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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2438

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“Li Zongheng and Li Yan are strong, I know that very well. This Jiang Chen, is he that powerful?” 

However, those words came from Xuanyuan Canglan, and Xu Jin from the Overlord Sect. 

“Jiang Chen, if it’s really you, you’ll not die a peaceful death!” Jiang Chengzi gritted his teeth. 

Lang Ya and Li Yanchao were the Divine Pill Sect’s once in a hundred years alchemist prodigies. Especially Lang Ya, he was a candidate for the Sect Lord position. But to think that he had fallen in the Hidden Secret Realm, it was truly unbelievable. 

“Jiang Chen, that’s Jiang Chen! He finally came out.” 

Everyone’s eyes lit up the moment Jiang Chen emerged. Some of them were waiting for the fun that may ensue, some were in rage, as Xuanyuan claimed that Jiang Chen had killed so many prodigies. 

Jiang Chen looked around, most of them were looking at him. At this moment, he knew that he had become the target of everyone. But he had to stand up to it. 

Yang Jian and Man Shuai looked at Jiang Chen. 

“Rest assured, Jiang Chen. We will stand by your side until the end.” 

“We know that you’re innocent. We’re not afraid.” 

Jiang Chen smiled. At this moment, Sect Lord Xuan Qingming looked at Jiang Chen solemnly. Ren Yuanzi, Mu Tianen and Old Ancestor Di Long also approached them. 

“Jiang Chen, did you kill the disciples of the other sects?” Xuan Qingming looked at Jiang Chen with fiery eyes. 

Jiang Chen shook his head and said: 


Xuan Qingming saw the clear eyes of Jiang Chen. He chose to believe him, that Jiang Chen was innocent. As to why Xuanyuan Canglan wanted to frame Jiang Chen… that was unknown. 

“Jiang Chen, are you trying to act when it has already come to this? You dare say that you didn’t kill Li Zongheng? Li Yan? Lang Ya and Li Yanchao?! Zhu Mingyang?!” Liu Quanchao sneered with disdain. 

Jiang Chen did not blame him, because Xuanyuan had used a forbidden technique to plant a soul mark within the depths of their soul that caused everyone to think of him as an executioner, a heartless and cruel executioner. 

“Yeah, everyone knows that you’re the damned one who had killed countless people.”  Overlord Sect’s Xu Jin said.

“Jiang Chen had killed countless experts within the realm. While the others hunted demonic beasts, he hunted the prodigies of the other sects. This cannot be forgiven!” Qin Yumo looked at Jiang Chen angrily. 

They all tried to attack Jiang Chen to kill him. 

“You’re right, I would like to see how long you are going to feign ignorance, are you going to run now? Now that hundreds of experts from different sects are here, how are you going to run.” Yu Rongyan sneered. 

Thousands of sect lords and elders had surrounded Jiang Chen. 

“Nonsense! You’ve all been tricked by Xuanyuan Canglan! Jiang Chen never killed them. It was all Xuanyuan Canglan’s scheme. He wants all of you to deal with Jiang Chen, to eliminate him for his sake.” Yang Jian shouted angrily, only he and Man Shuai stood beside Jiang Chen. 

However, Jiang Chen had already become the public enemy, only the two of them stood beside Jiang Chen. Moreover, they were both from the same sect and their words were not persuasive enough. 

“Haha, this is a joke, do you think a word from you could change the fact? You’re from the same sect.” Xuanyuan Canglan sneered. 

“Jiang Chen, tell me, did you kill my second and third brother? Li Zongheng, Li Yan, Lang Ya and Li Yanchao, did you kill them?” Xuanyuan Canglan looked at Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen also looked back at Xuanyuan Canglan. Only the both of them knew that this was a farce, but it has already reached the stage where Jiang Chen could die at any moment. Now, it would be impossible for him to just run away, Xuanyuan Canglan, the evil-doer was the first to frame him. 

Ghost Eye Sect’s Li Tianhuo looked at Jiang Chen, the strength of a Peak Heavenly God engulfing Jiang Chen. 

“Jiang Chen, I ask you, my sons, Li Zongheng and Li Yan, did you kill them?” 

“And my Lang Ya?” Jiang Chengzi said. 

“My Zhu Mingyang?!” Liu Yang said. 

Jiang Chen went silent for a second. Ren Yuanzi, Old Ancestor Di Long, Xuan Qingming, all of them became silent as they watched him. At this moment, even Liu Quanchao had said bad things about Jiang Chen, Ren Yuanzi and the others had to believe what they said. 

“I am the one who did kill them, but I only killed those that deserve to be killed.” Jiang Chen said coldly. 

“So it’s true, to think that two of my sons had fallen in your hands. Jiang Chen, I promise that I’m going to kill you today!” 

“Jiang Chen, my Divine Pill Sect will never tolerate you!” 

“Include my Overlord Sect! Jiang Chen! You must pay for my young master’s life with your blood!” 

With the three sects expressing their anger, the other sects began to curse Jiang Chen, including Meng Fanpeng—the elder of Clear Stream Sect, the supposedly neutral Realm Guardian. 

“Wu Rufeng and Tang Zhen died…” 

Meng Fanpeng looked at Jiang Chen without saying anything. As for the death of Tang Zhen, Jiang Chen did not elaborate much. At this moment, he was the target of all the experts on-site. 

“Jiang Chen, anything else to say? Countless prodigies have died in your hands, to think you’re such a beast. Where is Profound Feng Sect? You raised a vicious disciple. I shall tear your heart out and see whether its colour is black or red.” 

Meng Fanpeng’s words had silenced the crowd. But their anger was directed to Jiang Chen. His ‘crime’ was set. 

“I said, I only killed those who deserve to be killed. I killed Li Zongheng, Li Yan, Lang Ya, Li Yanchao, Zhu Mingyang but I never killed any innocent men. I do not touch those who didn’t cross me. Are you telling me to sit still when someone tries to take my life? Hmph.” Jiang Chen harrumphed. 

He admitted his crimes but it was useless. 

Xuan Qingming looked at Jiang Chen, he knew that Profound Feng Sect was done. Jiang Chen will die here, so many experts have surrounded Jiang Chen, he won’t be able to get away from here even if he has a pair of wings. 

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