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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2436

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“Erupt! Dragon Transformation Art!” Jiang Chen roared internally as he continued to gulp down the spiritual water. 

The Dragon Transformation Art was undergoing a great change. In the end, the number of dragon marks stopped at 3,090,000. Jiang Chen’s strength has already reached the peak of the True God Realm. He wanted to push through and reach the Half-Step Heavenly God Realm, however, he knew that he needed to solidify his foundation, because a weak foundation may be detrimental to his future. 

Those who rush things shall never reach one’s goal. 

The peak of True God Realm. Jiang Chen threw out a punch, a different level of force was created, his power had once again reached another level. He’s like a wild horse. 

Now that his strength has grown exponentially, he had faith that he could even fight on-par against an Early Heavenly God expert with the help of the Dragon Transformation! 

After that, he thought about the Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning. The Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning and Dawn Sky Golden Lightning were both Heavenly Lightnings, one that could devastate the earth. He wanted to merge those two lightnings together. It was a bold and exciting idea. If those two lightnings could be merged… the power it could produce would surely be unimaginable. 

Jiang Chen tried again and again, even after failure after failure. He did not give up. After a few thousand failures, he finally felt slightly discouraged. He could feel that both lightning were rejecting one another, but as they were both Heavenly Lightnings if he managed to fuse them, the power would be tremendous. However, if this were anyone else, they wouldn’t have dared to attempt this feat because one would surely receive a backlash from the failures, Jiang Chen had received more than a hundred backlashes and all of those were life threatening situations. However, he firmly believed that he could one day fuse them together. 

In the end, Jiang Chen failed to fuse them together. But he had never given up the thought of fusing them, as failure is but a process to success, as long as there’s hope, he shall never give up. 

In this period of time, Jiang Chen repaired the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour. With the help of the Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning and Dawn Sky Golden Lightning, the battle armour was sturdier than ever. Even though the Profound Heavenly Armour was shattered in battle, he was still able to repair it. As this armour was for active defense and the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour provided passive defensive capabilities. Now, not even Peak Divine Kings or Hierarch experts could shatter his Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour anymore. 

When Jiang Chen came out from the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, a year had already passed. He can now finally leave this god forsaken place, the Hidden Secret Realm. He sighed a little, as countless people had fallen in this place. For experts, this place was a great place of trial, to temper and improve one’s strength. But for the weaker ones, this was but a grave. 

“10,000 men but now only less than a thousand remained.” Jiang Chen sighed. 

But this was the cruelness of reality, some people did not enter the vicinity of the Burying Soul Mountain and were exempted from the chaos. Of course, they did not know what had happened. But at this moment, hundreds of people were gathered, waiting to exit this god forsaken place. 

“Did you guys hear? That Jiang Chen fella killed a bunch of disciples from other sects, with extreme cruelty, there are at least 500 of them who had fallen under his hands.” 

“Are you shitting me? This always happened every time, but none dare to be so blatant about it.” 

“Yeah. This Jiang Chen, it looks like he’s a cruel executioner. Looks like he’s going to be public enemy No. 1.” 

“Hear hear. No matter how great you are within this Hidden Secret Realm, you will still have to get out from this place. Those people from the great sects will certainly not let this go.” 

“I heard that the people from the Ghost Eye Sect and Divine Pill Sect were all killed by Jiang Chen. Even the people of Clear Stream Sect were also included. That fella is surely a demon king.” 

Countless people were discussing about Jiang Chen, he had certainly become famous. His heart became solemn, because he’ll have to face quite a number of people after leaving this place. 

800+ people were walking towards the soon-to-be opened gateway; most of them were discussing Jiang Chen, and each and every one of them felt disgusted towards him. At this moment, Xuanyuan Canglan appeared. 

“This time, we’re lucky to have Senior Xuanyuan, otherwise, that executioner Jiang Chen may have taken the souls of even more disciples.” 

“Yeah, I heard that Senior Xuanyuan almost died trying to stop Jiang Chen. That fella is terrifyingly powerful, truly absurd.” 

“Ain’t that right. Don’t let me see him, otherwise, I will not let him go.” 

“Senior Xuanyuan is magnanimous. This time, he contributed the most in this trial.” 

Yang Jian and Man Shuai’s expressions became ugly as they heard the numerous people praising that bastard. Only the two of them knew that Jiang Chen is innocent. It was all a plot of that bastard, but what can they do about it? Now, Jiang Chen has become the public enemy no. 1. 

In the end, everyone knew that Jiang Chen had massacred countless experts from different sects. Most importantly, Clear Stream Sect, Ghost Eye Sect and Divine Pill Sect, the three great sects! 

The casualties of the other participating sects were all ‘contributed’ to Jiang Chen as well. 

“Damned Xuanyuan Canglan, looks like you’re one hell of a scheming bastard. Trying to push me to the pits of hell.” Jiang Chen thought. 

Yang Jian and Man Shuai stood beside Jiang Chen, however the others chose to stay away from him. 

“Hahaha, the gates of the Hidden Secret Realm is finally going to reopen.” 

Old Ancestor Di Long looked at the giant gate and laughed. Even though the trial was cruel each and every time, those that managed to come out were undoubtedly experts and shall become the pillars of the Linhe Boundary in the future. 

“Yeah. I too cannot wait anymore. I think Ling Long and Liu Quanchao could make it. I hope that they’ll lead more of their brothers and sisters out from the realm.” Ren Yuanzi said solemnly. 

“Haha, Zhang Lei shall surely not disappoint us. That kid is very mature and calculative. I bet he’ll surely come out from that place alive. ” Old Ancestor Di Long said.

Mu Tianen and Xuan Qingming weren’t as optimistic as Old Ancestor Di Long and Ren Yuanzi. Profound Feng Sect was annihilated the last time. However, Xuan Qingming was a little hopeful as Jiang Chen was present this time. Yet, he could not stay calm before seeing him, plus, Pan Hong and Yang Jian were one of their best too. Profound Feng Sect was slightly confident this time! 

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