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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2431

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One would be satisfied enough to get one of the 108 supreme Divine Tools. However, the one hundred and eight Divine Tools were only vassals to Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword. 

Xuanyuan Canglan looked solemn while staring at the dreadful Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation. He was extremely pressured as the dreadful sword formation was created with one hundred and eight pieces of supreme Divine Tools, in addition to two pieces of Heavenly Divine Tools. One was the dreadful Heavenly Dragon Sword which came with an irresistible mightiness. At the moment, Heavenly Dragon Sword was extremely lively and worked well with the one hundred and eight pieces of Divine Swords. 

“I don’t believe that your sword formation would be able to withstand me.”

Xuanyuan Canglan snorted coldly while his eyes looked extremely overbearing. He knew how dreadful the Tao Tie was before, so he believed that this sword formation was nothing compared to his current body. 

Jiang Chen curled up his mouth slightly. Since you want to try, I am going to fulfill your wish. 

Jiang Chen only used part of his strength in his Little Ashura Sword Formation and that had already tortured Fire Qilin very much. Now the Little Ashura Sword Formation was in its highest realm. Although it was not as dreadful as the true sword formation, it was enough to sweep across everything under heaven.

In the Little Ashura Sword Formation, the Heavenly Dragon Sword was full of overbearing radiance. Sword God Xue Liang was startled because he had the deepest understanding of swords. Like Jiang Chen, he was also a dreadful swordsman. He couldn’t really identify Heavenly Dragon Sword’s grade but he strongly sensed its dreadfulness.

Was it an Origin Divine Tool? Or a Prima Origins Treasure? Xue Liang did not dare to simply make a guess. At least, he knew that the Heavenly Dragon Sword definitely had surpassed the Heavenly Divine Tool grade and it was a treasure that even Divine Kings or Hierarchs would be jealous of. Heavenly Dragon Sword’s mightiness was fully displayed in the Little Ashura Sword Formation.

The hundreds and thousands of sword rays were like brutal dragons crashing against the Tao Tie’s body. All of the Divine Tools were under the Heavenly Dragon Sword’s control and the sword was controlled by Jiang Chen. The Heavenly Dragon Sword transformed into a dreadful ancient giant dragon and crushed into the Tao Tie. The scene was terrifying and everyone there was frightened. They could not help but really admire Jiang Chen.

“I am invincible!”

Xuanyuan Canglan’s roar shattered the sky. The Tao Tie’s giant body that carried dreadful battle strength hit on the Little Ashura Sword Formation fiercely. The Heavenly Dragon Sword that transformed into an ancient giant dragon came into collision with the Tao Tie. Tao Tie’s body was repulsed badly and fell onto the ground. Hundred and thousand sword rays directly pierced through Tao Tie’s body.

The Tao Tie was defeated severely this time and he finally felt the threat of death. Dreadful sword rays once again shuttered through the void and hit the Tao Tie. Xuanyuan Canglan finally felt that he was under dreadful threat right now as he and the Tao Tie had been sharing one body. 

“No one could surpass Tao Tie’s mightiness!”

Tao Tie soared into the universe to break the sword formation apart, however, his body was extremely weak at the moment. The Little Ashura Sword Formation was reformed again. Jiang Chen’s breath also became very weak at the moment because casting the formation had used up too much of his strength. The strength the formation used was even much more than casting the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique. 

However, in doing so, the Little Ashura Sword Formation managed to display its most terrifying strength to defeat the Tao Tie. The Sword Formation released a dreadful aura that swept across in all directions.


As soon as Tao Tie’s body fell down on the ground slowly, Jiang Chen kneeled down on the ground with one of his knees, he was almost out of breath. His eyes were filled with relief, seeing that the Tao Tie was finally defeated.

Everyone was stunned because they somehow found it unimaginable. Jiang Chen managed to defeat the Tao Tie with his own strength. It’s all of his glory, who could claim it except Jiang Chen?

“Jiang Chen, good job! Hahaha”

“We are saved. Tao Tie has died and he could not create any disaster to the world anymore.”

“Jiang Chen would be my faith forever.”

Everyone was filled with admiration and respect to Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen deserved all these admiration with his own strength.

“Jiang Chen, you really deserve my hard work. I am going to take a deep rest now.”

The Fire Qilin’s voice echoed in Jiang Chen’s mind, then Fire Qilin entered the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda immediately. 

“You have completed your task.”

Jiang Chen showed a smile as he finally was relieved. Tao Tie had died and the Hidden Secret Realm was finally back to its initial state.

“It’s too early to be happy. Humph.

When everyone was happy with the ending, suddenly a voice echoed in the void. That was Xuanyuan Canglan’s voice.

“Haven’t you died?”

Jiang Chen raised his head immediately. Tao Tie’s body had fallen down yet Xuanyuan Canglan still appeared in front of Jiang Chen.

“It’s not that easy. Hehe.”

Xuanyuan Canglan’s body and Tao Tie’s body had been in one, yet right now Xuanyuan Canglan was still able to appear in front of Jiang Chen. He was in the state of soul, instead of body.

“What a pity. You’re not a human but also not a ghost now. You can only stay in the state of soul.”

Jiang Chen said coldly.

“Hehe. It’s because my body is weak now. Once I recover, I can turn into Tao Tie or my original body interchangeably. Although Tao Tie was defeated, I, Xuanyuan Canglan, am still standing here. Your sword formation was dreadful but it was impossible to eliminate my soul. I am going to show you how true spiritual strength looks like.”

Xuanyuan Canglan said with a cold smile.

“Spiritual strength. What a terrifying aura. I feel like I am being trapped by a soul.”

“Me too. Why is Xuanyuan Canglan’ spiritual strength so strong?”

“He must have absorbed Tao Tie’s spiritual strength. That is why he became so formidable. It’s terrifying. I feel like running out of breath.”

“Bastard. Why is it so hard to kill Xuanyuan Canglan?”

Liu Quanchao and others were incredibly furious as they had fallen into hell from heaven for many times already and each time Jiang Chen saved them. Would he be able to overcome Xuanyuan Canglan again this time? Xuanyuan Canglan’s spiritual strength completely surpassed his normal strength. It had covered up the area within thousands miles and no one was able to escape from this dreadful spiritual strength’s control.

“What a dreadful spiritual strength.”

Jiang Chen murmured.

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