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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2393

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Under the Divine Burying Flag’s pressure, the Azure Dragon Flag was forced to retract. Wu Rufeng’s face finally looked shocked as he never expected that the Divine Burying Flag was this terrifying. Although both treasures were Heavenly Divine Tool, his Azure Dragon Flag was incomparable to Jiang Chen’s Divine Burying Flag.

When the Divine Burying Flag was raised up, a terrifying deadly aura flooded into the air. It released killing intent that spread across heaven and earth. Wu Rufeng was covered by black clouds that were like thousands of devouring ghosts. One could see just how terrifying the Divine Burying Flag was. The blades of winds released by the Azure Dragon Flag became weaker and weaker until they failed to resist the Divine Burying Flag. The howling and wailing of ghosts from the said flag tore the blades of wind apart fiercely.


Wu Rufeng said while gritting his teeth tightly. The Divine Burying Flag was like a giant stone pressing against his heart.

“Azure Dragon, come out like the hurricane!”

Wu Rufeng wielded the Azure Dragon Flag again. Suddenly, silver snakes appeared within the Azure Dragon which was like an unparalleled mad dragon. The mad dragon was making heavy blows. However, Jiang Chen remained calm and his Divine Burying Flag was fearless. Jiang Chen held his Flag tightly as this time he was going to take action himself.

After using the dragon transformation, Jiang Chen was like a lively dragon who held the Divine Burying Flag. He started a brutal attack and his momentum  completely overcame the Azure Dragon Flag. Even though the mad dragon swept across like a hurricane, it was unable to push against Jiang Chen as Jiang Chen’s body was overflowing with dragon air. The Fire Qilin could feel the pressure created by Jiang Chen as well at this moment. This was the True Dragon Air which could completely suppress the illusory mad dragon. The dragon-like hurricane was under Jiang Chen’s absolute suppression.

“Sweeping across everything under the heavens!” 

Jiang Chen held the Divine Burying Flag and spun the galaxy and universe around. A giant black dragon came out from the void and pressed against the opponent. The black dragon was hundred times larger than Wu Rufeng’s mad dragon. The mountain ranges of the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain were fully under the cover of the shadow of the black dragon. Suddenly, the black dragon engulfed the Azure Dragon entirely, and the entire heavens and earth shook.

The mightiness of the Divine Burying Flag had been displayed to its highest potential. Under the black dragon, everything was eradicated and there were no signs of vitality at all. Wu Rufeng was devoured by the black dragon immediately. Even if the Azure Dragon Flag was raised again, it would still not be able to fight with Jiang Chen.

“The black dragon is so terrifying. Unexpectedly, this guy possesses dragon air. It’s the True Dragon Air.”

The Fire Qilin was astonished and stunned by Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Air. Just now, Wu Rufeng also possesses a slight dragon air from his Azure Dragon Flag that had evolved into a mad dragon. However, Jiang Chen’s Divine Burying Flag evolved into a huge black dragon with his dragon air. This was completely out of everyone’s expectation. The black dragon smashed and devoured Wu Rufeng effortlessly. The Fire Qilin could sense the terrifying True Dragon Air from the black dragon. 

The True Dragon Air was not an ordinary dragon air. If one was not truly an unparalleled divine dragon, he would not possess True Dragon Air. The disciples of the Dragon Clan didn’t even possess True Dragon Air unless they reach the Divine King realm.

Although the Fire Qilin was truly stunned by the True Dragon Air, he would not ask Jiang Chen about it because this was Jiang Chen’s secret. On the other hand, Jiang Chen’s dragon transformation had seriously startled the Fire Qilin. At first, he thought that that was only a technique that Jiang Chen used to enhance his strength, he had never expected that Jiang Chen would possess the True Dragon Air of the Dragon Clan. The Fire Qilin realised that Jiang Chen was really unpredictable. 

However, he knew that Jiang Chen was not an ordinary cultivator. His choice of following Jiang Chen’s side had brought him all these unimaginable benefits.

“True Dragon Air. Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen, are you really an incarnation of a true dragon? Hehe.”

The Fire Qilin shook his head and murmured while smiling. 

On the other side, Wu Rufeng had already been devoured by the black dragon of the Divine Burying Flag completely. The Azure Dragon Flag was broken. Wu Rufeng’s faced looked dead as he murmured:

“How can this be possible? It’s impossible?”

He had never expected that Jiang Chen’s Divine Burying Flag would be this terrifying, and it had even devoured his Azure Dragon Hurricane effortlessly. He was also defeated and injured severely. His Azure Dragon Flag was even broken by Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen undeniably knocked him heavily. 

Looking at the Azure Dragon Flag which had been torn apart, Wu Rufeng’s heart sank, and his face looked terrible. He’s badly injured after receiving an unparalleled attack from the black dragon, and now his combat strength was affected as well. 

“Your Azure Dragon Flag is only like this? Your last day has arrived.”

Jiang Chen snorted codly and said, he then took a step forward with his sword and kept back the Divine Burying Flag. The mightiness of the Sword of Solitude radiated in all directions.

“Solitude solved all the worries!”

Jiang Chen’s sword was not only brutal, it’s power could also shatter the void. 

Wu Rufeng held his mace tightly, however, his attacks were resisted by Jiang Chen twice. Jiang Chen’s sword finally made another heavy blow against him, and this time he was unable to retreat anymore. His arms were chopped off by the sword. Before this strike, he had already run out of options on how to handle Jiang Chen. Now, his strength was even weaker due to the severe injury.

Finally, Wu Rufeng fell down and knelt on the ground. He looked pale and his face carried a sense of fear. 

“I have been defeated. I lost. I lost to a True God. It’s funny. It’s really funny. Hahaha!”

Wu Rufeng laughed out loud. 

Jiang Chen could see that this man who looked so peaceful was actually extremely afraid of death.

“I have already known who is going to win and lose. I will only feel relieved after killing you.”

Jiang Chen kept walking towards Wu Rufeng.

Wu Rufeng suddenly raised his head up and stared at Jiang Chen.

“You can’t kill me because I am the Second Great Guardian of Clear Stream Sect.”

Wu Rufeng said sternly because he felt that Jiang Chen’s killing intent did not diminish at all.

“Clear Stream Sect? Hehehe. It’s amusing. Do you think that I am afraid of your sect? Or should I say, would I still take action against you if I am afraid of the Clear Stream Sect?”

Jiang Chen shook his head and heaved a sigh. Sometimes, it’s sad to be human, especially those who did not understand the truth. Earlier, Wu Rufeng was very arrogant, but now he became as lowly as a mouse who walked past the street.

Wu Rufeng kept on withdrawing. He was extremely afraid of Jiang Chen who was slowly approaching him.

“I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die.”

“There’s  nothing scary about death. What is scary is that you don’t even have the courage to face death.”

Jiang Chen said faintly.

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