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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2422

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Even in his dream, he hadn’t expected that an old guy who had passed away hundreds and thousands of years ago was still alive. His own death was only fake as his soul was still not shattered. That was how he got to resurrect. However, this old guy was completely shattered in the past, and his soul had vanished between the heavens and earth. How can he still be alive until now?

The Ancestral Dragon Qi only belonged to one person under the heavens. The person who had it was exactly his father, the emperor of the dragon clan, the Ancestral Dragon! 

Many of the people in the Divine World might have already forgotten what the Ancestral Dragon signifies. However, as the son of the Ancestral Dragon, the Tao Tie clearly remembers. In the old days, the Nine Ancient Dragons had the absolute power of controlling everything under the heavens. In the dragon clan, no one was comparable to the Nine Ancient Dragons except for the Dragon Emperor. However, this dragon clan was not the genuine Dragon Clan even though their blood was incomparably pure and they were the descendants of the Dragon Clan. However, they were not born directly by the Dragon Emperor or within the Dragon Clan, which meant that they were all illegitimate children. Although the Nine Ancient Dragons were invincible under the heavens, they were still under the suppression of the genuine Dragon Clan. 

The Dragon Emperor, who was their father, did not even help them, but suppress them by himself. He had nine sons, yet six of them were buried during the ancient times, and another three of them escaped. One of the three who had managed to escape was the Tao Tie.

The grudges in the past had never been resolved even after over hundreds and thousands of years, and was carried on until today. Undeniably, it was an indescribable predestined fate. But no one knew whether it was good or bad.

During the ancient period, the nine sons had a fierce battle with the Dragon Emperor. Many of the people from the Dragon Clan had been slaughtered by the Nine Ancient Dragons. Because of this chaos, the Dragon Emperor had no choice but to kill his nine sons in the name of justice. 

The Tao Tie could never forget the Dragon Emperor’s Ancestral Dragon’s aura as he was the one who gave him life. He was not resigned to the death. Even if he needed to turn the heavens around or devour the sky, he wanted to be reborn. 

The Tao Tie was incomparably dumbstruck by the pagoda as it was filled with Ancestral Dragon Qi. That was the aura of his father. He was also outraged at his own father who had given birth to him yet had not raised him up. What was the point of having a father like this? As his father wanted to kill them all, they would definitely revolt. Who managed to live until the end, would be the winner.

The Tao Tie was born to be brutal and he devoured all kinds of things. He even tried to devour the Dragon Emperor Ancestral Dragon but the Dragon Emperor managed to break his stomach and came out from it. It was Tao Tie’s nightmare forever. Currently, the terrifying Ancestral Dragon Qi made him tremble again. 

The Tao Tie had just been reborn not too long ago, however it was completely out of his expectation that there was such a coincidence: Dragon Emperor Ancestral Dragon was in the Hidden Secret Realm? 

“Ancestral Dragon Pagoda! Suppress it!”

Jiang Chen roared in rage while his eyes carried a light essence as he realised that the Tao Tie seemed to be frightened by his Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was effective! 

“Ancestral Dragon qi might not be able to suppress me. Get up!”

The Tao Tie crashed into the universe, intending to shatter the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. However, the Ancestral Dragon Qi spread across the entire sky and all the monsters and beasts bowed down to it. Even the Four Great Demon Kings were suppressed by the Ancestral Dragon’s mightiness. 

“What a dreadful suppression. Is it a genuine, and pure descendant of the Dragon Clan?” 

“When the Tao Tie appeared, he didn’t shock us to this extent. What is hiding inside the pagoda that causes such a dreadful atmosphere?”

“You’re right. This atmosphere is terrifying. It seems like it’s capable of killing me within a second.”

“I guess this is the breath of the Dragon Clan king as even Tao Tie is under its suppression. How are we going to deal with it?”

The Four Great Demon Kings looked at each other helplessly.

Sword God Xue Liang started at the Tao Tie without blinking his eyes. He could sense that the Tao Tie brought a huge threat to him, but he could not withdraw his sword. Even though he might die in the battle, he would still fight until the end. 

However, when Jiang Chen casted the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, he was astonished. Even though Jiang Chen’s cultivation realm was not as high as his, Jiang Chen really had numerous techniques and skills. At this moment, luckily Jiang Chen had been handling the Tao Tie with his utmost effort, otherwise, they would’ve all been killed. 

“Jiang Chen’s able to create a miracle again.”

Liu Quanchao said in a low voice, clearly unable to calm himself down. His heart was startled and struggling. Without Jiang Chen, they would’ve all been diciminated in this Hidden Secret Realm.

“This is the aura of a supreme expert. Jiang Chen is really an extraordinary man.”

Yu Rongyan’s eyes were glowing. He had never really admired anyone like this before. Jiang Chen was the only one whom he admired. He felt that he would never reach Jiang Chen’s realm. If Jiang Chen’s cultivation realm had reached the Half-step Heavenly God Realm, he might not even be able to withstand Jiang Chen’s strike. This was the gap between them.

Everyone was well-aware that only those who witnessed Jiang Chen’s power would understand this kind of feeling. Jiang Chen’s prestige was invincible, and no one would be able to surpass him. No one would dare to challenge him.

An expert who would keep surpassing his own level. This is Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen never expected this too. The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda had really saved him from a predicament. It had become his trump card.

“Steady, kid. I will handle the situation.”

A low and deep voice came into Jiang Chen’s mind. It sounded like an old man’s voice. 

Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment, and then realised that it was the voice of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. 

“Is this the spirit of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda?”

Jiang Chen was shocked but immediately calmed down soon after. He always knew that the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was extraordinary but he never knew how dreadful it really was

On the top of the pagoda, an old man wearing a green robe appeared. He looked calm and peaceful while his eyes were like torches. He carried the overbearing aura that felt like merging with the heavens and earth.

However, Jiang Chen did not know that he was the only one who could see the green-robed elder on top of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. The elder turned his head around and gave Jiang Chen a glance. That gaze left Jiang Chen dumbfounded as it was like he had seen that look before.

“You haven’t passed away yet.”

The Tao Tie said while staring at the green-robed elder. He was exactly the Ancestral Dragon, the first generation Dragon Emperor of the Dragon Clan, who was also his father.

“I am your father, do you really want me to die so much? My unfilial son.”

The Ancestral Dragon Emperor said faintly. He did not seem angry at all because he had always known Tao Tie’s character.

All of his nine sons were this brutal and unfilial. This was somehow relevant to their mothers who were also cruel and bad-tempered. Like mother, like son. The Ancestral Dragon Emperor deeply believed in this phrase. 

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