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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2403

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The White-clothed Sword God was a legend. Although Jiang Chen did not have much information about Xue Liang, he knew that this guy definitely was not simple. He was definitely one of Xuanyuan Canglan’s biggest opponents. An old Sword God and a new generation of Sword God who was the most outstanding disciple of Clear Stream Sect. What kind of spark would be ignited by two of them? Jiang Chen actually was looking forward to that moment. 

Xue Liang soared into the sky like a white ray, stunning everyone. He was born to be like a dazzling sun that everyone would worship. The White-clothed Sword God was full of killing intent and he would definitely turn the whole situation around in the Hidden Secret Realm. 

No one dared to underestimate him as he was able to deal with Heavenly God beasts effortlessly. Xue Liang was definitely one of the three most powerful people in the entire Hidden Secret Realm.

Although Xue Liang’s cultivation realm was constrained and was only at the Half-step Heavenly God Realm, a Heavenly God might not be able to withstand his mightiness. Basically, an ordinary Half-step Heavenly God could not achieve this but Xue Liang was an exception.

The sky above Burying Soul Mountain was fully covered by dark clouds. Countless beasts crashed into the valley of the mountain unceasingly, and blood was flowing around. Everyone’s eyes were filled with fear as more and more beasts died. There were bats, wildboars, gooses, snakes and more. 

“Burying Soul Mountain is about to undergo a transformation soon.” 

The White-clothed Sword God Xue Liang murmured. Even though his cultivation was actually at the Mid Heavenly God Realm, he could only suppress his own strength for a period of time. If he showed his true colour, the consequences would be unimaginable. It would be completely out of his imagination, however, he also felt that his current cultivation realm of Half-step Heavenly God Realm was not enough.

Xue Liang had already noticed something different at this Burying Soul Mountain because there might be a great scheme here. This was a sacrifice that cost too many lives. There must be someone behind wanting to gain the benefits from the blood sacrifice.

Xue Liang’s heart was extremely solemn to this Burying Soul Mountain due to a nightmare of an old man who came from the Forgotten Sword Tomb. After being awakened, he came to the Hidden Secret Realm. Although it sounded ridiculous, the old man was an expert who had entered the Hidden Secret Realm. Right now, the said old man became a true master, but he still could not get over the Burying Soul Mountain. 

Xue Liang was very aware that once this blood sacrifice succeeded, it would be a dreadful weapon. Since his old ancestor was still very careful of this Burying Soul Mountain, one could already imagine how dreadful it was. 

No one knew how many more beasts would sacrifice themselves in the valley. However, undeniably, the beasts looked like they existed for the purpose of being sacrificed here.

Jiang Chen and the others were extremely depressed as they watched so many lives being wasted so unreasonably. For these beasts, this might sound justified or dying here might be their glory. However, which of them knew the secret behind the blood sacrifice in the Burying Soul Mountain. 

An unknown spiritual strength flooded into the grand valley while blood was overflowing everywhere. One could deeply sense the deadly air from the void. The blood sacrifice in Burying Soul Mountain was doomed to happen.

“The strength gathered from the beasts is still not strong enough right now. But once it is strong enough, the moment of change will surely arrive.”

Jiang Chen thought. Except for him, there might only be very few people who could sense this spiritual strength. Without the Great Soul Derivation Technique, he wouldn’t have been able to sense this. However, once this spiritual strength was formed up and become strong enough, the consequences would be terrifying. 

Jiang Chen knew how dreadful this spiritual strength was. 

“Or perhaps the blood sacrifice is calling for something? What is it for? Is it for humans or for beasts?”

Jiang Chen had so many thoughts inside his head but none of them could not be confirmed. Right now, the Burying Soul Mountain was almost totally closed and no one would be able to approach it. It could only be opened up by a powerful spiritual strength. No one, including White-clothed Sword God Xue Liang, was capable of approaching the center of the Burying Soul Mountain. 

How magnificent would this blood sacrifice be with all the blood of the beasts? However, it was heartbreaking as it took away hundreds and thousands of lives. But it was also the beasts’ wish, wasn’t it? No one knew that those beasts actually mumbled something in their mouth.

“Or maybe there is a terrifyingly dreadful beast buried inside the mountain?”

Liu Quanchao said in a deep voice and his countenance fell. If this continued, he did not know how many more innocent beasts would die here. But this was not what they really worried about, they were concerned about the transformation that was going to happen. Once the valley was completely full with blood, would there be something more dreadful that would happen?

Liu Quanchao’s words had its own point. Everyone was clear that there must be something bad that was about to happen with the blood sacrifice in the Burying Soul Mountain. It must be an extraordinary man or beast who was able to bring hundreds and thousands of beasts to worship him.  

“It’s hard to say. It’s possible that a terrifying expert will be reborn from his soul. Anything can happen.” 

Xu Jin said in a low voice. He just said what he felt like to say because everyone actually already knew that anything could happen once the blood sacrifice finished. Some said that the Burying Soul Mountain was a place full of treasure, but some said that it was a land of death. Even though they knew that coming here was just like seeking death, they still chose to come. But they were more careful than those beasts and knew that they had to protect their life well. Once something big happened later on, they might not be able to stay calm anymore.

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