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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2429

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“Alright, I can’t wait for that day to come.” Jiang Chen slightly smiled. 

This fella has grown by leaps and bounds. Our odds are getting good. 

“Another fearless one appeared? Even if you manage to avoid this conflict, you won’t be able to leave the Hidden Secret Realm anyway. It’s great that you’re here, the stronger the better, by devouring all of you, my strength shall become stronger than ever! Haha.” Xuanyuan Canglan sneered. 

He was looking down on everyone. Another sacrifice has presented himself, just another pest that’ll die together with Jiang Chen. 

“Let’s see whether you have what it takes.” Wang Chongyang smiled as he looked at Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen was at the Mid True God Realm, but the strength he could exert was something that Wang Chongyang couldn’t even compare to. Hence, he hoped that he could spar with him in the future. 

Wang Chongyang was one of the best amongst his peers but he lost to Jiang Chen, and took that defeat to heart. Although it did not affect his path of cultivation, it became more intense than ever, and made him continue growing, reaching unimaginable heights. Only then did he achieve his current strength, through luck and persistence. 

Jiang Chen was still Wang Chongyang’s number one target, he must surpass him. 

“Let us fight together, let’s see how much you’ve grown.” Jiang Chen said. 

Both of them looked at each other and flew towards the clouds. A powerful Qi burst forth. Wang Chongyang has returned more powerful than ever, he could now stand side by side with Jiang Chen to face this powerful foe. 

“Sword of Exorcism, this is the divine blade that I’ve recently comprehended. You shall be its first victim.” Wang Chongyang launched himself forward, reaching and surpassing the peak! 

It was a black long sword, filled with devilish qi. Wang Chongyang launched a fury of lethal strikes, attacking the beast with Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword; it managed to stop the first wave of the Tao Tie’s attack. 


Wang Chongyang’s blade emitted black light while Jiang Chen’s emitted golden light. Both of them intertwined and formed a sword net that covered the whole area. The Tao Tie roared and faced the attack fearlessly; he tackled the net with his four sharp claws and shredded it into pieces. He then used his two powerful claws to push the duo back, shocking everyone in the process once again. 

Jiang Chen coughed out blood and his expression became slightly pale. Wang Chongyang was the same. The duo’s combined strength was unable to put down the Tao Tie. 

“Who can stop me? No one can stop me even if I want to devour the Heavens!” Xuanyuan Canglan was getting more arrogant by the second. 

Wang Chongyang and Jiang Chen looked at each other. They now chose not to fight the beast head-on and look for an opportunity to strike. Wang Chongyang now understood how powerful the Tao Tie was, not even their combined strength could do anything against it. 

“A great man should live his life as a hero and die as a hero.” Jiang Chen looked straight at the Tao Tie and said coldly. 

“Agreed. We will have to try or else there won’t be a chance for us. Let’s fight to our last breath! Hahaha,” Wang Chongyang said. 

He was fearless, he wasn’t afraid of death. The dominance of the way of the sword. Jiang Chen valued that attitude greatly and he was also shocked by Wang Chongyang’s exponential growth. 

“All of you don’t have a chance. Only death and the creeping cold before death awaits you,” the Tao Tie advanced towards the duo. 

The two retreated.

Jiang Chen’s defensive formation managed to defend against the first wave of attack but could not withstand the second wave, and the formation shattered. He then flew backwards due to the force of the impact, the stress he felt increased. Wang Chongyang was treading with caution but was unable to land any effective strikes. The situation was dreadful for them as the Tao Tie overwhelmed them. 

“Looks like I may have belittled this fella.” Wang Chongyang said quietly. 

The duo’s attack became stronger, but the Tao Tie was always one-upping them. Wang Chongyang was once again pushed back. He looked distressed as he coughed out a large amount of blood, half of his meridians shattered. He was extremely lucky to have avoided that last claw-swipe, otherwise it would’ve been lethal. 

Jiang Chen’s clash between the beast was extremely dangerous too. Jiang Chen used his powerful blade and the Qilin Divine Arm to fight against the beast, but has no clear result. His pressure was getting heavier as Wang Chongyang could no longer fight anymore. 

“Now, only you remain. Pretty good, but there’s still no chance for you.” 

The Tao Tie’s giant claw swiped through the air and created a windblade, cutting straight towards Jiang Chen. The latter retreated but the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour was destroyed along the way. 

“Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique, Soaring Dragon Change!” 

Jiang Chen’s strength has reached his limit. Hence, he was burning his lifeforce at this moment, he had used the soaring dragon technique before, and he took several Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills and his wood spirit recovery just to barely recover his strength. Now, Jiang Chen once again used the mighty Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique and the Sword of Solitude. 

“Wouldn’t the result be the same? Hehehe. ” Xuanyuan Canglan sneered as he laughed against the fangs of Jiang Chen with disdain. 

“Devour everything! For I shall reign supreme!” the Tao Tie’s powerful suction force began to suck everything into its giant mouth. 

Jiang Chen was pushed to the corner and he launched his blade and cut through the void. 

“Dawn Sky Golden Lightning, Lightning Tribulation, descend!” 

Jiang Chen used everything he had. The Dawn Sky Golden Lightning appeared once again and struck upon the Tao Tie. A terrifying lightning energy coarsed through the beast’s body, forcing him to stagger a few steps back. However, he was able to withstood the electric energy and pounced on Jiang Chen. 

“I’ll kill you even if I’m going to get severely wounded!” Xuanyuan Canglan’s hatred towards Jiang Chen has reached its peak. 

The Tao Tie pounced towards Jiang Chen mightier than ever. 

At this moment, two figures came flying from the sky as they stopped the Tao Tie’s attack. But both of them flew backwards as they couldn’t withstood the attack. 

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