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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2442

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“I am afraid that this guy has been driven by a demonic spirit. Although I have my doubts that he has really killed so many people, right now I have no choice but to believe. There have been more than seventy people that died under his sword. Such a dreadful battle would definitely bring huge shock to the entire Ancient Dragon City.” 

Earthly Dragon Old Ancestor became solemn at this moment and his forehead was filled with worry. Although Liu Quanchao and Zhang Lei wanted so much to participate in the battle, they had been stopped by Ren Yuanzi and the Earthly Dragon Old Ancestor.

They did not know the whole story, but they knew that they should not simply kill each other as the Heavenly Earthly Profound Sect and Yellow Sect were brother sects. Xuan Qingming had already been in great trouble, as their brother sect, they should not pour additional oil onto the flame. Moreover, Ren Yuanzi and Earthly Dragon Old Ancestor received Jiang Chen’s medicinal pills before. So at least they would not participate in the battle.

“Jiang Chen has been killing wildly in the battle and everyone would inevitably be killed. Meng Fanpeng, Li Tianhuo and Jiang Chengzi, the three of them aren’t ordinary experts but their social status is so high that they couldn’t participate in the battle. However, they have no choice but to join the battle soon. Jiang Chen’s speed of growth is very shocking. I think these old men must have gained a new understanding of Jiang Chen’s power now.”

Ren Yuanzi sighed.

“No wonder those geniuses of the Divine Pill Sect, Ghost Eye Sect and Clear Stream Sect were all killed by Jiang Chen. Undeniably, if my Yellow Flame Sect has such talented genius, I will leave no regrets in my lifetime.”

Mu Tianen said faintly, but no one knew if he was teasing or acknowledging Jiang Chen’s capability.

Jiang Chen’s fighting spirit soared and his battle intent was unparalleled. Although those eight hundred disciples had all joined the battle, Jiang Chen’s killing speed was still too dreadful. They started changing their attitude and dared not to underestimate Jiang Chen’s strength. Because if they were careless, they could be killed anytime.

“Good one. He is indeed a wicked man and he still dares to kill wildly now.”

The eyes of Jiang Chengzi of Divine Pill Sect looked ruthless. He was a bit impatient looking at the scene and could not wait to take action soon. His sect had only sent out two disciples but Jiang Chen killed the two of them. This had created a deep grudge between the Divine Pill Sect and Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen didn’t slow down his slaughtering speed at all. Although Xuanyuan Canglan who was almost a Heavenly God in the battle, he could not stop Jiang Chen from slaughtering all the disciples at all. Jiang Chen’s imposing manner was irresistible.

Jiang Chen’s eyes had already become completely blood red now , as his killing intent had been provoked completely. These people had pushed him to a dead end, so he had no choice but to kill them all in return. In Jiang Chen’s eyes, he did not feel guilty at all because there’s no right and wrong. If he wanted to kill every one of them, then he would kill every one of them.

“He seemed to have become even more powerful now.”

Xuanyuan Canglan’s action was ferocious and he pressed against Jiang Chen with his long halberd. His halberd turned into a dragon, sweeping across the heavens and earth. However, Jiang Chen remained fearless in the face of the halberd. Many experts had already fallen but Jiang Chen was still as steady as Mount Tai with his insane aura.

He had become more and more brutal in the battle with his Heavenly Dragon Sword and his iron fists. It was difficult for those countless experts to cause any harm to him. He alone was able to fight all of the experts. Jiang Chen’s perseverance and speed of recovery was extremely terrifying.

In just an hour, the battle had come to the boiling point and there were more than a hundred people that had died. However, Jiang Chen’s killing intent was still overbearing and he did not show any mercy at all. As soon as he made a strike with his sword, an agonizing scream and shout could be heard.

“If this continued, Jiang Chen might really kill everyone here. Quick! Take action and kill this monster now!”

Li Tianhuo’s cold voice echoed in the void. Every one of them seemed to be awakened from their trance. There were more than a hundred people that had fallen. If Jiang Chen continued to be like this, there would be even more people that would die. Jiang Chen’s present condition wasn’t much different from his best condition, and his strength remained powerful. Everyone was shocked by his stamina. If they were Jiang Chen, they would have been exhausted much earlier. However, Jiang Chen was still in high spirit and his sword strikes were still very dreadful.

Only Xuanyun Canglan, Xu Jin, Yu Rongyan and a few others were able to resist Jiang Chen’s attacks, but they failed to pose any threat to him.

Hundreds of people worked together to fight against Jiang Chen. After Li Tianhuo’s words, everyone used up their utmost strength because if they continued to fight like this, they might not even be able to defeat Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, today is the day of your death!”

Xuanyuan Canglan used his entire strength at this moment. He was the one who wanted to kill Jiang Chen the most. When he had a life-and-death battle with Jiang Chen in the Hidden Secret Realm, Jiang Chen would have already been killed if Tang Zhen did not save his life. How would Xuanyuan Canglan let Jiang Chen live now? He thought that Jiang Chen would be exhausted and defeated after a long battle. However, Jiang Chen hadn’t even shown any signs of being exhausted even until now. His stamina was extraordinarily dreadful. Who would believe that he does not look tired at all even after an hour of intense battle?

Xuanyuan Canglan knew that Meng Fanpeng was already impatient. If they did not care about their own face, they might have already killed Jiang Chen. Because of their ranking and dignity, they chose not to take action yet. They were worried that rumors would spread saying that they, as powerful experts, simply killed a disciple.

“A halberd shatters the universe! Jiang Chen, you should die now!”

Xuanyuan Canglan broke through the sky and brought in countless gloomy clouds to the sky. All of the disciples were dumbfounded by Xuanyuan Canglan’s oppressive manner. Although they were all Half-step Heavenly Gods, there was a huge gap between them. No one would doubt if someone said that Xuanyuan Canglan was actually a Heavenly God.

Jiang Chen smiled coldly, resisting Xuanyuan Canglan’s attack using his sword without any fear. If he flinched at this moment, the hundreds of people would take their chance to overwhelm him.

It’s a battle worth fighting and Jiang Chen would never give up!

“Sword breaking through the void and heaven!”

The Heavenly Dragon Sword wrestled with Xuanyuan Canglan’s strikes while thunder and lightning struck. Jiang Chen was still firm and steady and Xuanyuan Canglan was also filled with intense killing intent. Each of them were repulsed by the collision; none of them got the upper hand.

As a Late True God, Jiang Chen unexpectedly managed to fight against eight hundred genius disciples. Whether he wins or loses, Jiang Chen’s reputation would surely spread throughout the entire Linhe Boundary.

He would become popular because of this battle. Many people even thought that he would not have any regrets even if he died in the battle.

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