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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2410

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“For the sake of reviving the beast god, you guys will have to be used for the final step of the blood sacrifice.” Xuanyuan Canglan looked at the hundreds of demonic beasts and said with a pale smile. 

Now that everything was prepared, only the last and most important component was needed–the Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts. They will all be needed to be killed and sacrificed–their soul, their blood and flesh will be used for the beast god. 

The giant skeletal structure was about 80-90% complete. What’s left was the detail of its face for it to be finally completed. 

The blood-coloured giant beast was terrifying, it possessed a lion’s body, horse’s tail, fish’s scales, the paws of a bear, the head of a qilin, extremely sharp horns, tigerish eyes, dragon’s brow and a giant mouth that could devour everything. 

Even though it’s face could not clearly be seen yet,  its body was on the verge of completion from the souls and blood being poured onto its body.  A weak pulse could be felt coming from that gigantic body. 

It was truly shocking. 

Sword God Xue Liang leapt up towards the sky and looked at the giant blood-coloured demonic beast with a cold expression, he felt immensely pressured.

“This blood ritual is truly mysterious. It needs the blood and soul of countless demonic beasts as sacrifice. Such a terrifyingly harsh requirement. But it isn’t that simple for you to obtain that peerless body. ” Xue Liang said. 

He knew that once the ritual was completed, he’d have to face the onslaught of that terrifying beast. He had never seen such a terrifying beast in his life. Such a dominatingly powerful being would spelldisaster once it’s face was completed. 

Xue Liang unleashed a powerful slash and cut down several hundred spirits and rushed towards the Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts as he wanted to try to stop the ritual’s completion. 

“I shall grant you death if you want it so much. Xue Liang.”  Xuanyuan Canglan sneered. 

He then waved his giant arm and hundreds of Heavenly God Realm beast instantly split into half. Ten demonic beasts were left behind to deal with Xue Liang and the remaining ones rushed towards the blood sacrificial point, the forehead of the giant beast. The beast’s resurrection will be completed and it would then obtain total dominance. 

“Only ten of them? Hehe, let’s see how powerful these demonic beasts that you’ve taken your time to cultivate are.” Xue Liang said. 

He’s not  afraid of all these beasts. His blade was ringing in excitement too. 

Xue Liang looked down and gazed at his blade, his lips then changed into a smile. 

“You can feel the challenge too, eh? Let’s fight till our heart’s content today.  Hahaha. ” Xue Liang shouted and rushed towards his enemies with peerless vigour. 

“Ten Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts. Let’s see what you have to stop them. The life of the white-robed Sword God is mine to take. ” 

Xuanyuan Canglan’s palm strikes were swift as lightning. He joined the battle and launched a powerful attack, forcing Xue Liang to retreat. However, he still managed to defend against a dozen foes. 

Xue Liang sneered. Even though he was surrounded by Xuanyuan Canglan and almost a dozen demonic beasts, he was unfazed by it. His swordsmanship was excellent, beautiful, at the peak of its craft. He could fight against a Heavenly God while in his current constrained realm. In his full strength, he could fight on-par against a Half-Step Hierarch. He’s indeed a mighty expert. 

“These demonic beasts are not enough.” Xue Liang said. 

Xue Liang was extremely powerful. He could easily defend himself even with Xuanyuan Canglan attacking him at the same time. Those demonic beasts that were trapped were also sacrificed in the end. Those demonic beasts needed to die quickly, to be sacrificed for the sake of the immemorial beast. 

“Look! Isn’t that the white-robed Sword God, Xue Liang? He can even fight against a dozen opponents on his own, terrifying! Even though we are also a Half-Step Heavenly God, we can never reach his level of power.” Xu Jin sighed. 

This was the might of those monsters, those prodigies amongst prodigies. Sword God Xue Liang was one of them. They could never measure up against him. 

“It looks like he’s trying to stop Xuanyuan Canglan?” Liu Quanchao frowned. 

Even though they’re caught under the onslaught of the spirit’s attack, they still wanted to join into the battle with Xue Liang, as he’s now in a passive  stance in the face of a dozen foes. 

“Looks like Xue Liang is trying to stop the ritual. But Xuanyuan Canglan is trying to stop him. Looks like it’s time for us to act.” Yu Rongyan said. 

He could still differentiate between good and evil. Sword God Xue Liang cut a demonic beast in half trying to stop the ritual. At this moment, they could not stand idly on the side anymore. 

Yu Rongyan and the others rushed to the front and stopped Xuanyuan Canglan’s attack.  

The combined strength of Xu Jin, Yu Rongyan, Liu Quanchao, Qin Yumo and Dongfang Kuangyin, five Half-Step Heavenly God Realm experts, in addition with Zhang Lei, the Wu Brothers and a dozen or so Peak True Gods barely managed to stop Xuanyuan Canglan’s attack.  

“Bunch of ants trying to stop the inevitable.”  Xuanyuan Canglan said coldly. 

He then launched a fury of palm strikes, killing off 7 Peak True Gods without batting an eye. Yu Rongyan and the others dare not to dawdle, and launched their strongest attack towards Xuanyuan Canglan, yet the latter was unfazed like Xue Liang. 

Xuanyuan Canglan’s lightning fist could not be blocked. Zhang Lei and Dongfang Kuangyin were forced to retreat, while the other Peak True Gods were instantly killed. 

“Your opponent is me.” 

A figure suddenly appeared from the sky and stopped the Wu Brothers, Dongfang Kuangyin and Zhang Lei. It was the Third Grand Guardian of the Clear Stream Sect, Tang Zhen. 

Tang Zehn rushed towards the group with his trusty long spear. The four of them were pushed back by him alone and were forced to retreat. Tang Zhen wasn’t letting them go as he pursued, after a few instant teleportations, they all vanished, the four of them ran away frantically, not knowing whether they’re alive or dead!* 

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