avoid his enemies.

“It seems like there are quite a lot of people going to bid for the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills.”

Meng Fanpeng said with a faint smile. His arrival had made many of them tense up.

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