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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2389

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The Heavenly God Realm Fire Qilin was very confident in Jiang Chen as the latter managed to beat him down with the Little Ashura Sword Formation. Those who look down on Jiang Chen will lose their lives in the end. 

“Come. You guys won’t have that many chances.” Jiang Chen smiled; he then stepped forward and unleashed the Dragon Transformation. 

His cultivation has already reached the Peak Late True God realm, hence, in the face of the trio, he was without fear. 

“Great, this is more like it. But it’s still not enough!” Lang Ya sneered and was the one to charge first. 

He unleashed a flurry of swift and powerful punches. 

Jiang Chen stood completely unfazed, and then slashed with his trusty blade as a reply. His sword qi cut Lang Ya’s fist energy in half. After ten attacks, none of Lang Ya’s attacks was able to overpower Jiang Chen’s blade. Meanwhile, his attacks were getting fiercer by the second, to which Lang Ya was unable to move in further and was even forced a few hundred meters back. 

“Alright, I’ve come to assist you.” Li Zongheng joined as he was the only one who didn’t look down on Jiang Chen. After all, he was the only one who was able to run away from him.

He wanted to fight seriously, otherwise, he’ll regret it. 

Li Zongheng pierced with his spear and clashed with the Heavenly Dragon Sword, yet Jiang Chen was not at a disadvantage even in the face of two enemies. 

“Quite a monster, but today shall be your end.” Wu Rufeng sneered and joined the fray with his spiked mace. 

His attack tore the void, and Jiang Chen was forced to jump back and he was now surrounded by the three of them. The trio attacked without giving him a breather. In the face of their barrage of attacks, Jiang Chen unleashed his Dragon Transformation and his strength reached the Half-Step Heavenly God Realm. 

“Twelve Fire God Guards. Formation!” Jiang Chen summoned his puppets to surround his enemies. 

These powerful puppets were almost at the Half-Step Heavenly God Realm, and their strength was on-par with him. With their help, neither side was able to get the upper hand. 

“Such great puppets, a great treasure indeed!” Wu Rufeng’s expression became serious, but he still did not unleash his full strength yet as he was still looking down on Jiang Chen. However, it doesn’t look like Jiang Chen was going to go down without a fight. 

“Heaven Swallowing Spiked Mace, Heaven Shattering Strike!” 

Wu Rufeng waved his mighty mace and struck upon Jiang Chen. The latter intercepted the attack without fear, sparks could be seen flying out from the clash of their weapons, and in the end, the former’s mace was pushed back by the latter’s blade. 

“Surging Restriction Wave Formation.” 

The Twelve Fire God Guards formed a formation. 

The trio’s expression changed after realizing that the formation suppressed their combat strength. Now, Jiang Chen was on-par against the trio. It was extremely humiliating for Wu Rufeng and the others, to be dragged down to the same level as Jiang Chen. 

“Great!” Wu Tinghou was solemn, yet was secretly impressed by Jiang Chen. 

He was speechless, even though he had just looked down on Jiang Chen. The latter was extremely strong, not even losing even in the face of three powerful opponents. 

“Those who are powerful do not need any introduction.” Man Shuai laughed and said. 

He’s already at the Mid True God Realm yet he’s still lacking compared to Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was able to push his opponents into a corner, THREE Half-Step Heavenly God experts into a corner, yet he could not even face one of them alone. 

“This is hope,” said Ling Long with a pale smile. 

After saying so, she silently vanished while everyone was watching the battle, vanishing into the mountain range. 

The battle continued on without a pause, each one of them delivering lethal attacks one after another. 

“Spike Maced, unleash your might!”

Wu Rufeng once again launched a powerful attack, slightly pushing back the Fire God Guards. His attack, however, was then intercepted by Jiang Chen with his blade. The blade was unscathed from the mighty attack but Jiang Chen’s body trembled from the force. Wu Rufeng is definitely the strongest amongst the trio. 

Meanwhile, Li Zongheng and Lang Ya dared not to dawdle. They launched another series of attacks towards Jiang Chen whenever there’s a chance, even though they’re restricted by the formation. Jiang Chen quickly dodge after sensing that they’re attacking from his back. Nevertheless, he was still caught by Lang Ya’s punch, and was sent flying backwards from the force. 

“Earth Spirit Formation!” 

The trio was slightly injured by the formation and Jiang Chen retreated back to his Fire God Guards that had similar injuries. Jiang Chen’s attacks were mighty and was even able to fight unceasingly thanks to the Dragon Transformation and the Wood Spirit regeneration. 

He then retaliated, using the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal to counter Lang Ya’s punches, forcing back the trio. 

“Vanguard Divine Locking Formation!” 

Jiang Chen changed his formation again with thousands of High-Grade Divine Origin Stone as the base. The trio was caught off guard, to which the Fire God Guards were then able to trap the three of them within the formation. 

This time, it didn’t just suppress their range of attack, even their divine energy was suppressed. 

The sword intent of the Sword of Solitude fell from the sky. 

“Such a powerful sword intent!” Wu Rufeng said, his expression changed. 

The three of them were extremely shocked. 

“Heaven Shaking Cauldron!” 

“Dark Whirlwind!” 

“Spiked Hammer!” 

The trio unleashed their full force and managed to stop Jiang Chen’s Solitude Sword Intent. They retreated with an ugly expression. Jiang Chen stood on the sky as he looked down with a pale smile. Meanwhile, the Fire God Guards leapt towards them, not giving them a breather. 

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