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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2399

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“I shall accept his challenge!” 

Jiang Chen waved his hand and interrupted Liu Quanchao and the others. Yu Rongyan was slightly startled by his charisma. He’s no simple man… 

Qin Yumo’s eyes slightly squinted as curiosity rose within her heart, leaving Dongfang Kuangyin to feel extreme anger, and hatred towards Jiang Chen. He’s dead set on battling Jiang Chen to prove himself, to let Jiang Chen know this suffering was his own fault. Plus… he could also flex his might in front of his goddess… 

“As you wish,” Jiang Chen replied. 

The spectators on Yu Rongyan’s side sneered, a Mid True God dared to accept the challenge from a Half-Step Heavenly God expert, foolish indeed. 

“Hahaha, looks like your Young Master Dongfang is going to show his strength once again.” 

“There are always fools that like to gain attention from others, but, him? Hehe, he’ll probably die from just a single kick from the Young Master.” 

“I am willing to bet that the fella could not withstand three full strikes.” 

“Three attacks? Haha, stop joking. One is already more than he could take, but his courage is commendable.” 

“Young Master Dongfang, do not hold back, let that fool of a man know what it means to be a true expert.”

The ones behind Dongfang Kuangyin ‘cheered’ him as they looked at Jiang Chen with disdain. A mere Mid True God dared to stand against their leader… such a fool must be thoroughly educated. 

“Three strikes, stop being cocky if you cannot even hurt me.” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 

“Three strikes? Haha, I can kill you with just one.” Dongfang Kuangyin said after laughing madly as he looked at Jiang Chen with disdain. 

Dongfang Kuangyin attacked with his palm and created three wind pressures with the prestige of a Half-Step Heavenly God towards Jiang Chen. The latter, however, just stood there, completely unfazed as the attacks landed on his body. 

Jiang Chen smirked as the attack landed, the force then rebounded back to Dongfang Kuangyin, pushing the latter back. The Profound Heavenly Armour’s defence could not be broken by the likes of Dongfang Kuangyin. Dongfang Kuangyin’s expression became ugly, and the onlookers were shocked when they saw the result. 

They did not expect Jiang Chen to be so strong that he’s able to reflect back Dongfang Kuangyin’s mighty strike. 

“That fella?! He managed to withstand Young Master Dongfang’s strike?!”Someone murmured. 

“I refuse to believe it, he must be using some kind of trick…” 

“Duh! Probably… Young Master Dongfang looked down on his opponent and did not attack using his full force, otherwise, that fella would’ve already died. Observe, this time, he won’t give Jiang Chen any chance, for sure.” 

Some of the onlookers nodded in agreement because they refused to believe that Dongfang Kuangyin could not even beat a Mid True God. 

Yu Rongyang was slightly shocked but he also believed that Dongfang Kuangyin was just careless and, as a result, gave his opponent a chance to avoid his attack. 

But only Dongfang Kuangyin knew that he had put 80% of his strength behind that palm strike, yet Jiang Chen was able to withstood it. Looks like I have to use all of my strength on the next one. Even if it doesn’t kill him, it will surely let him know his place. 

“This time, I will show no mercy.” Dongfang Kuangyin sneered as he attacked using his full force. 

He did not hold back this time. Yet Jiang Chen was still calm and was even able to push him back again. It felt like there was an impenetrable armour protecting  Jiang Chen. 

“So that’s what it is… A defensive treasure, no wonder you’re able to act tough in front of me, hmph.”

“So what? Talk after you have the ability to break through it.” Jiang Chen said calmly. 

His impression on Dongfang dwindled further. Even though Dongfang was pretty strong within the group, he’s one that will bring trouble to the group. 

Jiang Chen thought Dongfang Kuangyin would back off but he was a stubborn one as he was dead set on killing his opponent. 

“Hmph, eat my third attack!” Dongfang Kuangyin roared furiously and attacked with his longsword. 

Jiang Chen, without accident, pushed him back the third time. Dongfang Kuangyin’s eyes became cold as he roared and attacked the fourth time. 

“Meteor Moon Sword, Die!” Dongfang Kuangyin attacked with a flurry of sword strikes. 

The sword strikes closed off Jiang Chen’s escape yet the latter just stood there silently. Because Yu Rongyan appeared in front of him and roared with a cold expression. 

“Aren’t you feeling ashamed?! Dongfang.” Yu Rongyan shouted furiously.

Dongfang Kuangyin was startled and halted his attack. Whereby Qin Yumo chuckled and diverted her gaze towards elsewhere. 

“Three strikes have already been done. You could not even break through Junior Jiang Chen’s defences, do you want to disgrace yourself further?” Yu Rongyan said coldly.  

He, too, was shocked as he may also not be able to break through Jiang Chen’s defences. 

*Clap! Clap! Clap!*

“Fabulous. It’s been a long time. Looks like there is a lot of young and promising talent here. Hahaha, Brother Jiang.” 

A burst of frank laughter entered Jiang Chen’s ears, and he frowned as complicated feelings welled up within him. 

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