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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2402

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Jiang Chen made use of his spiritual strength immediately, and everything within the thousand miles was shown in his mind. He could sense the movement of each individual right now.

However, his Great Soul Derivation Technique could only help him this far. If he wanted his spiritual strength to become more powerful and dreadful, it would require a lot of hard work and it still would not be so easy. However, with his current Great Soul Derivation Technique, he could still sense an extraordinary spiritual strength. 

“Stay alive, stay live…… I can’t die. Come back, I have to come back……”

This spiritual strength carried a mysterious pressure that only Jiang Chen could feel. This spiritual strength showed that the owner was in a deep confusion—he wanted to complete the blood sacrifice and transform himself. Did this mean that there was a spiritual strength wandering around the Burying Soul Mountain?

Jiang Chen was incomparably astonished by the spiritual strength. He did not know how dreadful it was, but it had brought hundreds and thousands of beasts into death for the blood sacrifice. Moreover, the spiritual strength managed to do this in a state of confusion. 

While Jiang Chen was still confused, a figure appeared on the void. He had long hair that danced in the wind, wore white clothes and was holding an azure sword. He had a tall physique like an immortal pine tree that stood still on the void silently.

His face looked cold but charmining and he was filled with a dragon-like dignity. Everyone on the spot, including Jiang Chen, felt the incredibly great pressure. It was hard to describe how formidable this man was. 

The surrounding air suddenly became cold because of the arrival of this man. He had made everyone feel incomparably solemn. This expert was even more superior than Tang Zhen. When Xu Rongyan, Xu Jin and the others exchanged a glance with him, they were deeply startled because even if they joined hands together to fight him, they might not be able to defeat him. He was like a very tall mountain that no one could conquer easily. 

“Who is he? He’s so formidable, yet I have never heard of him before.”

Liu Quanchao frowned and he was extremely curious about this white-clothed man.

“I don’t know either.”

Xu Rongyan shook his head. He was extremely fearful and careful to this white-clothed young man. 

“He only needs one more step to breakthrough to the Heavenly God Realm. An expert like him is too powerful in Hidden Secret Realm. He is not any weaker than any Heavenly God Realm beasts.”

Wu Tinghou sighed. This expert looked mysterious and unpredictable. Even if he appeared outside of Burying Soul Mountain, no one would dare to talk to him. 

“A man in white with such magnificence standing in the void. An azure sword comes with him. I knew it. I know who he is. He’s the White-clothed Sword God, Xue Liang. I never expected that it’s him!” 

Someone behind Xu Rongyan said suddenly. At this moment, Xu Rongyan and Liu Quanchao exchanged a glance and finally recalled a legendary person in Linhe Boundary. However, his cultivation realm had already surpassed Heavenly God Realm, why would he be here? 

“White-clothed Sword God Xue Liang? Is he the unparalleled genius of Forgotten Sword Tomb? It’s said that he has reached Mid Heavenly God Realm. Why would he be here?”

Some people said with confusion

“Forgotten Sword Tomb is mysterious and unpredictable. After so many years, no one from the sect has ever entered Hidden Secret Realm. I think it has been more than a hundred thousand years. Many people have forgotten the Forgotten Sword Tomb. In the past, their lord was able to defeat ten great experts, including four of the sect lords of the ten major sects in Linhe Boundary.” 

Xu Rongyan sighed. Looking at the Sword God, Xu Rong became more and more solemn. 

“Yes. Many people have forgotten the Forgotten Sword Tomb for many years. However, I think that their heirs must not be ordinary. White-clothed Sword God Xue Liang was an invincible figure in Linhe Boundary ten years ago. There must be something behind about his arrival. Is it because the Burying Soul Mountain has attracted him here?”

Zhang Lei said with a low voice.

“It’s hard to say. The people of Forgotten Sword Tomb are unpredictable. Although he has constrained his cultivation realm at the Half-step Heavenly God Realm, only a step away from the next realm, an ordinary Half-step Heavenly God expert might not even have the chance to withstand him.”

Xu Rongyan looked incredibly solemn and spoke very highly of the White-clothed Sword God because Forgotten Sword Tomb was powerful and he was one of the outstanding figures in it.

“What would happen if he broke through to be a Heavenly God?”

“Then he would suffer five Thunder Strikes which is more powerful than the Heavenly Lightning Tribulation. That is why no Heavenly God expert dares to come to this place. Even though he has constrained his cultivation realm, he won’t be so lucky to avoid the misfortune.”

“The White-clothed Sword God seems quite powerful.”

Jiang Chen murmured..

“Moreover, I am afraid this man is not weaker than Xuanyuan Canglan at all. He might be even more superior than him. The two of them should be the most formidable experts in the entire Hidden Secret Realm.” 

Liu Quanchao said and glanced at Jiang Chen to indicate to him not to underestimate the opponents. White-clothed Sword God’s silhouette was enough to make people terrified. 

“Leave here. This is not a place for you guys.”

Xue Liang said with a faint and calm voice. However, everyone there felt what he said was like a warming but also a threat. 

“Since we are already here, then we won’t leave easily. Thanks for your kind words.”

Xu Rongyan shouted loudly.


As soon as he finished his words, White-clothed Sword God turned around and left the place by traveling through the void. None of the Half-step Heavenly Gods would be able to use this technique.

“This guy is too arrogant. People only call him White-clothed Sword God because they show him respect. I don’t believe that he alone would be able to overcome so many of us together. Humph.” 

Wu Qianxun said indifferently. Although his cultivation realm was not as high as White-clothed Sword God, Wu Qianxun thought that it was impossible for so many of them to be defeated by him alone. If he really constrained his real battle strength, he would only cause trouble to himself.

“One can’t judge a book by its cover.” 

Jiang Chen smiled. Xue Liang had already rushed into the place, how would they be willing to fall behind? 

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