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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2412

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Jiang Chen was staring at the scene of more than ten Heavenly God Realm beasts fighting against the Four Great Demon King on the sky. The entire place was filled with an oppressive atmosphere and terrifying aura. Owing to the fact that he’s controlling more than ten Heavenly God Realm beasts, Xuanyuan Canglan remained fearless in his battle against all of the experts here and the Four Great Demon Kings. He looked unparalleled.

“Does he really want everyone to sacrifice for him?” 

Jiang Chen frowned. At the moment, Xuanyuan Cnaglan’s momentum was overbearing, making him madly proud of himself. He only saw enemies in his eyes right now. The scene was magnificent yet terrifying.

Jiang Chen was well-aware of Xuanyuan Canglan’s purpose. He wanted everyone to pay the price for him to pursue his dream. He wanted everyone to die. His wild ambition was heavenly unforgiving. In front of the Heavenly God Realm beasts he’s controlling, the Four Great Demon Kings were having an extremely hard time. Each of them had to deal with ten of the beasts. Hence, Xuanyuan Canglan looked very confident and composed seeing that his enemies were suppressed heavily by him right now.

If they continued to wrestle like this, all of them might not be able to leave this place alive when the ancient beast was reborn.

Nevertheless, the Four Great Demon Kings were still formidable. The Nine-headed  took the lead while Dark Bat King, Man-eating Ant Queen and Heavenly Bull Clan Patriarch used their utmost strength in confronting the opponent. As the Four Great Demon Kings joined hands to fight fiercely with the fifty Heavenly God Realm beasts, the entire heaven and earth were shaking madly, making the scene look terrifying. Countless beasts and souls were shattered for each passing moment. The Four Great Demon Kings swore not to give up as they understood that once the ancient beast was reborn, their situation would be critically dangerous. Now they were trying to save themselves. 

“There are too many of them. Dragon King, we have to fight harder!”

The Dark Bat King shouted loudly. Facing the fifty Heavenly God Realm beasts, they had to fight at the cost of their life in order to see hope.

“Don’t show  mercy, kill all of them!”

The Man-eating Ant Queen’s voice echoed around the space. She looked ruthless and cold like an icy mountain. 

The four of them exchanged a glance and then proceeded to use up all of their tricks and battle techniques in this battle. The fifty beasts also formed up quite a formidable formation that was able to shatter heaven and earth. 

Xuanyuan Canglan was incomparably confident as he had been ready for this day for 70 000 years. He had been waiting for this very day and now he had already become a cruel killer.

“No one can stop me from becoming an unparalleled master. Hahaha.”

Xuanyuan Canglan cleaved heaven and earth with his palm attacks, pressing against Yu Rongyan and the other three people.. Even though they had Divine Tools in their hands, they seemed useless right now. In front of Xuanyuan Canglan, no one dared to be slow because sluggishness signified death. They only have the chance to survive by having a life-and-death battle. They all understood that what Xuanyuan Canglan was doing irritated both heaven and humans. Once he completed the blood sacrifice, not only Hidden Secret Realm but the entire world would experience a catastrophe.

“What to do now?”

Yang Jian said in a low voice. At the moment, he could not contribute much in the battle. It’s a battle between Half-step Heavenly Gods. If he took any action, he would only be like a cannon fodder. Man Shuai felt the same.

“Let me handle the situation. You two, enter and hide inside the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda first.”

What Jiang Chen said had disappointed Yang Jian and Man Shuai. However, they understood that they could not help much and they might only cause trouble to Jiang Chen with their current strength. They might also distract him in the battle. It’s better for them to stay inside the Pagoda. 

Jiang Chen saw that the time is ripe for him to take action. Xuanyuan Canglan almost killed him last time. Even if there was no blood sacrifice, he would still not show him any mercy due to their personal grudges. 

Xu Jin, Yu Rongyan, Liu Quanchao and Qin Yumo couldn’t match Xuanyuan Canglan at all. They kept being repulsed and now their situation was quite critical. 

“A bunch of cowards want to fight for glory with me? Get out of here.”

Xuanyuan Canglan casted his thunderous palm technique again and the strikes poured down to the earth with terrifying mightiness. Xu Jin and Yu Rongyan took the initiative to withstand the strike but they were hurt badly as a result. They looked embarrassing. 

“Death is a relief to you all. Hidden Secret Realm must be controlled under my hand.”

Xuanyuan Canglan looked afar. Hundreds of Heavenly God Realm beasts had been sacrificed and the blood sacrifice was almost finished. He was one step closer to success.

White-clothed Sword God was composedly dealing with ten beasts right now. Xuanyuan Canglan did not plan to give them any chance of victory, so he decided to increase his speed to finish the battle.

“Thunderous Palm Technique!”

He made another heavy strike and thunderous strength rolled out from his palm. At the same time, there were more and more dreadful thunderous clouds appearing in the sky. A heavenly shaking lightning broke through the sky and struck Xue Liang immediately. 

Xue Liang’s countenance fell because this strike could threaten his life. It was dreadful. If it was not for the dexterity of a Heavenly God, Xue Liang might not be able to dodge the strike. However, he was still injured by the strike, making him look gloomy. He used his Ling Luo Shattering Demon Sword to counterattack Xuanyuan Canglan fiercely. 

“What a good strike, but not sure if Xuanyuan Canglan would be terrified.”

Jiang Chen thought as he watched the scene unfold. Sword God Xue Liang was extraordinarily powerful, even if he was now a Half-step Heavenly God. 

The sword shadow was overspreading everywhere and transformed into a mad dragon flying across the sky. Xuanyuan Canglan could only dodge the sword strike. The battle had obviously shown that both Sword God Xue Liang and Xuanyuan Canglan were profoundly powerful. Xuanyuan Canglan casted another ten palm strikes to resist the sword attack, but he was still repulsed badly by its terrifying airwave.

However, twenty great beasts started wrestling with Xue Liang again as they were not afraid of Xue Liang at all. The beasts had very strong defence and battle strength as well as perseverance. Xue Liang was clear that he would need to spend quite a lot of effort to kill these twenty beasts. By that time, the ancient beast might have already stood in front of him.

“Xuanyuan Canglan, I am your enemy!”

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