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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2395

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In Profound Feng Sect, there was a barren mountain.

A white-clothed lady was standing there. She was tall and slender, and her long hair was dancing in the wind with her immortally graceful aura. Although it was just her back, everyone had already been attracted to her. 

The lady looked calm without much expression on her face. One could not identify her emotion at all from her pretty eyes.

The lady possessed a very powerful atmosphere and everything seemed like a void to her. Everyone in the Profound Feng Sect found her intimidating. 

“Powerful! Isn’t she Jiang Chen’s woman? Why would she suddenly become so powerful?”

“Yea, this is the first time I saw her display this kind of true strength. Even our Sect Lord seems incomparable to her.”

“How could this expert be Jiang Chen’s woman? Hahaha. Although Jiang Chen is formidable, he is incomparable to such a formidable expert. This lady is like  a born-to-be-king existence.”

“She is seriously so gorgeous. I think a lady like this only exists in heaven. Awesome. Why would Jiang Chen be so lucky to have her? Haih. She is a rose in the hands of those who had no intention of keeping her.”

Hundreds and thousands of members of Profound Feng Sect stood at the top of the mountain and looked at her silently. She was like a female war god from the ancient period.

Some of these people who were looking at her were elders and some were disciples. Everyone was respectful and affectionate towards her but they were also startled by her strength. In such a short period of time, she was able to become so formidable. Who would dare to go against an unparalleled Heavenly God expert? Those disciples who were under True God Realm dared not to raise up their head to look at her as they were afraid of being killed by her.

“Sister Ling, are we really not waiting for brother Jiang anymore?”

Yu Er said while standing beside the lady, sadness could be seen in her face. Her voice was incomparably low and her eyes were full of unhappiness.

The lady shook her head lightly and sighed.

“I don’t have too much time here. That’s why we must leave now. It has been months since he left. Let’s just hope that he can come back alive.”

The lady said with a solemn face. If she was not Ling Yun, who would she be?

“But you said that you would wait for him.”

Yue Er said while curling up her mouth downwards.

“Things change and I can’t do anything with it. Master called me to go back urgently, there must be something happening in our sect.”

Ling Yun murmured. She had already been waiting for ten months, so why would she care about waiting for another two months? But she really had some emergency, otherwise, she did not mind waiting for another two months.


Yu Er said with a low voice. She then sighed again and said:

“Brother, when you see me again, I might have become as beautiful as Sister Ling already.”

Ling Yun smiled. 

“When you grow up, you must be prettier than me.”

She would only have a smile on her face in front of this young girl.

“No, I just want to be as pretty as you. If this is the case, I don’t know who Brother Jiang Chen would choose. Hehehe.”

Yu Er smiled and said.

Ling Yun blushed. 

“But, there’s something I want to do before we leave.”

“What’s that?”

Yu Er asked.

Ling Yun looked at the mountain where a certain elder was staying and said faintly, “To kill someone.”


Yu Er nodded silently. She knew that Sister Ling was going to kill him.

“Hope that you don’t blame me for this.”

Ling Yun stepped on the void and turned around the void space, shuttering through the mountains. She came to Yan Jun’s mansion.

“Come out and accept your death.”

Yue Er shouted loudly with her arms akimbo. She looked like an adult.

“Who dared to shout outside of my mansion?”

Yan Jun’s voice echoed around the place as he walked out from the mansion.

“I was still thinking who is that. It’s Jiang Chen’s widow and orphan. Hehe.”

Yan Jun said coldly. But then, suddenly, his countenance fell when he looked at Ling Yun’s eyes. Subconsciously, he took a few steps backwards and he looked solemn.

“You…. You are a Heavenly God expert?”

It was out of Yan Jun’s expectation that this lady’s strength had become so formidable. After a few months, her cultivation realm had advanced by leaps and bounds. Or she had been hiding her true colour?

“You can only blame yourself for offending someone who you should not offend.” Ling Yun said faintly. 

Immediately, she struck an irresistible attack that astonished the entire Profound Feng Sect. Yan Jun immediately retreated and his countenance fell. His face was full of fear as he was unable to resist Ling Yun’s attack.

“It’s just a beginning.”

Immediately, Ling Yun struck another dreadful blow against Yan Jun and put him in death. When he died, he did not even know what had killed him, but he did not have any strength to counterattack Ling Yun. 

A while after, Ling Yin then brought Yue Er and stepped on the void, disappearing in the clouds, leaving all of the people of the Profound Feng Sect in amazement. 


Jiang Chen casted protection to help Yang Jian and the others to recover their injury for half a month. Their strength was recovered and they experienced transformation after going through such a life-and-death battle. Although their cultivation realm had not advanced much, they still benefited from the battle.

Jiang Chen, Xu Jin, Wu Qianxun and the others kept moving forward. Xu Jin and the Wu brothers really admired Jiang Chen. In less than two months, the Hidden Secret Realm would be open again. Their alliance had become a powerful influence within these past few days in the Hidden Secret Realm. 

However, during this period of time, Jiang Chen and others had met less and less people in the Hidden Secret Realm. Most of the cultivators they met were quite formidable in terms of their strength as well. The number of cultivators they had encountered were less than thirty within this month. No one dared to underestimate their strength. However, when these cultivators saw Jiang Chen and the others, they would go far away from them because of their formidability. Xu Jin and Liu Quanchao were Half-step Heavenly Gods while the remaining cultivators, except Jiang Chen and Man Shuai, were all Late True Gods.

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