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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2444

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“What a terrifying sword formation!”

Meng Fanpeng’s countenance fell. At the moment, another ten Heavenly God Realm elders crashed into the formation but they still failed to make any dent to the formation. The Little Ashura Sword Formation was this formidable. With each genius disciple’s death, Linhe Boundary was suffering a great loss. It’s heartbreaking for the elders of different sects.

“Seems like I must take action.”

Meng Fanpeng suddenly had this thought. His body turned in a flash and came in front of the Little Ashura Sword Formation. He made a strike, thinking to shatter the Little Ashura Sword Formation, however, the formation remained still.

Jiang Chen noticed it. Finally, he had taken action. Meng Fanpeng was the strongest expert here right now. He was a Half-step Divine King and only the Realm Guardians had reached this cultivation realm. Jiang Chengzi and Li Tianhuo were only at the peak of Late Heavenly God Realm. Hence, as soon as the Half-step Divine King Meng Pengfan took action, Jiang Chen’s Little Ashura Sword Formation was shakened slightly.

“It won’t be easy to shatter my sword formation.”

Jiang Chen said with a cold smile while still standing in the middle of the sword formation with pride.

“Little kid, don’t try to make a joke.”

Meng Fanpeng said coldly then he made another three strikes against the formation but he still failed to break it. By this time, Meng Fanpeng seemed a bit impatient and looked solemn. He gave Li Tianhuo and Jiang Chengzi a glance and then said:

“What are you guys waiting for? Take action now. Do you only want to take action when this guy finishes killing all of our geniuses?”

After listening to Meng Fanpeng’s words, Jiang Chengzi and Li Tianhuo exchanged a glance. They immediately rushed into the battlefield. The three of them joined hands together to withstand Jiang Chen’s Little Ashura Sword Formation. However, they were still unable to destroy the formation. Although they had tried their best to damage the formation with their collective power, the sword formation was still able to withstand their battle strength.

“What a dreadful sword formation. This guy has hidden too many secrets behind. We, Ghost Eye Sect, never heard of any formation like this before.

Li Tianhuo shouted, his eyes looked ruthless. Jiang Chen’s sword formation had kindled his curiosity. If he was able to cast a formation like this, he would be able to kill the four great Realm Guardians. It would be a piece of cake for him to kill Meng Fanpeng by that time. Li Tianhuo was jealous of this formation. Both the sword and the formation were Jiang Chen’s trump cards. In his eyes, Jiang Chen did not deserve to have both of them.

“Li Tianhuo, you couldn’t see through the secret behind this sword formation, could you?”

Meng Fanpeng said in a deep, low voice. Although they had joined hands to deal with the sword formation, they still could not break it out. 

Jiang Chen felt very solemn as this was his last card. If the Little Ashura Sword Formation was shattered, then he would fall into a suffering defeat. The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda might help him sometimes, but not all the time. Even if he fled into the Pagoda, he might still be under great threat when the four great Realm Guardians joined hands together. Moreover, Ancestral Dragon Emperor and Red Lotus both had fallen into deep slumber now, so he could only fight alone.

“I don’t believe that I can’t tear this sword formation apart.”

Meng Fanpeng snorted. Holding up his Azure Dragon Blade which obviously was a piece of dreadful Heavenly Divine Tools, he made another heavy blow against the Little Ashura Sword Formation. However, it still failed to shatter Jiang Chen’s Little Ashura Sword Formation.

Jiang Chen’s chance of winning was quite right now. He would not show mercy to anyone as he was still killing the disciples.

“All of you shall die as this is the price you should pay.”

Jiang Chen used up his utmost effort and casted out terrifying swords strikes. Another ten people were killed by Jiang Chen in the Little Ashura Sword Formation. 


“Don’t. He’s my Spirit Cloud Sect’s disciple!”

“Damn! Our Heavenly God Sect’s genius disciple has been just killed by Jiang Chen.”

“He’s definitely a demon! Arghhhhh!”

Jiang Chen looked pale but he was smiling while looking at these mad guys. He did not show any compassion at all. Those desperate and suffering eyes did not move Jiang Chen’s heart at all as he thought this was what they deserved!

He would never regret what he was doing because Jiang Chen would never give in to others. Moreover, these people were the ones who pushed Jiang Chen to the current situation. They brought themself this deadly consequence. There were only less than eighty disciples surviving right now. More and more disciples passed away and they were all terrified.

Jiang Chen ate another piece of Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill to help himself while using Spirit of Wood well. However, Jiang Chen was still almost strained by casting the dreadful Little Ashura Sword Formation as it took an excessive amount of divine strength. Jiang Chen had no strength to keep it up anymore. 

Li Tianhuo noticed Jiang Chen’s exhaustion. Soon, he would be defeated for soon. He was just courting death for himself as Little Ashura Sword Formation had taken too much of his divine strength based on his current cultivation realm.

“I am going to see how long more you could stand.”

Jiang Chengzi smiled coldly. Three of the experts took action together to suppress Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen once again casted the sword formation and his divine strength was going to dry up soon.

“Let me see what kind of trick you still have.”

Meng Fanpeng took up his Azure Dragon Blade and made a heavy blow. His blade strike was like a shooting star, breaking through heaven. His momentum as a Half-step Divine King was irresistible. 

Jiang Chen’s sword formation was finally shattered at this moment because he had no more divine strength to maintain the Little Ashura Sword Formation anymore. Despite its formidability, casting the formation required massive divine strength.

Jiang Chen vomited out some blood.  The Little Ashura Sword Formation was broken and he was finally defeated. 

The elders of Clear Stream Sect, Ghost Eye Sect and Divine Pill Sect joined hands together to finally defeat Jiang Chen. However, Jiang Chen was filled with glory. That was a glorious defeat!

No one dared to underestimate Jiang Chen now. Each of the Early Heavenly God elders were shocked as Jiang Chen showed them how a true monstrous expert looked like. Unfortunately, this battle had caused great loss to them. Only eighty of the eight hundred disciples who came out from the Hidden Secret Realm remained alive now. It’s less than ten percent of them. Jiang Chen’s Little Ashura Sword Formation was indeed too dreadful. If Jiang Chen had not used up his divine strength, Meng Fanpeng might not be able to break the Little Ashura Sword Formation.

“Detestable! If I were a Heavenly God, I would have killed all of you who are Half-step Divine King.”

Jiang Chen said while looking at Meng Fanpeng and the others. The scene looked extremely tragic now. Jiang Chen’s way of slaughtering had brought a great trauma to all these sects. Initially, he was framed but now he was really convicted of killing. 

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