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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2434

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Tang Zhen really appreciated Jiang Chen as a friend, however, he also understood that Jiang Chen and his brother Xuanyuan Canglan were totally two different characters. 

Why could he not understand his brother Xuanyuan Canglan? However, Tang Zhen couldn’t just watch and do anything as he was his own brother. When it came to life-and-death battles, he could only choose to stand by “Alright! We will be brothers again in the next life.”

Jiang Chen looked at Tang Zhen, and they exchanged a glance. He knew that Tang Zhen could not leave Xuanyuan Canglan here without doing anything, however, he would also need to help the myriad of spirits to fulfill their unfinished wish. He couldn’t just do nothing and put himself out of this incident. He also couldn’t just let Xuanyuan Canglan leave here, otherwise, he would have regretted it forever.

Tang Zhen knew that today’s battle would be inevitable. The battle had already started when he decided to cut off his friendship with Jiang Chen.

Xuanyuan Canglan’s side. 

Jiang Chen and Tang Zhen both knew that none of them could avoid this battle. Since they decided to start the battle, they were going to put their utmost effort in it. This was a way to show each other respect and also a promise. They would be brothers again in the next life.

“Let’s start.”

Jiang Chen looked at Tang Zhen. Even if Tang Zhen and Xuanyuan Canglan joined hands together, they would not have any chance because Jiang Chen’s strength had surpassed everyone now.

Tang Zhen looked cold as he took action, pressing against Jiang Chen. Not to be outdone, Xuanyuan Canglan used everything he had to confront Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen frowned as he held the Heavenly Dragon Sword tightly. However, when he was about to send an attack against the both of them, something shocking suddenly happened. Xuanyuan Canglan suddenly directed his strike to Tang Zhen. It was completely out of Tang Zhen and Jiang Chen’s expectation.

“Jiang Chen, I must leave alive here today, otherwise, I will kill him. Since you value your brotherhood so much, spare me a life. If not, I am going to kill Tang Zhen.”

Xuanyuan Canglan said coldly. His long halberd was threatening Tang Zhen’s neck and Tang Zhen had no chance to resist at all.

Tang Zhen took a deep breath and remained silent, meanwhile Jiang Chen’s eyes became sharp. 

“This is the brother you have respected so much. This is the brother you decided to protect with your life. Tang Zhen, you have made a wrong decision.’

Jiang Chen’s word made Tang Zhen look a bit gloomy but he remained silent. Even though he might have made a wrong decision, he was still firm about his decision. Although Xuanyuan Canglan was not merciful towards him, he would still show mercy to Xuanyuan Canglan because Xuanyuan Canglan was his brother by blood. 

“I am afraid that we have no fate to become brothers anymore in this life. We are going to enjoy drinks and have fun in the next life. Hahaha.”

Tang Zhen laughed out loud but he was extremely desolate and bitter. However, he was not regretful at all because he had come to know Jiang chen. Although Xuanyuan Canglan betrayed him, he was still glad to die for Jiang Chen.

Tang Zhen crashed himself into the helberd to commit suicide. He was worried that Jiang Chen would succumb to Xuanyuan Canglan’s threat. How was he going to live with dignity if that really happened? Tang Zhen was not afraid of death but he was afraid of dying for nothing. He was afraid of losing his own dignity in the face of death.

Jiang Chen had already known that Tang Zhen might choose to commit suicide, so he made a strike to deflect Xuanyuan Canglan’s helberd. As soon as Xuanyuan Canglan’s halberd fell from his hand, Tang Zhen was repulsed, falling down on the void.

Looking at Tang Zhen who intended to seek death, Jiang Chen was heartbroken.

“Brother, I hope that we won’t be enemies in the next life. I have tried to do my best.”

Tang Zhen smiled and turned around, looking at Xuanyuan Canglan. Xuanyuan Canglan was stunned for a second but immediately withdrew himself because this was his last chance. If he hesitated, Jiang Chen would have the opportunity to kill him.

“Tang Zhen!”

Jiang Chen roared in rage. At the moment, Tang Zhen exploded his own body, and still looked merciful before he died. This had made Jiang Chen feel incomparably depressed.

“You’re a lunatic.”

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes, which were already filled with blood, but Xuanyuan Canglan had already escaped.

“You are the one who pushed Tang Zhen to death. I am going to deal with you next time, Jiang Chen.”

Xuanyuan Canglan’s dreadful voice echoed in the void before becoming weaker and weaker. 

“I hate the heavens that took away 70,000 years of mine! When the Tao Tie and I truly become one, you will be buried in death. Jiang Chen, I will not let you go!”

Xuanyuan Canglan’s voice slowly disappeared in the void. Jiang Chen’s heart felt like stopping as he looked at Tang Zhen who took his last breath in the void. He found himself somehow responsible for Tang Zhen’s death, Jiang Chen would not deny this. Moreover, Xuanyuan Canglan took this chance to escape. Jiang Chen was quite guilty. Undeniably, Tang Zhen was one of the people who showed the greatest mercy to his brother that Jiang Chen had ever met in his life. Perhaps death was the best ending he could have.

Jiang Chen understood Tang Zhen’s feelings. He had no dignity to face Jiang Chen and also Xuanyuan Canglan who had a heart of stone. If he did not choose to die, he would always live in guilt and shame his entire life.

As soon as Tang Zhen passed away, he did not leave any memory or even a shred of soul here as his soul was shattered. He had completely disappeared between the heavens and earth.

“Have a good next life.”

Jiang Chen said faintly.

At this moment, a purple ray broke through the sky, and the entire Burying Soul Mountain looked extremely gloomy. It’s quiet and it was like the last day of the world. Suddenly, Jiang Chen raised up his head and realized that Liu Quanchao, Zhang Lei, Xu Jin, Yu Rongyan, Qin Yumo, the Four Great Demon Kings and even Sword God Xue Liang were looking at him with doubt. They saw Jiang Chen as if he was their biggest enemy.

Jiang Chen was confused. Why would they look at me like this? Their eyes were filled with hatred and killing intent

Ling Long and Xue Qianying showed the same look as well but they were also struggling as if they were not willing to look at Jiang Chen.

“You’re a killing demon, Jiang Chen. How many people have you killed? Do you really want all of us to die?”

Yu Rongyan roared with rage while his eyes turned bloody red.

“Jiang Chen, you’re a killer. When are you going to let go all of the disciples in Linhe Boundary?”

Liu Quanchao stared at Jiang Chen and said fiercely.

“I never expected that you have killed so many people. Jiang Chen, seems like you are the greatest demon.”

Xu Jin said.

Sword God Xue Liang and Wang Chongyang looked at Jiang Chen, remaining silent.

“What are you guys saying?”

Jiang Chen shouted. All of them looked at Jiang Chen with anger and killing intent, and they seemed about to kill him soon.

“We are going to kill you and take revenge for all of those people. Are you still trying to pretend? You have killed so many human experts in the Burying Soul Mountain. You have irritated both humans and gods. Even if you can walk out of the Hidden Secret Realm alive, no one will forgive you,” Qin Yumo said coldly. 

Everyone was blaming Jiang Chen now!

At this moment, Xuanyuan Canglan’s face was overflowing with a cunning smile:

“You’re too green to fight me. If I can’t kill you, that doesn’t mean others can’t. Since you are so powerful, then you should face everyone’s challenge.”

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