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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2400

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Others may not know but Jiang Chen knew exactly who was coming. It was Clear Stream Sect’s Third Grand Guardian, Tang Zhen. He’s also a Half-Step Heavenly God and was definitely stronger than Yu Rongyan and the others. Jiang Chen was slightly shocked as Tang Zhen had gotten much stronger than the last he saw him. What about the peerless monster of the Clear Stream Sect? 

Even though Tang Zhen wasn’t as strong as Xuanyuan Canglan, he’s still a force to be reckoned with. Everyone else was shocked by his appearance, it was too sudden. However, Tang Zhen only had Jiang Chen in his eyes, everyone else was insignificant.  

“You’ve gotten stronger.” Jiang Chen said quietly. 

“Haha. Of course, you’re the same. Even though you’re only a Mid True God, I believe that a normal Half-Step Heavenly God could not even break through your defences. Damn, I’m itching to spar with you myself.” Tang Zhen laughed loudly. 

Even though it was a prideful speech, it wasn’t cockiness nor arrogance, because he knew Jiang Chen was not a simple man. 

“Who is that?” Xu Jin said as he was slightly startled. 

He hadn’t heard of Tang Zhen’s name, only his strength, a strong guy to be reckoned with. 

“Tang Zhen, Clear Stream Sect’s Third Grand Guardian.” Yu Rongyan said quietly.

At this moment, everyone gasped, the title of Clear Stream Sect’s Third Grand Guardian was too much information for them to handle. Nobody dared to offend the people of Clear Stream Sect, much less their grand guardian.

Clear Stream Sect was one of the strongest in the Hidden Secret Realm and the Linhe Boundary, and they could even represent the whole Linhe Boundary. One could imagine just how powerful they were. 

The Second Grand Guardian, however, was killed by Jiang Chen, and only Liu Quanchao and the others knew about it. Yu Rongyan’s group knew nothing about it, otherwise, they wouldn’t be that disrespectful towards Jiang Chen. 

Third Grand Guardian Tang Zhen was also a powerful expert. At this moment, he only had Jiang Chen in his eyes, causing Yu Rongyan and the others to be shocked. 

“Perhaps we may have the chance. But I fear that we may have to face each other as enemies in the future.” Jiang Chen said. 

Tang Zhen frowned as he looked at Jiang Chen weirdly. It felt like he wanted to say something but did not. 

“What are you trying to say? Brother Jiang, there seems to be a hidden message behind those words. Even when the time comes where we have to fight for each of our sects, I do not wish to fight you. Because that would mean that only one of us could survive. Heed my words, leave this mountain, this is not a place for you to stay.” Tang Zhen said in a serious manner. 

“Really? Why can’t I be here when you can?” Jiang Chen said. 

Something big was happening in the Burying Soul Mountain. Xuanyuan Canglan was most likely here too. Tang Zhen alone could not do much in this place, that was certain. 

“You know I didn’t mean that… Jiang Chen, why don’t you listen to me? I know you’re strong and confident to boot. But this time, it’s different, it’s very dangerous here, you couldn’t match my Big Brother… Haih.” Tang Zhen sighed bitterly. 

He was here to warn Jiang Chen. As long as his Big Brother manages to get what he wants in this mountain then he’ll certainly not look for Jiang Chen anymore, but it will be a different story if Jiang Chen decides to stay.

“Thank you, but I will not leave, this Burying Soul Mountain could possibly be the tomb for others, but not mine.” Jiang Chen looked at Tang Zhen seriously. 

Even though he knew that Tang Zhen was here to warn him and was a person worthy of becoming his brother, they were still from two different sides. Tang Zhen on the side of Xuanyuan Canglan meant that he would face Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen did not want to fight Tang Zhen, but now it’s too late. Him being here meant that Xuanyuan Canglan was nearby. Plus, this mountain was special. This was the cruel fate that they were faced with. 

Nobody could escape this giant cauldron, and it’s uncertain who will live and laugh in the end. 

“You’re still as stubborn as before. What can I do to make you leave? This is not a game, you could die here at any given moment.” Tang Zhen looked at Jiang Chen with fiery eyes. 

At this moment, both of them finally calmed down.  

“I killed Wu Rufeng.” Jiang Chen calmly said. 

A tidal wave of emotion hit Tang Zhen’s heart. He did not expect that the one who murdered his Second Brother was none other than the only one he had befriended in this Hidden Secret  Realm. 

It was a heavy blow for Tang Zhen. He was the same chivalrous Tang Zhen as before, he looked down upon his elder brother’s tricks and dirty method and when they tried to attack Jiang Chen. But they were still brothers, it was impossible for him to betray his own brothers. 

At this moment, Tang Zhen was having complicated feelings. His friend murdered his elder brother. He instinctively took a step back while shaking his head. He felt fear as he looked into Jiang Chen’s eyes. This person is unpredictable. Even though he knew that Jiang Chen could not threaten him and his life, there was fear and anger in his heart. 

“Why?! Why did you kill my Second Brother?!” Tang Zhen shouted in anger. 

“I will be the one who dies if I don’t kill him. This is the law of the jungle, those who are stronger will live a better life and those who are weaker will become one of the souls that your blade has devoured. I do not want to die. ” Jiang Chen said. 

He said so in a righteous manner. But who knew about the bitterness and sadness he held within his heart? 

Those who are not part of this cruel world of cultivators will never know. Those standing in this place had their hands dirtied with blood. But who else would willingly kill others for a living? They were forced to kill, to grow, to fight against this cruel world, death is just a sacrifice for the living, only those who live would be able to stand on the peak and laugh till the end. 

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