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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2421

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“Good brothers.”

Jiang Chen patted Fire Qilin’s shoulder heavily. That slightly frail young man was extremely tall at this moment. Jiang Chen knew that the Fire Qilin was actually saving himself, and at the last strike, there was still a chance of survival if he succeeded. Otherwise, everyone here would not be able to escape from the stomach of the Tao Tie, the immemorial giant beast that could devour worlds and was an out and out devil.

“Fire Qilin, burning up, frame forged arm, Qilin reappears!”

The Fire Qilin immediately transformed into his original body and then surrounded Jiang Chen’s arm. The figure of the Qilin was accompanied by flying dragons, and flying and dancing phoenixes which roared unceasingly with the frame burning up. That was the natal fire of the Fire Qilin that was used to rebuild Jiang Chen’s Qilin Divine Arm. The heat made Jiang Chen’s shoulder feel like it would melt soon, the scorching temperature was comparable to the heat of the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus. Jiang Chen’s eyes had now become blood red. He was not only carrying himself but also the great aspiration of the Fire Qilin. If they could defeat the Tao Tie, then they will be saved. Otherwise, they’ll end up in the beast’s stomach


Jiang Chen roared, the Qilin’s natal fire was stronger than his Qilin True Fire. The cost of burning the true fire was equal to self-destructtion, but it was just chronic suicide.

“Fire Qilin……”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were filled with ruthlessness and anger, and the terrifying Qilin Divine Arm was once again exerted, a hundred times better than before. On the Qilin Divine Arm, there was a ray of beating flame.

The reason that he did not show his Qilin Divine Arm was because he did not want the Fire Qilin to feel that he was using him. The Fire Qilin chose to submit, so he lowered his proud head. Since the moment the Fire Qilin followed Jiang Chen, he took this juvenile Fire Qilin as his own brother. By now, the Fire Qilin had to use his natal fire to rescue them. Although he was not sure whether he could survive, he was duty-bound not to turn back.

Jiang Chen felt great sorrow, but the Qilin Divine Arm has already been completely transformed. After experiencing the burning baptism of the Fire Qilin, Jiang Chen’s left arm had been reborn and renewed. It was now filled with terrifying explosive force. Once the Qilin Divine Arm was displayed, the whole heavens and earth would change inevitably.

Jiang Chen desired to challenge the world instantly. After having displayed the Dragon Transformation, he again put forth his Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique. At this moment, his power not only reached the Heavenly God Realm but had surpassed the Heavenly God Realm!

“Red Lotus, make way!”

Jiang Chen roared like the heaven-shaking and earth-shattering thunder. Red Lotus was slightly startled and got out of the way quickly. The power of Jiang Chen at this moment is indescribable. After using the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique, his strength has reached an unprecedented level, and his Qilin Divine Arm was extraordinarily terrifying. This time, Jiang Chen had bet on the Fire Qilin and his own life to conquer or to die!

“Quite interesting?”

The Tao Tie murmured.

“It is not right, this is…… the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique? How is it possible, how could you know the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique, even the patriarch of  the Dragon Clan didn’t possess it.”

The Tao Tie’s eyes were filled with surprise and shock. The Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique not only enhanced one’s realm to the highest possible realm, but also let one be able to achieve the peak of strength possible. It is irresistible.

After showing the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique, the Tao Tie became somewhat solemn. If Jiang Chen’s strength had reached the Heavenly God Realm, he should not take him lightly. This Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique had made Jiang Chen completely become more superior than himself.

How could this be happening? How could a Mid True God surpass the immemorial giant beast, Tao Tie?

“Impossible, this is impossible!”

The Tao Tie roared away at Jiang Chen.

“Qilin Divine Arm, the power to shake the universe!”

Jiang Chen fought with his fists with the unbeatable power of the Qilin Divine Arm. His power was almost infinite. Even the strongest human in the world would be frightened. Jiang Chen felt that he had reached an extraordinarily terrifying level, even himself was deeply shocked.

However, the Tao Tie was still very strong. Even with the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique and the Qilin Divine Arm, he was still able to resist the punch. 


Jiang Chen was repulsed and blood spurted out madly, his expression was extremely gloomy and cold.

He could not believe it, and was unwilling to believe that the Tao Tie was still  not defeated. Just how strong was this beast?

Perhaps it was because Jiang Chen did not really understand what being a immemorial giant beast, like the Tao Tie, actually meant. Even if a God Emperor met the Tao Tie , the cultivator had to take a detour. Even if he had just been resurrected now, he still could not be underestimated at all. A tiger that pulls its own teeth may even be teased by a dog when he leaves his mountain. But the Tao Tie was entirely different, this ancient giant beast was a rare existence between the heavens and earth, and he was the son of the Ancestral Dragon. All over the world, the Tao Tie was even more terrifying than the Dragon Clan.

“You’re a very strong guy. But in front of me, you still don’t have any chance of winning. Tell me, how did you obtain the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique?”

The Tao Tie said in a low and deep voice, Jiang Chen made him become completely serious. Compared to the ancient giant beast, Jiang Chen was still too weak after all.

What he most wanted now was the Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning and the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique. Once he obtained these two techniques, he could roam through the Nine Heavens freely.

“Even if I die, you would not get it.”

Jiang Chen said through gritted teeth.

“You’re too stubborn, perhaps I can consider sparing your life if you give me the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique.”

The Tao Tie said in a deep voice.

Jiang Chen knew that the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique would absolutely be a huge help to the Tao Tie. If he gave him the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique, it would be no different than helping a tyrant do evil. Even if he died, he will definitely not give the technique away.

“It would only happen in your dream. If I die, you will never obtain the Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning, let alone the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique,” Jiang Chen said coldly.

“Just accept the destiny. Your death will mean my complete rebirth and I will conquer the world. Hahaha. Even without the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique, I can still  destroy everything in my way and no one can stop me.”

The Tao Tie stepped out, facing Jiang Chen directly.

“Try as a last resort, see if you can suppress this Tao Tie.”

Jiang Chen was in despair, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was his last hope. At this moment, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda gave off rays of light that shone ten thousand miles away. The small golden pagoda stood above the Tao Tie’s head, making the Tao Tie unable to move again.

“This is…… Ancestral Dragon Qi?”

The Tao Tie took a step back. His countenance fell and his whole body trembled. At this moment, his eyes looked cruel and bloody with a faint trace of fear.

“Old codger, you are still alive after thousands of years? I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!”

Tao Tie roared loudly as he reared up with anger. He became incredibly agitated now. Under his foot, the entire Burying Soul Mountain was shattered.

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