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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2441

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“Canglan, let’s eliminate this monster to help the Sect Lords resolve trouble.”

Meng Fanpeng looked at Xuanyuan Canglan who nodded silently. Although he did not know how formidable Jiang Chen’s current strength was, he had no confidence at all as Jiang Chen had defeated him once before. Despite the external factors, Xuanyuan Canglan was still once defeated by Jiang Chen. He knew that it was impossible for him alone to kill Jiang Chen.

“My friends, can you join me in this battle to kill the demon, Jiang Chen, and to restore peace to our Linhe Boundary.”

Xuanyuan Canglan’s words provoked the anger of numerous people. Of course, their anger was aimed at Jiang Chen. Eight hundred geniuses decided to join hands together and target Jiang Chen. About one hundred of them had already reached the Half-step Heavenly God Realm, and even the weakest among them was a Late True God.

All of them were truly geniuses and none of them entered here through the back door. Everyone knew very clearly about the cruelty in the Hidden Secret Realm. If one did not have enough strength, no one would even care if they died inside the Hidden Secret Realm. 

“Jiang Chen is a wicked man and everyone should work together to kill him. We would like to help Brother Xuanyuan to kill this monster.”

“Not bad. We all have the duty to eliminate Jiang Chen together. He has killed so many people, we should not let him go.”

“Hehe. It would be great if he died. Let’s take action together. We must not let him leave this place alive.”

The eight hundred disciples were all filled with killing intent, and besieged Jiang Chen collectively. In the Twisted Jungle, one could not move through flight. That was why it was impossible for Jiang Chen to flee. The eight hundred disciples hated Jiang Chen to the core. Some of them heard from others about Jiang Chen and some just followed the trend. Through this, they had judged Jiang Chen as the most wicked person and should be punished by death.

Xuanyuan Canglan was delighted seeing the eight hundred geniuses coming together and targeting Jiang Chen. There was no way for Jiang Chen to escape now. He would only be relieved once Jiang Chen died. He would then combine himself together with the Tao Tie completely and no one would be his match anymore in the entire Linhe Boundary, except for a few of the old ancestors.

By that time, he would reach Heavenly God Realm as well and use his Heavenly God mightiness to refine a Divine spark. He would be invincible!

“Jiang Chen, why don’t you explain to them? Are you willing to be blamed just like this? If you have never ever existed, they might have all been buried in the Hidden Secret Realm.”

Man Shuai shook his head while his eyes expressed deep anger, but Jiang looked calm and smiled faintly.

“What’s the point of explaining? They only aim for my skull. Even if I speak up for myself, who is going to believe me? It’s useless to speak too much if one has already decided to kill you. It’s better to explain myself with my combat strength.”

Jiang Chen was not afraid at all even in the face of the eight hundred disciples. He looked even calmer and decided to have a battle.

“It’s a chance for all of you to establish your reputation today. If you kill Jiang Chen, you would be the hero of Linhe Boundary.”

Meng Fanpeng said in a deep voice, his eyes looked cold. Xuanyuan Canglan broke through the void and he was the first one who took action against Jiang Chen.

The eight hundred disciples roared in rage and their voice was so loud that it shook the entire ground. Terrifying aura was surrounding Jiang Chen and each of their strikes was deadly. Their killing intent flooded the air while their swords and blades were slashing against Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen immediately casted his dragon transformation, pushing his strength to reach the Half-step Heavenly God Realm. At this moment, Jiang Chen’s combat strength advanced to the peak of his realm. Each of his sword strikes was able to overcome each of the Late True God experts. 

Jiang Chen’s killing intent was overbearing. Since he was wronged by everyone here, he could only choose to kill them. 

“Since you want your own disciples to establish their reputation by killing me here, then I am going to kill all of your disciples today. Let’s see who amongst them could stop me.”

Jiang Chen laughed coldly. His sword was like a shooting star, managing to slaughter more than thirty Late True Gods ruthlessly in a flash. Blood stained all over the stones and trees around. Each of Jiang Chen’s steps was filled with overbearing killing intent and the eight hundred disciples lost their control completely under Jiang Chen’s pressure.

No one expected that Jiang Chen would be so powerful. Those elders who allowed their disciples to join the battle started feeling regret as more than thirty disciples had passed away in just a flash. They had completely lost their life. 

Those Half-step Heavenly God Realm experts managed to resist Jiang Chen’s strike, but those True God disciples were all killed effortlessly by Jiang Chen. They could not withstand Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword at all. Even those ordinary Heavenly Gods found the Heavenly Dragon Sword terrifying.

“It’s terrifying. This guy is like a demon.”

“I guess even Heavenly God Realm experts would need to be careful of him.”

“I don’t know how many people he is going to kill.”

Countless people were dumbstruck. However, the battle had already started, so Jiang Chen would not show any mercy. Why should he be merciful to those who intended to eliminate him? As long as he killed one of them, there would be one less person who would go against him. Only the true geniuses would survive. Since you guys want to cultivate your realm so much, why don’t I help you in the cruelest way possible? 

Jiang Chen smiled coldly inside his heart. Sweat and blood kept rolling down from his face, yet the blood was not his own.

The Heavenly Dragon Sword seemed like it was able to feel Jiang Chen’s anger. It soared up with sky-high fighting spirit and became even more ferocious than ever. All of the people on the spot were terrified by Jiang Chen’s killing intent. Wasn’t he just a Late True God? It would be even more dreadful if he reached the Heavenly God Realm. At that time, he  would truly become an unparalleled demon king.

Jiang Chen’s combat strength is too terrifying.”

Xuan Qingming murmured in his heart, completely astonished. If he were Jiang Chen, he might not be as calm. Moreover, Jiang Chen managed to kill a Late True God with just a single attack. When he first entered Profound Feng Sect, he had never displayed this kind of mightiness.

Xuan Qingming felt very complicated as he did not know whether he should be happy or sad about the fact that Jiang Chen was a Profound Feng Sect’s disciple. However, Jiang Chen was harvesting lives right now.

He believed that no one aside from him believed that Jiang Chen was innocent because Jiang Chen’s speed and technique of killing people was indeed heavenly shocking.

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