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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2420

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“Parlour tricks. But that sword intent is interesting.” Tao Tie slightly laughed. 

He then lifted his claw and grabbed the Heavenly Dragon Sword, causing Jiang Chen to tumble in the air and release his sword intent, only to break free from the grasp of Tao Tie. From Jiang Chen’s point of view, the second blade of the Sword of Solitude could only leave a thin sword mark on Tao Tie’s body. 

“This… is terrifying. This immemorial giant beast is incomparably ferocious.” Jiang Chen’s heart was struck with a wave of emotion. 

His most powerful attack was easily stopped by Tao Tie. It was a heavy blow for Jiang Chen. How could this fella be this powerful?! 

Liu Quanchao and co. were surrounded by the four great demon kings and its army, which was led by Xuanyuan Canglan, cutting off their route to escape.

Sword God Xue Liang struck a powerful slash towards Tao Tie. The latter quickly turned and roared. Its roar trembled the void, the sky, the earth. Sword God Xue Liang was instantly pushed back by Tao Tie, coughing out a mouthful of blood on the way. A single roar from the beast could even push a powerful expert like him back. 

“Puny human, you dare ambush me? Die!” Tao Tie roared. 

He then swiped and shattered the void. Xue Liang’s expression drastically changed as he retreated in a hurry, he used everything he had to defend against this attack even though he was a hundred li away. He only managed to live by having a Divine Heavenly Tool to stop Tao Tie’s attack. 

At this moment, Jiang Chen wanted to take this chance to run away. But Tao Tie was sharp, it only took a single step from him to catch up to Jiang Chen. Not even Xue Liang could measure against that beast. 

“Looks like this Hidden Secret Realm is going to undergo a giant change.” 

Jiang Chen saw that Tao Tie’s attack was coming, and immediately summoned his  Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour. The armour was instantly cracked by Tao Tie’s attack and Jiang Chen suffered major internal damage. He most likely could not take another attack from Tao Tie. 

Sure enough, Tao Tie wasn’t planning on giving Jiang Chen a breather. The second attack came immediately, Jiang Chen tried to repair the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour but to no avail. This time, the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour was almost destroyed and Jiang Chen suffered a lethal injury.  Jiang Chen quickly recovered his strength from the Wood Spirit and Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill. But Tao Tie wasn’t letting up its pressure. Jiang Chen nearly died after taking two attacks from Tao Tie. 

“Could it be that this is where I fall?” Jiang Chen murmured. 

“You won’t die yet for I am here.” A cold and gentle voice reverberated in Jiang Chen’s ears. 

A red figure suddenly stood in front of Jiang Chen. 

“Red Lotus…” Jiang Chen said quietly. 

This time, Red Lotus willingly came out. Because she knew that Jiang Chen could not handle Tao Tie.  

“The spirit of the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus?” Tao Tie frowned as he looked at Red Lotus. 

“You knew about this one’s might, why do you not swiftly back away?” Red Lotus shouted with dominance. 

“Hehe, there’s hardly anyone in this world that could threaten me. Who the f*ck do you think you are? Even though the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus may slightly threaten me, you could not kill me. Since you’re that stubborn, I shall devour you altogether.” Tao Tie’s thunderous roar resounded through the mountain range. 

“I dare you. Hmph.” 

“There’s nothing in this world that I, Tao Tie could not devour.” Tao Tie roared. 

Tao Tie then opened his giant mouth, causing everyone to tremble in fear. Red Lotus launched a fury of flame palm strikes, forming a terrifying blood-red lotus that landed on Tao Tie. But only a small mark could be seen on Tao Tie’s body, he did not suffer any injury. 

“The Karmic Flame of the Red Lotus, you live up to your reputation. But you’re still weak. I’ve met the true spirit of the Red Lotus, the most terrifying flame in this world, I could only look at it from afar. But in the end, it still died under the onslaught of my six brothers, hahaha. Is it six or seven brothers? I don’t quite remember, only a fragment of my memory remains.” 

Tao Tie fell into a confused state after laughing. 

“It was you, you killed my mother!” Red Lotus’s eyes became red in anger. 

Flame swords flew out from her body, the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus burned the land and filled the earth and sky with her raging flames, not even the mighty Tao Tie could get out unscathed, his body was burnt in many places.  

“It’s been such a long time, what’s dead is dead. You too shall not escape that fate, I will thoroughly shatter your soul, disallowing you the luxury of reincarnation.” Tao Tie said. 

A powerful sucking force filled the air, Red Lotus launched a series of lethal attacks. But she could not gain any advantage, Tao Tie was truly terrifying, not even Red Lotus could put him down.  

“The flame spirit of Red Lotus, this is what you amount to? Piss off!” 

Tao Tie launched a fury of punches, dragon prestige filled the area they were in, it was extremely dominant. 

Red Lotus’s expression became pale white as she was pushed back, she took Tao Tie’s attack head-on and received a great deal of damage.  

“To think even Red Lotus lost against it.” 

Jiang Chen suddenly felt sad. Red Lotus was his greatest card, yet even she could do nothing against Tao Tie. What could they do to get away from this predicament?  

Fire Qilin clenched his teeth, he did not regret following Jiang Chen. But he could not do anything now, this was possibly their fate. 

“Jiang Chen, I know you have the Qilin Divine Arm, you do not want to use it because of me. But today, we’ll have to use whatever we have to survive. I shall burn my flame essence today and help you recreate the Qilin Divine Arm. If it fails, I leave this place just a second earlier than you, that’s all.” Fire Qilin smiled palely. 

Jiang Chen’s expression changed. 

“Not even Red Lotus could save you if your flame essence is extinguished. ” Jiang Chen sighed. 

But how could Fire Qilin not know? Do they have a choice? This was their final choice, to burn his flame essence and help Jiang Chen to rebuild the Qilin Divine Arm. If he’s lucky, he may live, if he’s not, then his flame essence shall be extinguished and he’ll be dead forever, not being able to reincarnate anymore. 

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