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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2411

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“This man is terrifying.” Yu Rongyan said quietly. He then made a heavy blow with his Nine-Segmented Whip. However, his attack was dealt with by Xuanyuan Canglan effortlessly.

“We are still going to fight him even though we might die here. We could not let him get what he wanted.” 

Liu Quanchao roared in rage, then he started striking a formidable attack against Xuanyuan Canglan. Booming sounds kept blasting in the sky while Xuanyuan Canglan resisted four of his opponents steadily.

“We are all Half-step Heavenly Gods, so we shouldn’t be any weaker than him. Hahaha.” 

Xu Jin used up all of his battle strength to fight  Xuanyuan Canglan. He even found his own fighting strength a bit terrifying, but Xuanyuan Canglan could resist all of them effortlessly.

Not to be outdone, Qin Yumo crashed into the battlefield but it was difficult for him to approach since Xuanyuan Canglan’s attack was even more powerful. He had badly injured Xu Jin and others. 

At the moment, Sword God felt relieved with the sudden assistance. His sword’s overbearingness soared to the sky and he managed to help Xu Jin and others to get out of predicament. 

“Since you guys are so stubborn, I am going to send you guys to hell.”

Xuanyuan Canglan’s eyes looked ruthless. As the final step of the blood sacrifice was stopped by Sword God Xue Liang, why wouldn’t he feel enraged? 

“Come on, all beasts!” 

Xuanyuan Canglan soared to the sky and joined hands with another ten Heavenly God Realm beasts. At the moment, Xue Liang became solemn as there were twenty Heavenly God Realm beasts blocking all of his way. He did not have any chance to help Xu Jin and the others anymore as he was under great pressure created by the twenty Heavenly God Realm beasts. He was repulsed and took a few steps backwards. Although these Heavenly God Realm beasts would not be able to threaten his life, he was worried that Xuanyuan Canglan’s critical attack would injure him severely.

Xue Liang knew that Xuanyuan Canglan was not as simple as what he had shown. 

At this moment, a gloomy wind swept across and a huge black bat appeared on the void. On the other side, a white-clothed lady who had a long feather wing appeared. Her physique was graceful and there was a black crown on her head. Behind her, there were hundreds and thousands man-eating ants being absorbed into the bloody valley. All of these ants were used to build the ancient giant beast.

On the other hand, a Nine-headed Dragon was standing in pride. Opposite it was a charming man who had a bullhorn on his head staring at the battlefield silently. Four of them were all beasts. 

“Obviously, it’s a grand scheme. No wonder, we always have had Heavenly God Realm beasts disappearing over the hundred thousand years. Only now did I know that all of them have been sacrificed and used to form up a formidable being. Or they have just become nourishment. It’s sad… Sigh…”

The Nine-headed Dragon sighed and looked extremely solemn. He would rather give up the spiritual spring water at the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain in order to watch the changes that happened in the Burying Soul Mountain. They were all incredibly shocked. Everyone and each of the monsters were shivering in fear while looking at the ancient giant beast. 

“Dark Bat King, what do you think about this ancient giant beast?” 

The bullhorn man said with a deep voice. He was the top expert of the Heavenly Bull Clan and also one of the kings in the Hidden Secret Realm. 

“It’s hard to say, but I think that it must be an incredible ancient monster. Once it’s reborn, it must be very harmful to us. Hundred thousand years ago, no one knew how Hidden Secret God Emperor got to create this Hidden Secret Realm. The preparation for the reborn of that ancient giant beast has been going on for countless years. I am afraid that we can’t do anything to stop it now.”

Dark Bat King replied in  a low voice.

“I have the same thought. This ancient beast have given me too much pressure. In our clans, there were many many descendants killed by the blood sacrifice. I think you guys face the same situation. If the blood sacrifice is successful, I guess we won’t be able to maintain control of the Hidden Secret Realm anymore. Our lives might even be at the stake. This beast has seriously terrified me.”

The man-eating ant queen said solemnly.

The other three beasts found her words resonating. Once the ancient beast was reborn, the entire Hidden Secret Realm might be turned into a hell. It has already caused such a huge chaos when it’s going through the process of rebirth. Hundreds and thousands of  beasts were sacrificed. It’s so terrifying and tragic. Everything was destroyed for its rebirth.

“We have to take action now to stop it from being reborn. Otherwise, we won’t have good days anymore in the future.”

The Nine-headed Dragon said while shaking his head. Nine of his heads were in the likeness of dragons but they had not transformed into a dragon yet. However, his formidable strength was terrifying because his cultivation realm had already reached the peak of Middle Heavenly God Realm. Four of them ruled the four directions in Hidden Secret Realm, the East, the South, the West, and the North. No one had surpassed them before.

Their position had been passed down from generation to generation. In their heart, they knew that they were the true masters of the Hidden Secret Realm. They would never allow the rebirth of a dreadful ancient beast. 

“More than a hundred Heavenly God Realm beasts should not be a big deal for us.”

Dark Bat King said faintly.

“Let’s see if your strength deteriorated or not over the years.”

The Four Great Demon Kings appeared together at the same time. At the moment, all of the beasts were shivering because they could not handle the mightiness of the demon kings. Although they were under the control of Xuanyuan Canglan, they still started becoming hesitant. 

“The Four Great Demon Kings!” 

Xuanyuan Canglan’s facial expression changed. But he had already known that the four great demons were not easy to deal with. If he did not have a comprehensive plan to handle this, his preparation would be all wasted.

Xuanyuan Canglan had already expected this to happen. It’s just one step to see the rebirth of the ancient beast, so no one should stop him from achieving this.

“The Four Great Demon Kings are here. Seems like the battle is going to be fun.”

White-clothed Sword God Xue Liang smiled. He knew that the Four Great Demon Kings would not let someone step over them. Once the ancient beast was reborn, their ranking in the Hidden Secret Realm would definitely be threatened. 

That was why all four of them would definitely take action and prevent this from happening at the cost of their life. Although Xuanyuan Canglan was formidable, the Four Great Demon Kings were definitely the most powerful existences in the Hidden Secret Realm.

Xuanyuan Canglan smiled coldly. He wielded the flag and fifty Heavenly God Realm beasts flew into the battlefield from all different directions. These were the beasts of death that he had been training for three thousand years. They were the ‘men of sacrifice’. He had been training them for handling any unexpected incidence. As long as all of these Heavenly God Realm beasts were sacrificed for the ancient beast, everything would be destroyed when the beast was reborn.

“No one could stop me, including heaven.”

Xuanyuan Canglan sounded overbearing. He had been preparing for this for 70 000 years, how could he accept that his plan had been interrupted by others now? 

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