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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2406

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Xuanyuan Canglan did not back off and launched a swift attack, causing the whole realm to tremble, both of them were on par with each other. 

None of them was able to overpower the other. Xuanyuan Canglan clashed with Xue Liang like his body was a tool. Although Xue Liang’s blade was phenomenal, it couldn’t do anything against his opponent. They clashed for a few hundred rounds yet no result could be seen. 

However, none of them was willing to let their guards down as it could be fatal. Jiang Chen watched their battle in awe. An expert will always have their own pride and honour. 

Jiang Chen noticed that Xue Liang was able to unleash 70% of the intent realm imbued in his blade. His blade technique was better than Jiang Chen as he could silently kill a person from afar without anyone noticing. 

Xue Liang unleashed his flurry of blade strikes but it was still lacking compared to the might of Xuanyuan Canglan. Xue Liang who was a true Heavenly God Realm expert was able to push his opponent back but the latter remained unfazed.

“Haha, You’re worthy of your title, Sword God. You’re truly extraordinary, however, I do not have the time to play games with you anymore. We’ll meet again soon. I hope you can live until then.” 

Xuanyuan Canglan took a step back and vanished into a crack of space. Xue Liang frowned seeing that Xuanyuan Canglan left the battle without warning. Something is amiss… he didn’t unleash his full strength, but so am I. In the end, we’re both testing the waters. That fella is pretty crafty… He’s likely cooking up some schemes from behind…

Xue Liang felt pressured even though they were at the same cultivation realm. As his opponent was crafty. 

“Looks like that fella came prepared.” Xue Liang coldly said with an ugly expression.

He looked at Jiang Chen’s group, feeling slightly unhappy. Since Xuanyuan Canglan managed to run away without leaving a trace behind, he felt depressed as the battle did not go as planned. 

“Look! The blood of the ten thousand beasts is moving towards the thousand Zhang skeletal structure.” 

“Yeah. Could that skeletal structure be some kind of ancient beast? Could it be that the ritual is done for the sake of resurrecting that beast?”

“Hard to say… That skeletal structure is gigantic and that amount of blood may not even be enough.”

Their expression became heavy. Most of them were already prepared to fight to the death the moment they came to this Burying Soul Mountain. It won’t be shameless for them to die here, at least they tried. Moreover, there are so many experts beside them. 

Those who managed to live and were able to reach this stage were most likely brave men and women, but who would truly risk their lives and face the River Styx head-on? 

Jiang Chen stared at the giant skeletal structure. Suddenly, the blood-coloured clouds became bigger, covering the whole Burying Soul Mountain. The appearance of the white-robed sword god Xue Liang was the biggest variable in this situation. Xuanyuan Canglan quickly retreated from the place as the variable was in play. This mountain… something is brewing… it’s probably a gigantic feast…  

Nobody knew what would happen next. Nevertheless, those demonic beasts kept on murmuring and chanting. 

Xuanyuan Canglan appeared on the sky a hundred meters away from the site and watched the skeletal structure with a cold gaze. A golden marble could be seen in his palm, glowing. 

“It won’t be long… This Burying Soul Mountain shall be mine soon. The blood of the ten thousand beasts, the might of the blood sacrifice, who can stop me now?! Haha.” Xuanyuan Canglan said in a serious manner. 

His eyes were cold and filled with arrogance, pride and excitement, because his ambition was about to be fulfilled. This battle, this place was prepared just for him, the several tens of thousands of years of resources from the Clear Stream Sect made him what he was today. 

He was the chosen one, he shall step higher and reach a higher place compared to others, and the Linhe Boundary was just a stepping stone for him to reach a higher place. 

Xuanyuan Canglan had gone through ten reincarnations for this very moment. Seventy thousand years, he had waited… He shall be the one laughing in the end. 

Seventy thousand years ago, Xuanyuan Canglan entered the Hidden Secret Realm in his first life. At that moment, he accidentally entered the Burying Soul Mountain and survived the onslaught of the beasts. In his adventure, he had discovered a shocking secret, an immemorial ferocious beast will be reborn in this mountain.  

However, after the passing of time, the soul of that immemorial beast was damaged. It needed the strength of Xuanyuan Canglan to continue surviving. 

Hence, Xuanyuan Canglan gave up his past glory for this life’s grand ambition.  For the sake of this event, that was 70,000 years later. He entered the Burying Soul Mountain once every 7000 years to prolong the life of the immemorial beast. Whereas the ten reincarnations of Xuanyuan Canglan was achieved through the help of the immemorial beast. The might of the beast was powerful as it could tamper with the reincarnation cycle of men, going against the law of the heavens. Very few of the current mighty cultivators could do such a feat. 

Xuanyuan Canglan went through ten lives as a man, he had lived as a mighty expert with each of those lives. However, he could not reach the Divine King Realm. Because he had to use every ounce of his life’s cultivation for the immemorial beasts every 7000 years. 

The continent, the land, and the sky has changed countless times, only this gigantic land has not changed. Seventy thousand years, Xuanyuan Canglan who had gone through all those years with his memories intact, all for the sake of this very day. His experience was on par with the sect’s old ancestor. Hence, he was the strongest amongst his peers, in addition to his in-born talent, Xuanyuan Canglan’s position as the strongest prodigy was without a doubt. He is a peerless expert! 

“70,000 years! Who can understand my hardship and loneliness? But this is all worth it. I shall become an unparalleled expert, I want the Heavens to bend to my will. I want this land to succumb to my might!” Xuanyuan Canglan’s eyes became sharp as if he was the mightiest emperor of the supreme heavens. 

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