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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2405

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The battle between the two outstanding disciples of the young generation, Xue Liang and Xuanyuan Canglan, was very eye-catching. Xue Liang was slightly more superior than Xuanyuan Canglan and his prestige was quite high in Linhe Boundary. However, their strength seemed neck to neck in this Hidden Secret Realm.

“I always heard that you were the most outstanding expert of the young generation and you would at least be one of the top three. Today, I am going to see if your strength really lives up to your name.” 

Xuanyuan Canglan smiled and said in a playful tone. Right now, they were standing on the same starting line, so he was not worried that he would be defeated. On the other hand, he was quite excited to have a battle with White-clothed Sword God because of his popularity. However, there were still twenty years of gap between them. Xue Liang had been a Heavenly God Realm expert much earlier than him. 

No matter experts or geniuses, both of these groups of people were very narrow-minded because they knew that there could only be one true genius amongst them. They could not accept other people. That was why it was said that experts were doomed to be alone. They had to fight with all of the other experts and be the one at the top.

That was also why Xuanyuan Canglan challenged Xue Liang. On the other hand, Xue Liang was highly confident because he was a true Heavenly God Realm expert. Even though his cultivation realm was constrained at Half-step Heavenly God Realm right now, he was far more superior than Xuanyuan Canglan in terms of experience and divine strength. 

Xuanyuan Canglan was a genius, but wasn’t he also a genius? Not being able to enter the Hidden Secret Realm during his most glamorous time had been Xue Liang’s greatest regret. If he could defeat Xuanyuan Canglan with his Half-step Heavenly God Realm now, he would see this victory as a way to fulfill his dream. 

Jiang Chen was watching their battle as it was quite beneficial for him to learn more about these two experts. If they ever fight in the future, he would be more confident. However, until now, Xuanyuan Canglan and the White-clothed Sword God had not taken action yet. 

Jiang Chen squirted his eyes as he had no confidence to deal with these two experts right now. Although they were only Half-step Heavenly Gods, they were capable of killing Heavenly God Realm beasts. The coming battle would be a battle of glory between the two most formidable geniuses. It would also be a battle to show their true colours.

“It would be the best if both of you would be injured badly during your battle.”

Jiang Chen said and grinned. However, it was obviously not possible because only fools would show their true colours and let others see through them in the current situation at the Burying Soul Mountain. Jiang Chen knew that they were currently at a disadvantage as both Xuanyuan Canglan and the White-clothed Sword God had some kind of understanding about the Burying Soul Mountain. At the same time, the bloody skeleton on the void had turned into a dreadful shape of a monster. It was disturbing. They did not know yet whether it was a terrifying beast or not. 

If the enemy had not taken action, the other one would not take action. Whoever took action first might expose their weakness first but whoever took action late might lose the opportunity. Each of them was waiting for each other to take action first.

“If you want to know my strength, then attack me. Let’s try to see if you could escape from me.”

Xue Liang said faintly while looking calm and standing still. He might be the only one who could stay this calm and stand with a disdainful attitude in front of Xuanyuan Canglan. 

“Alright. Today I will give you the chance. No one can tarnish the dignity of Clear Stream Sect. After this battle, I will be the only one who’ll be breathing in the Hidden Secret Realm.”

Xuanyuan Canglan’s words frightened Xue Liang a bit and he started being concerned. Is this man planning a terrifying scheme? Hundreds and thousands of geniuses had entered the Hidden Secret Realm before and there were only around nine hundred people walking out here alive in total. Each of them who survived had become legendary experts. But this time Xuanyuan Canglan wanted to kill everyone here and be the only one who would walk out alive? 

Although this was just his guess, Xue Liang would not forget about this thought. He raised up his head and looked at the bloody skeleton which had been formed up. In the hurricane, the level of  bloody river had risen up and splashed to the void above. It’s bloody and terrifying.

The smell of blood spread in the air and made people feel depressed.

“Roll Cloud Palm!”

Xuanyuan Canglan took action immediately as lightning struck across the universe. His palm was like a divine palm pressing down heavily against Xue Liang but Xue Liang managed to take out his sword immediately and resist his strike effortlessly.

Xuanyuan Canglan attacked again as lightning struck unceasingly. He stepped on the void, and suddenly, the bloody clouds turned into a bloody palm covering the entire sky. The atmosphere was extremely dreadful. His palm strike, however, failed to harm Xue Liang again as Xue Liang was extremely careful and defended himself with his sword. 

The Sword God’s mightiness was displayed fully at the moment. Even Jiang Chen had to admit that Xue Liang’s sword technique was seriously dreadful. Everyone’s face looked terrified and even some Half-step Heavenly Gods were worried about it.

“If his sword strikes me, I might be killed immediately or torn apart.” 

Liu Quanchao said while smiling bitterly.

“I can’t resist this sword.”

Xu Rongyan said in a low voice. It’s not scary to admit your failure but it would be sad if you could not face failure. Xu Rongyan finally understood that the difference between a Half-step Heavenly God and Heavenly God was huge. At the beginning, he thought that they could join hands to deal with Xu Liang, and the worst that could happen to them would be both of them getting injured badly. But now, Xu Liang’s vanity seemed reasonable as he was really powerful. 

Xue Liang’s sword was like a flying fairy that shuttered around with a formidable momentum. The sword was ruthless and its movement is flexible.

Jiang Chen was solemn while watching this scene. Xue Liang’s flying fairy had been displayed to its peak. That was why he was called as the Sword God, he lived up to his name. 

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