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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2445

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Jiang Chen did not regret what he did because that was what he intended to do. Since he felt aggrieved and insulted, he would get it back in his own way.

“On the brink of death, don’t you dare to be so arrogant. It seems like you still don’t have the sensations of a mortal.”

Li Tianhuo laughed coldly and said.

“Just hand him to us, Ghost Eye Sect. I will definitely make him fall into the living hell and he will never be able to reincarnate.”

“You are so honest. What if we send him to Ghost Eye Sect after he hands over all of his treasures?” Jiang Chengzi said with a smile.

“Jiang Chengzi, What do you mean? Do you mean that I covet Jiang Chen’s treasures? That’s a joke. Haha.”

“An honest man doesn’t do anything underhanded. At the moment, Jiang Chen won’t be able to escape even if he has wings. It’s not you to make the final decision.”

Jiang Chengzi said lightly.

“Just kill him and cut him into pieces!”

“That’s right. Kill him now. We should make his soul suffer for 10,000 years and grind his bones to dust.”

“Our disciples should not die in vain.”

In this battle, Jiang Chen has aroused everyone’s anger. They had to helplessly watch their disciples being killed while being trapped in the Little Ashura Sword Formation. It was conceivable that it was really torture for them.

“It is difficult to vent everyone’s hatred if Jiang Chen wasn’t killed. He must die.”

Meng Fanpeng held his blade towards Jiang Chen. There was a cold implication that dread was going through him. Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and he could feel that death was approaching slowly.

“Kill Jiang Chen!”

“Kill Jiang Chen!”

“Let’s kill him now.” 

Cries and shouts were heard continuously. Jiang Chen had stirred up a hornets’ nest. He had aroused the anger of all the sects in the Linhe Boundary. In this battle, Jiang Chen would die gloriously and shock the Linhe Boundary!

“Jiang Chen……Profound Wind Sect was powerless to save you. I am awfully sorry for saying this.”

Xuan Qingming took a deep breath. But there was nothing he could do and he could only helplessly watch Jiang Chen being struck and killed by Meng Fanpeng and the others.

“Jiang Chen, let’s see what else you got. You’re at the end of a cliff, you could finally die in peace now.”

Xuanyuan Canglan said and laughed coldly. If Jiang Chen died, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda could not hold him down anymore and the spirit of Ancestral Dragon would disappear forever. It would be impossible for Jiang Chen to fight again. Many people were sacrificed in this battle as he underestimated Jiang Chen. He had not imagined that Jiang Chen could destroy the world with his destructive and devastating sword formation.

The Hidden Secret Realm has sunk deep into misery. Jiang Chen had almost killed all of the disciples, and there were only less than eighteen disciples left. This was the bloodiest and the most terrifying fight in Hidden Secret Realm for the first time ever. The number of survivors was not more than 10 per cent; thousands of people were sacrificed.

“Jiang Chen, you could rest in peace now. You killed the innocent disciples and it was a terrible and agonizing sight. This is your ultimate punishment.”

Jiang Chengzi said lightly and approached Jiang Chen slowly. Jiang Chen had become the thorn in their flesh and he would never be able to leave here alive.

“Surrender the sword in your hand and perhaps I will consider to keep your dead body intact.”

Li Tianhuo said with a smile. His words were full of chill menace which made everyone shudder.

“What if I refuse to bend?”

Jiang Chen said coldly.

“You refuse to do that? Haha. So what are you gonna do? Do you think that you could defeat all of us alone? Don’t be too naive. It is almost impossible for you to escape this place. You’re just like a turtle in a jar, so just surrender and perhaps you could die peacefully. Or else, It will be a great choice if I can keep you alive and make you to be my puppet.”

Li Tianhuo sneered at Jiang Chen with smiling eyes.

“I can’t stand it anymore. What a shame of you bullying a young generation here.”

A frosty voice rang through Jiang Chen and the others’ ears, it was none other than White-clothed Sword God Xue Liang.

“Who are you?”

Jiang Chengzi said in a deep voice.

“I’m White-clothed Sword God Xue Liang.”

Xue Liang’s words had made everyone draw a deep breath. Everyone did not expect the person who came out from the Hidden Secret Realm would confront the elders from three great sects without the slightest hesitation and fear.

“You’re White-clothed Sword God Xue Liang, right?”

Li Tianhuo said in a gloomy voice.

“A great genius from Forgotten Sword Tomb, who has been known as the most powerful evil in the Linhe Boundary since hundreds of years ago. He is irresistible, unbeatable and has never been defeated. His strength is even comparable with many representatives of the older generation. Not bad, you will be a promising young man.” Meng Fanpeng said pleasantly. 

At the moment, everyone looked serious and dignified. They did not realize that the young guy would have such a terrifying identity. He was incomparably strong as his name implied, White-clothed Sword God.

“Over the years, the Forgotten Sword Tomb never showed up so I thought no one could remember our existence.”

Xue Liang said lightly.

“Forgotten Sword Tomb is unequaled in this place. Although they are still incomparable to Clear Stream Sect, it is still considered as one of the great sects of the older generations. Haha. White-clothed Sword God, you honour us by maintaining a good name in Linhe Boundary.”

Meng Fanpeng said simperingly.

“I believe that the strongest and weakest of Linhe Boundary will soon be determined.”

Xue Ling said unwillingly.

Jiang Chen has never thought that Xue Liang would appear. And he was not sure whether Xue Liang was on his side.

“It is not what you could decide as a junior.”

Meng Fanpeng said with a smile.

“I will take Jiang Chen over.”

“Do you think Forgotten Sword Tomb has the ability to do that?”

Meng Fanpeng shook his head and looked at Xue Liang.

“I would give a try.”

Xue Liang shrugged.

“I am sorry for disappointing you. I don’t think that Forgotten Sword Tomb qualifies for that.”

Meng Fanpeng and Xue Liang were smiling at each other.

“Xue Liang, I will remember you.”

Jiang Chen said and glanced at Xue Liang.

“I believe that you are the only one who could challenge me. In the Linhe Boundary, you are the only interesting person. I would live a very lonely life if you die.”

Xue Liang and Jiang Chen looked at each other. At that moment, Jiang Chen noticed that Xue Liang had already known the truth. There was trust in his eyes. But he could not stand out and tell the truth and Jiang Chen did not blame him. Even if he told the truth, there would be no changes at all. Jiang Chen had destroyed the whole Hidden Secret Realm which was a truth that could not be denied. Moreover, Jiang Chen already confessed the accusation which was an undeniably fact.

“If I don’t die, who can stop me in Linhe Boundary? Haha. Can you? You are really strong but I am definitely stronger than you.”

Jiang Chen said with an arrogant face.

“You’re at the end of a cliff. I warn you not to be so arrogant. Jiang Chen, it seems like you have to die today. Do you think that no one could defeat you now?”

Xuanyuan Canglan laughed and stood beside both of them. The three of them looked at each other silently. There was only contemptuous and arrogance in their eyes. They were overbearing, powerful, and reckless. It would be the greatest battle in the Linhe Boundary among the young generations.

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